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Federal prosecutors are investigating Japanese air bag supplier Takata in connection with defective air bags made by the company that have been linked to two deaths.
Hong Kong Media Split Over Protests  (23 October 10:48 am) 
As Hong Kong lumbers through its fourth week of pro-democracy protests, the variety of coverage in the local media reveals differences in visions for the city’s future.
HSBC was criticized by the U.K.’s antitrust regulator for breaching its rules by forcing small and medium-sized businesses to open business accounts to get a loan.
China's Missing Business Cycle  (23 October 10:48 am) 
A slowdown will make the real health of the economy clearer.
U.S. regulators and the Chinese affiliates of the Big Four accounting firms are making “progress” in talks to settle their dispute over the regulators’ access to the firms’ audit documents
Oil Search Raises Dividend  (23 October 10:48 am) 
Oil Search said it would increase the size of dividend payments to shareholders after it completed a sweeping strategic review of its business.
Asian Morning Briefing
Consumer staples in countries from India to China have outperformed the broader emerging market index by about 50% since 2008, but the rally is showing cracks.
Pork Politics Threaten the Taiwan Strait  (23 October 10:48 am) 
A trade dispute is endangering strategic cooperation between Washington and Taipei.
Sky-high prices for buildings in central Tokyo—part of one property sold for $1.7 billion—have investors looking elsewhere in Japan.
A federal appeals court served up a treat for diners, ruling that foreign chefs with specialized knowledge acquired through cultural traditions, upbringing or life experience may qualify for visas to
While Sonia Cheng is a member of the tech-savvy generation, her hotels haven’t made it a priority to roll out new technologies at the expense of the personal touch.
Chinese Go After Hong Kong Brokerages  (22 October 10:48 am) 
Chinese companies eager to establish a foothold in Hong Kong before a widely anticipated stock-trading link between the city and Shanghai opens this year are gobbling up small brokerages.
Asian Morning Briefing
Mexico’s exports of iron ore have plunged following a crackdown this year by authorities on China-bound shipments linked to drug cartels, Mexican officials said.
Steadying Allied Defenses in Korea  (22 October 10:48 am) 
Seoul and Washington shouldn’t dissolve their combined military command structure next year.
European Stock Markets Edge Higher  (21 October 01:49 pm) 
European stock markets edged tentatively higher Tuesday, with comparatively weak economic data out of China contrasting with upbeat earnings from Apple.
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said the poor and working class would dominate elections if the government met the demand of student protesters and allowed candidates for the city’s top
China Mall Developer Plans Expansion  (21 October 10:22 am) 
China’s leading developer of so-called wholesale malls plans to build as many as two new malls a year to take advantage of cheap land and government incentives that have encouraged wholesale vendors
Mexico’s exports of iron ore have plunged following a crackdown this year by authorities on China-bound shipments linked to drug cartels, Mexican officials said.
Hong Kong's Uncompromising Chief  (21 October 10:22 am) 
Leung Chun-ying blames democratic protests on ‘external forces.’
Asian Morning Briefing
The Credibility Crisis in China's Courts  (21 October 10:22 am) 
Using the legal system to preserve power, not principle.
Vietnam Expects Faster Growth in 2015  (21 October 10:22 am) 
Vietnam’s prime minister said he expects the country’s economy to expand at a quicker pace in 2015 as strong exports continue to drive growth.
India lifted state control on diesel prices, in a long-awaited move that economists say will help encourage investment in the country’s struggling fuel industry and reduce the government’s fiscal