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Bangalore, Sept. 30: A royal widow\'s hurt sentiments had nearly derailed the annual meeting of one of Karnataka\'s architectural showpieces with one of its most colourful festivals.
India-China border meet  (01 October 03:49 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 30: Divisional commanders of the Indian and Chinese armies led talks at a flag meeting on the Ladakh frontier today to resolve an eyeball-to-eyeball situation in Chumar that was
AAP exits  (01 October 03:49 am) 
Mumbai, Sept. 30: The Aam Aadmi Party\'s Maharashtra conveners Anjali Damania and Preeti Sharma Menon have quit the party citing personal reasons. Party spokespersons Prithvi Reddy and Atishi Marlena
Floods stain tree of colours  (01 October 03:49 am) 
Srinagar, Sept. 30: If ethereal beauty and a sense of eternity are the mark of the \"paradise\" that Kashmir is, their most visible symbol must surely be the chinar tree with its wispy, blazing canopy.
Corruption cuffs on Modi-baiter officer  (01 October 03:49 am) 
Ahmedabad, Sept. 30: Pradeep Sharma, a suspended Gujarat IAS officer who had demanded a CBI probe into the snooping controversy when Narendra Modi was chief minister, was today arrested in a
Work is worship on October 2  (01 October 03:49 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 30: Now is the time for some good men and women to forgo a part of the October 2 holiday, pick up a broom and come to the aid of Mother India in the name of Mahatma Gandhi.
Fasting fit? It boils down to practice  (01 October 03:49 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 30: A person consuming nothing but water would need large reserves of stored carbohydrates and many years of practice at fasting to display the energy levels Prime Minister Narendra
Dying statement rider  (01 October 03:49 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 30: The Supreme Court has rejected parts of a murder victim\'s dying declaration to acquit two of the three people she had accused, saying even statements from the deathbed \"should be
Wordplay, relief at US airports  (01 October 03:49 am) 
Washington, Sept. 30: When the Indian and US summit delegations met this morning in the White House, they had so much to discuss that the outcomes of those discussions had to be compressed into
Modi promise faces challenge  (01 October 03:49 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 30: Narendra Modi\'s bouquet of promises to Indian Americans may have drawn cheers at Madison Square Garden, but key segments of this support group have been critical of some of the
Hearing today after Jaya special case plea  (01 October 03:49 am) 
Bangalore, Sept. 30: Karnataka High Court will take up Jayalalithaa\'s bail plea tomorrow, advancing it from October 6 fixed earlier today after her lawyers sought an urgent hearing citing law and
Denial of sex tied to divorce  (01 October 03:49 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 30: The Supreme Court has granted divorce to a UK-based man who had accused his wife of refusing to consummate their marriage, saying long denial of sexual intercourse by either
HK leader calls for end of protests  (01 October 03:48 am) 
Hong Kong, Sept. 30: Hong Kong\'s Beijing-selected leader today called for the pro-democracy demonstrators who have blocked major roads in the city to return home \"immediately\".
Washington, Sept. 30: An armed man who jumped the White House fence this month made it far deeper into the mansion than previously disclosed, overpowering a Secret Service agent inside the North
Legal FAQs  (01 October 03:47 am) 
Q: About 18 years ago, my mother, now 72, rented out a shop on the ground floor. The original tenant has died and his son is running it now. The agreement was to increase the rent by 10 per cent every
street power  (01 October 03:47 am) 
It must be a big change when an affluent and seemingly apolitical city takes to the streets. The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong over the past few days could change much that the city has been
Learning on the job  (01 October 03:47 am) 
Recently, the Lok Sabha passed the Apprentices (Amendment) Bill, 2014, in an effort to improve the working conditions of apprentices in the country. But despite the many pluses in the new bill,
The Land Of Dreams  (01 October 03:47 am) 
The festive season inspires dreams. And allegories. Following in the footsteps of Mamata Banerjee, who plans to transform Calcutta into London \' the former Assam governor, Ajai Singh, too, sees
Peace enterprise  (01 October 03:47 am) 
In 1905, a German social scientist and politician wrote The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Max Weber argued that capitalism in his part of Europe bloomed when Protestant, particularly
wealth below  (01 October 03:47 am) 
Coincidences make for interesting history. A couple of days before the judiciary showed its independence by convicting the powerful former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the Supreme Court set the trend
Home is where the heart is  (01 October 03:46 am) 
Puja 2014 acquires flavour and fervour with The Telegraph Hand in Hand, in association with Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil
Festive fun, with a soul  (01 October 03:46 am) 
Fifty apartment complexes are celebrating a meaningful puja with The Telegraph Festival of Joy, presented by Euroclean Deep Cleaning
City's date with speed  (01 October 03:46 am) 
Calcutta Monsoon Derby 2014, the big race of the Calcutta Monsoon Season, will be held on Sunday, October 5. Apart from the speed thrills, the Royal Calcutta Turf Club will arrange for music, a food
Rich diversity of creativity  (01 October 03:46 am) 
In my journey as a judge it was so beautiful to meet a young engineer in a software company who has taken a week off from his job only to spend the entire time in the pandal with family and friends.
True spirit drums up festive beat  (01 October 03:46 am)