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A federal appeals court on Wednesday denied Indian tribes selling online loans to New York state residents a temporary injunction that would have barred state regulators from restricting tribal
Bangkok Airways Prepares IPO  (01 October 05:49 pm) 
Thailand\'s full service carrier Bangkok Airways PCL is likely to start testing investors\' appetite for a $500 million initial public offering, the biggest share sale in the Southeast Asian nation so
Nine crew members from a Chinese boat are still missing after the vessel sank off the coast of Japan\'s western Shimane prefecture Tuesday morning.
ANZ and three Japanese banks won coveted licenses to operate in Myanmar after decades in which foreign lenders were frozen out of the country.
China's Stocks Come Back to Life  (01 October 10:48 am) 
Signs are mounting that the recent rally in Chinese stocks--with the Shanghai Composite Index up five months in a row--isn\'t a short-term phenomenon.
India and Indonesia have benefited from perceptions new leaders will help businesses. The story is different in Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.
The arrest and nearly two-day detention of a 17-year-old student leader last weekend has become a rallying cry among the tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters who have brought parts of Hong
President Barack Obama\'s expansion of airstrikes in the Middle East is creating new strains on Pentagon planners who thought the days of costly military operations in that region were over—at least
South Korea\'s stock market hit three-year highs in July, buoyed by investors\' optimism. Then Samsung Electronics intervened.
King Dollar Set to Extend Reign  (01 October 10:48 am) 
Investors are betting that the euro and yen have further to fall, as economic expansion falters in the eurozone and Japan while U.S. growth surges.
Asian Morning Briefing
A Compromise for Hong Kong  (01 October 10:48 am) 
Xi Jinping can find a plan that is acceptable to both sides and avoids violence.
Modest Idealism on Hong Kong's Streets  (01 October 10:48 am) 
Despite the media\'s big questions, this still remains a very local movement.
Singing in the Rain  (01 October 10:48 am) 
Samsung Unit Sets IPO Price  (01 October 10:48 am) 
Samsung Group\'s information-technology unit set a price range for its planned initial public offering later this year that could raise as much as 1.2 trillion won ($1.1 billion).
Who's Who  (01 October 10:48 am) 
Philippines to Focus on Jobs  (01 October 10:48 am) 
The Philippines will have to invest heavily in infrastructure, create more jobs and continue reforming its institutions to sustain economic growth, government economic managers said.
PBOC Eases Mortgage Rules  (30 September 04:50 pm) 
China\'s central bank said Tuesday it would ease banks\' mortgage-lending rules to allow more home buyers to qualify for cheaper loans as part of its efforts to boost the country\'s sagging housing
China's Industrial Output Growth Holds Steady  (30 September 10:48 am) 
A closely watched gauge of China\'s manufacturing activities showed sluggish growth for a second straight month, indicating that the world\'s second-largest economy still faces downward pressure.
The Obama administration stepped up criticism of China\'s leadership after pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong turned into a major challenge of Beijing\'s authority. But with a number of other
Hong Kong on Edge as Protests Grow  (30 September 10:48 am) 
Pro-democracy protests took on a festive atmosphere Tuesday, a day after police pulled back and the government offered minor concessions. But protesters worried about the possibility of a crackdown.
China\'s World: Almost nothing in Chinese President Xi Jinping\'s record as China\'s top leader suggests that the crowds now paralyzing sections of Hong Kong will become an exception to Beijing\'s
Shinzo Abe Bows to the Farm Lobby  (30 September 10:48 am) 
The conditions were ripe for Japan\'s prime minister to act on structural reform. Instead, he\'s allowed trade talks for the Trans-Pacific Partnership to break down.
CIC Trims Stake in Noble Group  (30 September 10:48 am) 
Sovereign-wealth fund China Investment Corp. has raised $310.6 million by selling a portion of its stake in Singapore-listed commodity trader Noble Group.
Head Off a Tiananmen Massacre in Hong Kong  (30 September 10:48 am) 
Tear gas and pepper spray hint at worse to come. The White House must issue a clear warning to Beijing.