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By polls for three Rajya Sabha seats from Maharashtra, West Bengal and Uttarakhand will be held on March 20.
Mexico has captured the most wanted drug lord in the country, Servando \"La Tuta\" Gomez, police said on Friday, delivering a boost to a government battered by gang violence.
A new rule that required military judges presiding over the war crimes tribunals at the US Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to relocate to the remote installation has been rescinded, the Pentagon
Find all Union Budget related stories here  (28 February 11:17 am) 
Ukraine on Friday reported the first deaths in three days in east Ukraine and President Petro Poroshenko said Russia would pose a \"military threat\" even if a ceasefire holds.
Revellers party the night away at Kismet in Hyderabad
Manish Surana and Nikita\'s reception at HICC in Hyderabad
Cadaver organ transplant gets a green corridor
Cadaver organ transplant gets a green corridor
About six months after reports of 16 kidney patients acquiring hepatitis C infection at Stanley Medical College and Hospital surfaced, the Madras high court has put the officials concerned on notice
There has been a fall in the number of deaths in road accidents in the state for the second consecutive year, but the number of accidents is on the rise.
Don’t starve a sick child, say activists  (28 February 07:16 am) 
With almost 30% cuts in social spending expected in the Union budget, healthcare advocates and civil society members have stressed the need for greater investment in the health and welfare sectors.
Stolen Picasso work seized in US  (28 February 07:00 am) 
A Picasso painting missing from Paris for more than a decade resurfaced in the United States, where it had been shipped under false pretences as a $37 holiday-themed \"art craft\".
A Picasso painting missing from Paris for more than a decade resurfaced in the United States, where it had been shipped under false pretences as a $37 holiday-themed \"art craft\".
Clapper\'s remarks came even as Pakistan\'s intelligence chief Rizwan Akhtar held meetings in Washington this week to press for a greater role in Afghanistan, while reportedly complaining that India is
There’s a strong argument to be made for increasing women’s participation in the workforce – including boosting the GDP growth rate – and the finance minister, via the Union Budget, can be a
Pilots at the Norwegian Air , Europe\'s third-biggest budget airline, will go on strike from Saturday after talks with the airline broke shortly after midnight, Norwegian news agency NTB reported.
Even as India reaps a demographic dividend for its larger share of working age population, the government appears to be worried about the graying millions and the disease burden associated with it.
Undue delay in deciding election disputes exposes the court to unpleasant criticism and makes adjudicatory process a mockery of justice, the Supreme Court on Friday said and asked the high courts to
The Republican-controlled US house of representatives unexpectedly rejected short-term funding for the department of homeland security on Friday.
President Barack Obama is condemning the killing of prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov.
The armed forces have lost 28 aircraft and 14 helicopters in crashes, which killed 42 people, since 2011-12. Of the 28 aircraft crashes, 14 were ageing MiG fighter variants that should have been