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The debate over how Hong Kong elects its leader has helped expose the wide gap between what pro-democracy groups and Beijing consider acceptable.
Beijing\'s decision to restrict who can run to be Hong Kong\'s leader was closely watched by civic groups in Taiwan, where ties with some Hong Kong political factions have strengthened.
A Luxury Brand Thriving in China  (01 September 10:48 am) 
Comme des Garçons President Adrian Joffe says firm caters to consumers who are seeking an \'experience.\'
Democratic Stirrings in Macau  (01 September 10:48 am) 
As Beijing denies self-government to Hong Kong, China\'s casino city chafes under its oligarchy.
Hong Kong's Hopes Crushed  (01 September 10:48 am) 
Beijing breaks its democratic promise, and unrest may follow.
How to Own 1/12 of a Home  (01 September 10:48 am) 
Fractional ownership offers entrée to million-dollar vacation homes for far less money than buying outright—but financing options may be limited.
Syrian Rebels Attack U.N. Troops  (31 August 10:48 am) 
Clashes erupted between al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels and U.N. peacekeepers in the Golan Heights on Saturday. Later, the Philippine military chief said more than 70 Filipino peacekeepers had escaped.
What Markets Did While You Were Tanning  (31 August 10:48 am) 
The bulls wobbled on geopolitical news, then have resumed their run.
Growth prospects are strong, especially if pipe and generation assets are split.
Amid conflict and tumult around the world, U.S. higher-education institutions are facing difficult choices about where—and whether—to send their students abroad this fall and some schools have
Rosetta mission illustrates how probes use gravitational forces from celestial bodies to alter the course and velocity of their journey, without having to fire fuel-consuming rocket thrusters.
Athabasca Sells Oil-Sands Stake  (30 August 10:48 am) 
Athabasca Oil said it completed the sale of its 40% stake in a Canadian oil-sands project to one of China\'s largest state-run energy companies.
European Stocks See Tentative Rise  (29 August 10:34 pm) 
While European inflation figures matched expectations, falling German retail sales once again underscored the fragility of the continent\'s economic recovery.
U.S. Stocks Open Slightly Higher  (29 August 07:50 pm) 
U.S. stocks rose Friday, with major indexes on track for weekly gains.
U.S. Stock Futures Rise  (29 August 06:49 pm) 
U.S. stock futures rose Friday, with major indexes on track for weekly gains.
Japan Targets Offshore Wind Power  (29 August 04:51 pm) 
Japan plans to increase spending on research and development of offshore wind power, one of the renewable-energy technologies spotlighted in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe\'s energy plan.
European Stocks See Cautious Rebound  (29 August 04:51 pm) 
While European inflation figures matched expectations, German retail data once again underscored the fragility of the continent\'s economic recovery.
Thailand\'s industrial production activity fell for the 16th consecutive month in July, government data showed—a decline driven by falling auto production and sluggish export growth.
National Australia Bank plans to exit its U.S. banking business as it focuses on its home markets, initially selling a minority stake in Great Western Bank via an initial public offering.
Beijing Gets Ugly in Hong Kong  (29 August 10:48 am) 
Agents raid a prominent supporter of local democracy.
Pakistan Army Chief Intervenes in Crisis  (29 August 10:48 am) 
Pakistan\'s military says it will mediate a dispute between the government and protesters, signaling a loss of power for the country\'s embattled prime minister.
The Risk of Betting With Borrowed Money  (29 August 10:48 am) 
Rich investors are jazzing up their returns by using borrowed money. But experts warn that wealthy Asians are particularly vulnerable to big losses if markets turn against them.
Japan Suspends Tokyo Ops of Kookmin Bank  (29 August 10:48 am) 
Japan\'s financial watchdog orders Kookmin Bank to suspend part of its operations in Tokyo, citing issues with risk management, the latest trouble to hit South Korea\'s largest lender.
ICBC Profit Growth Slows  (29 August 10:48 am) 
Chinese lender ICBC\'s reported its slowest first-half net profit growth since 2009 as soured loans continued to pile up on its books.
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