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Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay  (28 November 04:49 pm) 
Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence), who has brought an end to the games and stirred up a hornet’s nest of unrest in the process, is now in District 13.
Movie Review: 'Ungli'  (28 November 04:49 pm) 
Four friends turn into vigilantes to clean up corruption and crime in the country.
Romance is a tried and tested formula in the controversial house of Bigg Boss and has always worked in favour of the show, boosting TRPs every time a new romance brews on the show.
Spoiler: Horrible Bosses 2  (28 November 02:48 pm) 
Spoiler: Penguins of Madagascar  (28 November 02:48 pm) 
Both posters seem to be similar in terms of tonal quality, aerial shot and colour.
Bigg Boss 8: Highlights of this season  (28 November 12:48 pm) 
Bigg Boss 8 has been a very eventful reality show. We bring to you some of the highlights from this season.
The actress has the script of Shab rewritten, doing away with the kisses and lovemaking scenes.
‘The crew thought I was pregnant’  (28 November 12:48 am) 
Neha Marda, currently seen as Urmi in TV show Doli Armaanon Ki, is practically living on the set.
Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut slaps Ali  (28 November 12:49 am) 
Much like her real life, where Sonam Kapoor has many men vying for her attention and wanting to get married to her, in Arbaaz Khan’s upcoming fun and light-hearted drama comedy Dolly Ki Doli, she
This weekend brings with it adventure, comedy, erotic romance and thrill in the movie theatres
The actor claims that he has been a star right since his first film.
Horrible Bosses 2: Interesting trivia  (27 November 01:48 pm) 
Alia Bhatt unwell after a taxing schedule  (27 November 10:48 am) 
Post a schedule in the extreme cold of UK and Poland, Alia Bhatt returns home with a fever and is advised rest.
When Salman made Sonakshi cry  (27 November 09:48 am) 
The two apparently had an altercation at Arpita Khan\'s wedding reception, post which Sonakshi was seen sobbing inconsolably.
Bigg Boss 8: Karishma cries her heart out  (27 November 09:48 am) 
Renee, who is playing an important part in the current luxury budget task, refused to perform a task and as a result of this Karishma was not allowed to meet her mother who travelled all the way from
The current season of Bigg Boss has two contestants related to ex Bigg Boss participants
Sonakshi Sinha is a girl in love with the movies
Veena Malik: It is not blasphemy in any way  (27 November 12:49 am) 
Actress Veena Malik and her husband, have been sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court of Pakistan, on account of airing a blasphemous programme on television
Medha made me understand how vital it is to donate your organs so that when you are dead, someone else may live on, says Shabana Azmi
We all know what a thorough professional Ajay Devgn is
Rensil D’Silva is a part of the rare breed of thinking writer-directors in Bollywoo
Are Nargis and Uday back to being together?  (27 November 12:49 am) 
The beautiful Nargis Fakhri and the lovely Uday Chopra were in a relationship till a few months back, when they decided to part ways
Know more about Arpita Khan's husband  (27 November 11:48 am) 
Aayush Sharma married Salman Khan\'s sister Arpita Khan recently. Here are some lesser known facts about the businessman who aspires to be a actor.