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U.S. stock futures were little changed Monday as China’s central bank cut interest rates and investors awaited the release of U.S. economic data including consumer spending and manufacturing.
Euro Rebounds on Upbeat Data  (02 March 06:16 pm) 
A solid run of European data supported the euro, after the currency took a hit from a buoyant dollar, which came close to an 11-year high earlier in the day, supported by Beijing’s decision to cut
Samsung’s improved phones may narrow the gap with Apple, but the real test is how well Samsung asserts its independence from Google.
Dollar Surges on China’s Rate Cut  (02 March 02:46 pm) 
The U.S. dollar surged in Europe close to an 11-year high against a number of major currencies, boosted by Beijing’s decision over the weekend to cut interest rates for the second time in less than
Dollar Climbs on China’s Rate Cut  (02 March 05:46 pm) 
The U.S. dollar climbed to close to an 11-year high against a number of major currencies, boosted by Beijing’s decision over the weekend to cut interest rates for the second time in less than four
Details of role for former executive are still under discussion.
Hillary Clinton and her close advisers are telling Democratic donors that she will enter the presidential race sooner than expected, likely in April, a move that would allay uncertainties and allow
McDonald’s new chief executive has set expectations high for change at the world’s biggest restaurant chain. Now he’ll have to deliver.
Putin's Culture of Fear and Death  (02 March 11:16 am) 
Boris Nemtsov threw his big body, big voice and big heart into the uphill battle to keep democracy alive in Russia.
South Korea’s exports fell more sharply than expected in February as fewer working days and lower oil prices contributed to the largest fall in the country’s shipments overseas in two years, data
China Takes Easy Way Out  (02 March 01:46 am) 
China’s central bank is easing policy faster than expected. But it will take more than monetary policy to turn the economy around.
Better Plane Tracking to Be Tested  (01 March 11:16 am) 
Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia will lead a trial to enhance the tracking of aircraft over remote oceans, allowing planes to be more easily found should they vanish like Malaysia Airlines Flight
China New-Home Prices Fall  (28 February 05:49 pm) 
Chinese new-home prices fell in February compared with the month before, reversing gains recorded in January as demand for homes decline during the Lunar New Year holiday.
China Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates  (28 February 05:49 pm) 
China cut interest rates for the second time in four months in a fresh sign of Beijing’s concern over slowing growth.
Congress temporarily avoided a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department Friday night, approving a one-week extension of the agency’s funding just hours before its midnight deadline.
Japan’s $1.2 trillion public-pension fund generated its second-highest return ever last quarter, benefiting from moves into foreign assets and domestic stocks while helping support a rally in the
Chinese regulators are planning to levy a 10% capital-gains tax on the country’s first foreign investors.
Fewer Bets on Oil Storage at Sea  (27 February 10:46 am) 
Fewer oil tankers are being used to store crude than traders and shipbrokers had expected at the start of the year, as a recent run-up in oil prices upended a popular trading strategy.
China's Yuan Slumps on Growth Worries  (27 February 11:16 am) 
China’s yuan fell to its weakest level against the dollar in more than two years on Friday, extending a decline driven by the prospect of a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy.
China’s coal consumption and production fell last year for the first time in 14 years, confirming a trend that has become one of the heaviest weights sinking the global coal market.
Modi's Make-or-Break Budget  (27 February 11:16 am) 
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to prove he’s the transformative leader his country needs.
Asian Morning Briefing
New Year Tests China Hedge Funds  (27 February 11:16 am) 
A disappointing start to the year for Chinese stocks is forcing some hedge funds to prove their mettle after banner performances in 2014.
Noble Group Profit Falls Sharply  (26 February 06:17 pm) 
Noble Group said its net profit nearly halved last year after the value of one of its associate companies fell sharply, as it published results on the same day it refuted fresh criticism of its
Koreans Are on a Debt Binge  (26 February 11:16 am) 
South Koreans are on a borrowing binge. Cheap credit is fueling rapid growth in household debt, which clocked its biggest quarterly gain on record at the end of 2014.