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Ready to race horse and heart  (01 November 03:47 am) 
New Year races are a tradition that Calcutta enthusiastically upholds, turning up in droves for a day of style, glamour, gallops and bets. The first day of the year might be the most prominent in the
It\'s great to be a part of this \' Rupam Islam, frontman of rock band Fossils
Woman's fight leads to harasser arrest  (01 November 03:47 am) 
A 23-year-old woman working in a Sector V firm caught a youth who had allegedly molested her near the Mullickbazar crossing and raised the alarm, which prompted a police team to rush to the spot and
Arts faculty says 'no' to VC  (01 November 03:47 am) 
More than 95 per cent of Jadavpur University\'s arts faculty has voted against Abhijit Chakrabarti continuing as vice-chancellor in a referendum that undermines his position further despite not having
Peep-peep, champ! You're in honky-taxi town  (01 November 03:47 am) 
A 6\'7\" newcomer to the city is hearing taxis honk even in his sleep but cannot see the cows he came expecting at every street corner.
Sovan passes buck to shrine  (01 November 03:47 am) 
Mayor Sovan Chatterjee has cited two hitherto unseen hurdles for the delay in taking a decision on land for the East-West Metro in central Calcutta: a roadside temple and an army of illegal hawkers.
Presi test plea to JEE board  (01 November 03:47 am) 
Presidency University wants to outsource some responsibilities of holding admission tests to the state joint entrance examination board because it feels it lacks the expertise to conduct a test
Youth as agents of change  (31 October 02:46 am) 
It was a platform of the youth, by the youth, for the world.
Surrender, bail in assault case  (31 October 02:46 am) 
Trinamul Congress councillor Sanjoy Das, accused of assaulting a traffic sergeant on duty last Tuesday, surrendered before a court on Thursday morning and was granted bail.
VC admits shock over night incident  (31 October 02:46 am) 
Jadavpur University vice-chancellor Abhijit Chakrabarti has regretted failing to avert the September 16 incident, which he described as \"marmantik (shocking)\", \"unfortunate\" and \"unwarranted\".
Bioscope comes back home  (31 October 02:46 am) 
The festive season that had started on a sad note for Salim Muhammad finally brought some cheer on Chhath when he was reunited with his \"lost child\" \' a blue cart with a story that inspired an
JU students vote on VC 'fate'  (31 October 02:46 am) 
Arts students at Jadavpur University turned up in strength on Thursday to vote in a \"referendum\" on whether Abhijit Chakrabarti should continue as vice-chancellor.
Govt plays Santa to CMC ahead of poll  (31 October 02:46 am) 
The state government has given the Calcutta Municipal Corporation Rs 150 crore to spend five months ahead of the civic elections, a largesse that officials fear could be wasted on cosmetic changes.
Pay more to watch STAR from Nov. 10  (31 October 02:46 am) 
Cable subscribers in the city will have to do without most of the STAR India channels or pay more to watch them from November 10.
NE to US, sisterhood against trafficking  (31 October 02:46 am) 
Rosanna Lyngdoh used to run a small electrical goods shop until she found her true calling some 15 years ago: a crusade against human trafficking in the Northeast, Meghalaya in particular.
Sanskrit subject of survey  (31 October 02:46 am) 
Sanskrit, the forgotten mother of most Indian languages, could make a comeback in school and college curricula in Bengal after years of disuse on the back of the Narendra Modi government\'s
In STAR turn, cableman sees biz blow  (30 October 04:46 am) 
Multi-system operators (MSO) in the city are divided over STAR India\'s new subscription terms that cable operators fear will put their business on the rocks.
Calcutta captures King  (30 October 04:46 am) 
Shah Rukh Khan rocked St. Xavier\'s College on Wednesday evening with his dimpled smile, star appeal and snappy quips, giving a 10,000-strong crowd of screaming fans plentiful \"happy\" moments to
Holiday list gains two  (30 October 04:46 am) 
The Mamata Banerjee government has introduced two more holidays for its employees in 2015, a move that made many wonder whether the chief minister has reneged on her pledge to restore Bengal\'s
What causes road cave-ins  (30 October 04:46 am) 
The city has witnessed a succession of cave-ins on busy roads over the past few days, making Calcuttans wonder whether the ground beneath their feet is sinking.
Action absent in cop assault  (30 October 04:46 am) 
A traffic sergeant who was allegedly assaulted by a Trinamul councillor on Tuesday was allowed to lodge a complaint after hours of discussions over at least three meetings among senior Calcutta police
Teen kills herself  (30 October 04:46 am) 
A Class V student committed suicide after her parents scolded her for partying all night at a friend\'s house, police said.
JEE Main for Shibpur  (30 October 04:46 am) 
The Centre has denied the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) the IIT route to admit students, clubbing the Shibpur campus with the ones that are mandated to conduct
CU swaps tests after paper error  (29 October 04:47 am) 
An \"inadvertent mistake\" in the distribution of a question paper forced Calcutta University\'s MA (Bengali) students to write their afternoon second-semester examination in the morning on Tuesday.
Cop-hit case on councillor  (29 October 04:47 am) 
A Trinamul Congress councillor and his supporters allegedly assaulted a traffic sergeant in public on Tuesday afternoon for booking a taxi driver who had parked his vehicle in a no-parking zone.