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In a boost to the defence sector, the country is all set to test its anti-ballistic missile defence system for long range (beyond 100 km) off Odisha coast for the first time next week.
BJP\'s damage control exercise has sparked a hoarding war in the city, bringing out the internal rift in the open.On Tuesday, the party came out with hoardings depicting Joshi and Modi hugging each
Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav while defending Azam Khan on Saturday said that Azam did nothing wrong and would not apologise instead submit his reply to the Election Commission in this
Indian ambassador to Myanmar, Gautam Mukhopadhyay, advocated strengthening of economic ties between the two neighbouring countries during his visit to the northeast recently.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may have skipped voting for his party\'s candidate in Dispur assembly constituency in 2011 but not this Lok Sabha election when every single vote in favour of Congress
Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi pledged to end the domination of Chinese consumer goods in Indian markets if the party returns to power.
At a mammoth BJP election rally on the outskirts of Nagaon town, Modi recalled the infamous Tandoor murder case and accused Congress of failing to protect women.
It’s among the worst kept secrets in state politics — almost everybody, from polling officials to the district administration, knows of the ‘covert’ mutton-and-mahua feasts that parties
In the country’s largest Lok Saha constituency after Barmer, the battle is between a commoner running down royalty and a ‘rani sahiba’ donning the commoner
When netas use disability as abuse  (20 April 07:22 am) 
Political correctness is not the strong point of public discourse in India. Politicians are usually the worst offenders. 
At a little over six feet, Mann, almost 70 now, makes for an imposing figure. His white beard flows in abundance and as if to appreciate that fact, he keeps petting it, sometimes twirling
Several health enthusiasts are attending free Sunday coffee meets organized by various hospitals these days.
A youth from Ajmer in Rajasthan was arrested in Tripura’s capital Agartala for appearing in the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination as a ‘proxy candidate’ for a student from Baruipur in
The Congress candidate for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat, Ajay Rai, has rubbished BJP leader Amit Rai’s allegation that he had dealt in AK-47 rifles. 
BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi criticized Congress for “dynastic politics”, and said, “In the coming years, Congress will be reduced to a party belonging to just Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi,
At a time when political leaders are exhorting the average Varanasi resident to think and vote for the nation, all that the auto and rickshaw drivers want is a clear access road from the station to
BJP patriarch LK Advani on Saturday surprisingly paid tributes to Jawaharlal Nehru at an election rally in the tribal heartland of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh. 
Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi pledged to end the domination of Chinese consumer goods in Indian markets if the party returns to power. 
This small Dhanbad town of two lakh people, which became famous following Anurag Kashyap’s movie \"Gangs of Wasseypur\", has undergone a sea change.
Luck visits Rae Bareli once in five years. Roads are laid, power lines are drawn and even a few policemen drop in, managing traffic. And, then they all go, sooner than the last vote is cast. The town
BJP leader Arun Jaitley took potshots at Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law Robert Vadra following an article on the Gandhi family member in Wall Street Journal.
The AAP leader\'s sarcasm may have hurt BJP supporters since Narendra Modi has not been to the city even once after his candidature was announced.
The BJP is sharpening its campaign in 86 Lok seats in UP and Bihar where polls are due, switching to a positive note that change for the better is at hand rather than an unrelenting criticism of
Puri yatra, Bodh Gaya on IM hit-list  (20 April 05:38 am) 
Tehsin Akhtar and Pak bombmaker Waqas have revealed deadly plans of Indian Mujahideen in their interrogation by the Delhi police’s special cell.
The Congress rejected the demand for keeping appointments on hold until after elections were over.