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Two held for gadget theft in tech hub  (25 October 04:46 am) 
Salt Lake police have claimed to have busted a racket that stole laptops and cell phones in Sector V and New Town and sold them online.
Real triumph and trauma for reel  (25 October 04:46 am) 
The Kapurs of Ballygunge Circular Road had wrapped up their Diwali festivities by midnight, only for a phone call at 2.30am to unleash a fresh burst of celebration.
Cinema jewel carted away  (25 October 04:46 am) 
A bioscope on wheels that had held its own in the age of multiplexes and inspired an Oscar-nominated short film is rotting away in a police station junkyard since being confiscated last June for not
One in net for car theft  (25 October 04:46 am) 
A team from Bidhannagar commissionerate raided a house in Jamshedpur on Thursday and arrested a man on the charge of being involved in an inter-state car theft racket.
Work starts on Metro second phase  (25 October 04:46 am) 
The construction of the delayed East-West Metro stretch between Howrah Maidan and Sealdah started on Friday following a high court order.
Lifeline at 30, how the wheels turned  (25 October 04:46 am) 
Calcutta Metro turned 30 on Friday. On October 24, 1984, when the first train rolled out of Esplanade station, it had travelled only 3.4km to Bhowanipore. It covers more than 27km now. The country\'s
Diary of a Kashmir flood survivor  (25 October 04:46 am) 
IT professional Anish Ghosh, 34, his wife Paulami Ghosh, 34, and their five-year-old son Adhyayan had planned a drive to Ladakh via the Kashmir valley with family friend Avijit Ghosh, 34, a
STAR stuck in a la carte channel soup  (25 October 04:46 am) 
STAR India has told multi-system operators that it would take its 30-channel bouquet off the air from November 5 unless the MSOs buy the channels a la carte.
SRK delivers Diwali sparkle  (25 October 04:46 am) 
Aishwarya Agarwal got her Diwali gift from dad Rakesh a day after Diwali: a first day, first show ticket to catch Shah Rukh Khan and his Indiawaale dance troupe in Happy New Year. \"Nothing compares to
The decibel demon scored a deafening century in many parts of Calcutta on Kali Puja and Diwali night despite a crackdown on banned, noisy firecrackers.
Bidhannagar police have posted on their Facebook page the identification numbers of stolen cell phones and laptops which have just been recovered, a move officers hope would help expedite the process
Jewellery stolen off deity  (24 October 03:46 am) 
Goddess Kali fell victim to robbers at an Entally pandal on Thursday.
Winter wear plan for schools  (24 October 03:46 am) 
The Mamata Banerjee government is mulling a proposal to provide warm clothes free to every child between classes I and VIII at all state-aided and state-run schools to boost attendance during winter.
THE LIGHT SHINES ON TRADITION  (24 October 03:46 am) 
(From top) Discharge lamps, hanging lanterns and laser lights illuminate Dakshineswar temple on Wednesday night; the presiding deity at the shrine and the throng of devotees on Thursday morning.
A boy, a deity, an easel and 12 yrs  (24 October 03:46 am) 
Kali Puja 2002: An eight-year-old boy engrossed in his maiden attempt at painting Goddess Kali, worshipped by the family for more than 200 years.
Diyas and drawings a decade apart  (24 October 03:46 am) 
Diwali 2000: All of two years old, she sits pretty on her mother\'s lap with her aunt by her side, watching them light the Diwali diyas on the verandah of their Lord Sinha Road house.
Penniless travellers Milan Bihlmann and Muammer Yilmaz had posted \"Stuck in Calcutta\" on their website on Wednesday when the city startled them with a Diwali present \' air tickets to Bangkok and a
Brakes on snatch bid  (23 October 05:47 am) 
A youth who grabbed a woman\'s gold chain while her car had stopped at a traffic signal was caught as the driver flung open the front door, knocking the snatcher down.
Reality bites Mamata medical booster dose  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday promised a revolution in Bengal\'s heath care but even some of those working with her wondered how.
Sale mocks cracker ban  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Kalipatkas have been renamed Chutphuts and double-sound Dodomas, Navarangs. Generators being passed off as flowerpots (Tubris) burst like chocolate bombs instead of releasing a fountain of light.
Gold rush peaks and ebbs early  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Nine \'clock is the new Dhanteras midnight in Calcutta, just as Panchami was the pandal-hopper\'s busiest night out this Puja.
JU worry over convocation  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Jadavpur University vice-chancellor Abhijit Chakrabarti has asked officials to be ready for \"for all contingencies\" for the December 24 convocation amid murmurs of a possibility of graduates refusing
Festive retail goes bang bang  (22 October 03:47 am) 
A man enters a shop to buy a TV and walks out with a 55-inch 4K OLED set with a Rs 2.5 lakh-plus price tag. A car dealership on the Bypass delivers a vehicle every 10 minutes over 10 hours. Three
Hole in the road  (22 October 03:47 am) 
A hole resulting from a cave-in was spotted on the western flank of Chittaranjan Avenue, in front of Islamia Hospital, on Monday morning. Police said they came to know about the cave-in around 8am and
Globetrotters without a penny  (22 October 03:47 am) 
Two youths with dreams in their eyes, a spring in their steps and not a penny in their pockets arrived at Howrah station on Monday, after 41 days of travel across half the world.