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European Stock Markets Edge Higher  (21 October 01:49 pm) 
European stock markets edged tentatively higher Tuesday, with comparatively weak economic data out of China contrasting with upbeat earnings from Apple.
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said the poor and working class would dominate elections if the government met the demand of student protesters and allowed candidates for the city’s top
China Mall Developer Plans Expansion  (21 October 10:22 am) 
China’s leading developer of so-called wholesale malls plans to build as many as two new malls a year to take advantage of cheap land and government incentives that have encouraged wholesale vendors
Mexico’s exports of iron ore have plunged following a crackdown this year by authorities on China-bound shipments linked to drug cartels, Mexican officials said.
Hong Kong's Uncompromising Chief  (21 October 10:22 am) 
Leung Chun-ying blames democratic protests on ‘external forces.’
Asian Morning Briefing
The Credibility Crisis in China's Courts  (21 October 10:22 am) 
Using the legal system to preserve power, not principle.
Vietnam Expects Faster Growth in 2015  (21 October 10:22 am) 
Vietnam’s prime minister said he expects the country’s economy to expand at a quicker pace in 2015 as strong exports continue to drive growth.
Chinese Stimulus Fuels Hope for Copper  (20 October 10:49 am) 
Copper prices clung to $3 a pound last week as encouragement over stimulus efforts by China offset worries about slowing global growth.
Saudi Arabia Versus Shale and Sand  (20 October 06:48 am) 
Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s de facto leader, has spooked the oil market with its seeming indifference to falling prices, apparently prioritizing market share even as demand growth weakens.
Indonesia's Joko Widodo Woos Rival  (20 October 10:49 am) 
President-elect Joko Widodo met with his defeated rival Friday for the first time since their bitterly fought election battle in July in a bid to thaw opposition days before his inauguration.
Overcoming Indonesia's Powerful Opposition  (20 October 10:49 am) 
Even before Joko Widodo is sworn in as president, he’s been deftly outmaneuvered by his political foe and leader of the opposition, Gen. Prabowo Subianto.
Ebola Unease Hangs Over Dallas  (19 October 10:47 am) 
As the monitoring period winds down for some people exposed to a Liberian man who died of Ebola, local officials in Dallas tried Saturday to calm a city that remains on edge.
How Low Will Stocks Go?  (19 October 10:47 am) 
If this is a routine correction, not much further, writes Brett Arends.
How to Make Your Savings Outlive You  (19 October 10:47 am) 
Retirees can’t expect a fixed income stream from risky investments, Sunday Journal columnist Jonathan Clements writes.
The U.S. Supreme Court allowed Texas to enforce its voter identification law for the Nov. 4 midterm elections, denying emergency requests from the Obama administration.
Anticorruption Agency Gains Power in China  (18 October 10:48 am) 
China’s Communist Party is embarking on an unconventional strategy to build public confidence in rule of law: strengthening the powers of a secretive investigative body it controls.
China Trade Link Date 'Not Set'  (18 October 10:48 am) 
There is no timetable for the launch of a stock-trading link between Hong Kong and Shanghai, the chief executive of Hong Kong’s exchange said.
Chinese Real Estate Buyers Turn to Tokyo  (17 October 10:49 am) 
The People’s Money: Beijing and Tokyo may have territorial spats, but economic ties are trumping politics. Chinese investors’ appetite for Japanese real estate is rising as the yen continues to
When Joko Widodo takes office on Monday, he will face a welter of economic challenges and a parliament that vows to thwart him.
Recruit Holdings Makes Strong Market Debut  (17 October 10:49 am) 
Japan’s largest staffing company gets off to a solid start in its debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, thanks in part to expectations for overseas expansion.
Asian Morning Briefing
Smart Steps for Hong Kong's Democrats  (17 October 10:49 am) 
Play the longer game. Limit turf battles. Broaden the coalition.
Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems said it is still in the running to supply Australia with one of the most powerful nonnuclear submarine fleets in Asia—a deal widely thought to have been
Malala and the Malaise in Pakistan  (17 October 10:49 am) 
The Nobel Committee may have awarded this year’s Peace Prize to an Indian and a Pakistani, but the problems in young Malala Yousafzai’s country are all its own.