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Storm alert on Dreamliners  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: Boeing has advised Air India to avoid flying Dreamliners close to thunderstorms because of the risk of ice formation on the engines, the Centre told Parliament today even as
Antibiotic fear on poultry  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: An environmental advocacy group today asked the Indian government to curb the rampant abuse of antibiotics on domestic poultry farms and cautioned against easing imports of chicken
New Delhi, July 30: The Supreme Court today directed Supertech Ltd to refund with 14 per cent interest the deposits made by 53 investors for flats in two 40-storied towers in Noida.
Chennai, July 30: A sessions court today sentenced to life imprisonment the owner of a school at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu where a fire killed 94 children in 2004, but let off 11 of the 21 accused in a
Mudslide buries Pune village  (31 July 03:50 am) 
Mumbai, July 30: A massive landslide triggered by two days of torrential rain buried nearly an entire village under 20 feet of thick mud at the foot of the Bhimashankar hills in Pune district this
N-energy, chicken legs on table  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: US secretary of state John Kerry landed here today for what New Delhi and Washington call a strategic dialogue, but economic niggles over subjects ranging from nuclear energy to
Govt vague on UPSC test row  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: The Centre today remained evasive as leaders across parties in the Rajya Sabha sought to know the progress in sorting out the civil services aptitude test (CSAT) controversy.
SC bins early hearing on LoP  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: The Supreme Court today refused to take up for \"early hearing\" the row over the leader of Opposition status the Congress has been demanding in the Lok Sabha, saying the matter
Irani backs NCERT  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: Smriti Irani does not seem to share the opinion of RSS ideologues that NCERT textbooks do not focus adequately on value education.
New Delhi, July 30: Former external affairs minister Natwar Singh today hit Sonia Gandhi where it would hurt by questioning the sacrifice theory that defines her political persona.
MPs fret over food served in canteen  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: Some Rajya Sabha MPs today complained about the food in the Parliament canteen, with one saying some members had fallen ill and wondering if it was a \"conspiracy of the government
Bigger Modi team after state polls  (31 July 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 30: The expansion of Narendra Modi\'s council of ministers will depend on how the BJP\'s alliances in election-bound Maharashtra and Haryana pan out, party sources said.
Rivals in Tripoli ceasefire  (31 July 03:48 am) 
Tripoli, July 30 (Reuters): Rival militias fighting for control of Tripoli airport agreed today to a temporary ceasefire to allow firefighters to try to control a huge blaze at a fuel depot hit by a
Big Tiger uncages paper tigers  (31 July 03:48 am) 
Beijing, July 30 (Reuters): \"Big Tiger\" is gone. \"Master Kang\" has disappeared.
Moscow, July 30: Russia, facing the toughest round of western sanctions imposed since the Ukraine crisis erupted, has adopted a nonchalant public stance, with President Vladimir V. Putin emphasising
Bloom 'threw punch' at Bieber  (31 July 03:48 am) 
July 30: Orlando Bloom, the British actor, reportedly threw a punch at pop star Justin Bieber at a restaurant in Ibiza.
Jabaliya (Gaza Strip), July 30: The strikes came in rapid succession. At around 5am (local time) today at a UN school at the Jabaliya refugee camp, where 3,300 Palestinians had taken refuge from the
Xi's purge  (31 July 03:47 am) 
It could turn out to be the greatest churning in the Communist Party of China since the Cultural Revolution. By all accounts, Xi Jinping\'s anti-corruption drive is the biggest such campaign that the
The author is director, Modern High School for Girls, Calcutta
sleeping sickness  (31 July 03:47 am) 
Where have all the pigs gone? But this absurd lament \' for all the pigs being lifted out of their homes in various parts of Calcutta and Howrah and being transported hurriedly away to contain the
Not so pretty  (31 July 03:47 am) 
Jinan University is more than a century old. The first to admit foreign students, today it has the maximum number of them in China across its three campuses in Guangdong. Then why is it advertising
In character  (31 July 03:47 am) 
Arnab Goswami’s news show has an exciting fairground quality to it. It’s like the coconut shy stall where the paying customer gets to throw balls at stranded
Madan hints at fare hike  (31 July 03:46 am) 
Bus fares are likely to be hiked before Puja, transport minister Madan Mitra said on Wednesday.
Ex-airhostess in medical seat racket  (31 July 03:46 am) 
A former airhostess and an engineering graduate were among three \"kingpins\" of an MBBS admission racket arrested at a Puri hotel on Tuesday.
Enter, kabaddi kings  (31 July 03:46 am) 
The purple and gold of the Knight Riders may be the reigning colours of the Eden Gardens, but at the Netaji Indoor Stadium next door it was all red and blue on Wednesday night as Calcutta warmed up to