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Indian scientists recall 'giant leap'  (19 July 11:17 am) 
For space scientists around the world, Neil Armstrong\'s \'giant leap for mankind\' was a defining event. It was no different for scientists in India.
Diary of a moon-spotter  (19 July 11:17 am) 
It was the first time that earth-bound man left his footprint on another celestial body. On television in New Delhi, science writer V S P Kurup, now 78, watched Neil Armstrong\'s moonwalk.
In an interview with Shobhan Saxena, Rebiya Kadeer speaks about the riots which have left hundreds dead and injured in China\'s restive province.
As TV channels get desperate to grab eyeballs, their reality shows bring bizarre and weird people into our living rooms.
Back to the jungle  (12 July 01:43 am) 
Colonial-era forest rest houses in the hills are being spruced up to attract tourists.
The coming out party may be becoming bigger in urban India but for many, the closet door is still firmly shut. Earlier this month, two young girls in love decided to push it open a crack.
Mumbai meant the \"open\" borders strategy had to be reworked. The situation in Pakistan has also undergone many changes. The mantra now is \"secure\" and \"safe\" borders. If Pakistan hurtles towards extre
Conmen thrive in environments afflicted by poor guardianship - policing, institutional mechanisms and societal criticism.
Does Hindi need word imports?  (14 June 01:57 am) 
English got its millionth word just days ago. But what of Hindi lagging far behind with just 1,20,000 words?
When crime gets creative  (14 June 01:57 am) 
Seventy years after the term was coined by an American criminologist, white collar crime is becoming frighteningly endemic in India.
The Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas outshine every other Indian school. Their pass percentage in this year's Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class X exams was 97.8.
Cry, my beloved Sri Lankans  (07 June 01:57 am) 
India's stand was shameful, says the 'Tamil street'.
Earlier this week, an Iranian serial killer named Mahin admitted that she found inspiration for her six murders in crime writer Agatha Christie's popular novels.
Pandemic of fear  (03 May 01:58 am) 
Ishita Chauhan is a worried woman. After a bad coughing fit, her husband is down with fever. He’s an asthma patient so illness is hardly unexpected in Delhi’s hot dry summer.
In a case of reverse outsourcing, the Common Admission Test of the Indian Institutes of Management will soon be contracted out to a foreign agency.