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Brothers in revenge murder net  (23 July 04:46 am) 
Three brothers accused of murdering Burrabazar fruit-seller Mohammad Khurshid and his father Mohammad Arif were arrested in Bihar\'s Khagaria district on Tuesday.
Presi siege for direct entry  (23 July 04:46 am) 
Presidency University students have held a 24-hour demonstration outside the vice-chancellor\'s office, demanding that those who could not get direct admission to master\'s courses be admitted.
Over 5,000 children were evacuated from their classrooms at South Point High School on Tuesday afternoon following a fire in the power meter room on the ground floor.
Held for admission fraud  (23 July 04:46 am) 
A man who runs several agencies was arrested in New Alipore on Tuesday for allegedly duping a father of Rs 16.4 lakh by promising his daughter admission to a medical college in Bangalore.
Her story to help hundreds  (23 July 04:46 am) 
Jillian Haslam, a Calcutta-born British motivational speaker who grew up in the city\'s slums, on Tuesday moved members of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce with a speech where she pulled instances from
Toxic units to be shut  (23 July 04:46 am) 
The National Green Tribunal\'s eastern zonal court on Tuesday ordered closure of several industries on the city\'s northern fringe if found operating without environmental permission or violating
Chains snatched off duo  (23 July 04:46 am) 
Two homemakers lost gold chains to snatchers in north Calcutta on Monday night.
Newsmakers at peace meet  (23 July 04:46 am) 
If there is news, can the media stay away? A press committee comprising 20 students was the highlight of The Peace Mission 2014: A Model United Nations Conference at St. Thomas\' Boys\' School.
The public vehicles department (PVD) has cancelled the permits of 40 taxis for refusing passengers, a malaise that increased vigilance and a heavier fine than before have failed to cure.
Principals protest Howrah road horror  (23 July 04:46 am) 
Several heads of schools led a three-hour blockade of GT Road on Tuesday in protest against the humongous craters that threaten the safety of thousands of children who take the thoroughfare every day.
Rail ministry eyes East-West exit  (23 July 04:46 am) 
The railway ministry wants to exit the East-West Metro project in Calcutta that has been running several years behind schedule, a move many see as part of a plan to wash its hands of the other
Hail Harry, hail Heritage!  (23 July 04:46 am) 
Minerva McGonagall to Manmohan Singh, everyone made themselves heard at the Model United Nations (MUN) hosted by The Heritage School.
A pair of myna babies died and their two siblings were injured when their nest in a Calcutta High Court courtroom was destroyed on Tuesday because the chirping birds had been disturbing peace during
Surgeries at four operating theatres (OT) of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital have been stalled since last week because of a leaking roof and broken window panes, sources said on Monday.
The Trinamul Congress show at the city centre on Monday was not restricted to the dais. Metro found some interesting people and incidents in the crowd.
A palm-size box running on a phone app, devised by the largest medical institution in the US, holds the promise of reducing India\'s female mortality through real-time tracking of anaemia among rural
If the Trinamul rally at the heart of the city proved to be commuters\' nightmare in the morning and afternoon, it was Metro Railway\'s turn in the evening.
CIMA awards for new talent  (22 July 04:47 am) 
CIMA Gallery has instituted an award to spot budding talent all over the country, in the cities and way beyond, in its bid to encourage practice that is not generated under market pressure.
England: Book Fair theme country  (22 July 04:47 am) 
The UK will be the theme country of the 39th Calcutta Book Fair beginning January 28. After 1998, this will be the second time the UK will be the theme country of the annual event.
Paritosh Dey travelled from Haldia to Calcutta on Sunday and stayed overnight at a relative\'s house so that the Trinamul Congress\'s Maa-Mati-Manush Divas wouldn\'t prevent him from attending the first
Minister block cuffs on duo  (22 July 04:47 am) 
Two auto drivers were arrested after allegedly refusing to make way for minister Jyotipriya Mullick\'s car to enter Khadya Bhavan, in the New Market area, on Monday afternoon.
Moon Moon Sen had just stepped off the stage after Mamata Banerjee\'s speech and was walking towards her car with an aide holding an umbrella over her when a man in a white embroidered kurta-pyjama
Three killed in road accident  (22 July 04:47 am) 
Three persons were killed after being flung off a Tata Ace that collided with another vehicle on Basanti Highway on Monday afternoon.
Traders foil robbery bid, nab 1  (22 July 04:47 am) 
Two men posing as buyers tried to rob a jewellery boutique on Theatre Road but failed after the owner raised the alarm.
A series of \"bitter\" experiences with vice-chancellors has prompted the Trinamul government to tweak a law in an attempt to bar academicians from being at the helm of universities without the ruling