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Brakes on snatch bid  (23 October 05:47 am) 
A youth who grabbed a woman\'s gold chain while her car had stopped at a traffic signal was caught as the driver flung open the front door, knocking the snatcher down.
Gold rush peaks and ebbs early  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Nine \'clock is the new Dhanteras midnight in Calcutta, just as Panchami was the pandal-hopper\'s busiest night out this Puja.
Sale mocks cracker ban  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Kalipatkas have been renamed Chutphuts and double-sound Dodomas, Navarangs. Generators being passed off as flowerpots (Tubris) burst like chocolate bombs instead of releasing a fountain of light.
JU worry over convocation  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Jadavpur University vice-chancellor Abhijit Chakrabarti has asked officials to be ready for \"for all contingencies\" for the December 24 convocation amid murmurs of a possibility of graduates refusing
Reality bites Mamata medical booster dose  (23 October 05:47 am) 
Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday promised a revolution in Bengal\'s heath care but even some of those working with her wondered how.
Between floods and frontier in Kashmir  (23 October 04:50 am) 
Silikote, on the Line of Control in Kashmir: The whistle of the shell from Anita cuts through the Pir Panjal. It is fired from a recoilless grenade launcher (RGL). It takes out three persons climbing
Firing range to tourist hotspot  (23 October 04:50 am) 
Srinagar, Oct. 22: Kashmir has spotted a new paradise in a sprawling meadow where guns have boomed for decades.
'Assault' on child in school  (23 October 04:50 am) 
Bangalore, Oct. 22: A three-year-old child studying in an upscale international school in north Bangalore was allegedly assaulted sexually on campus, police said.
Former CEC to head dance academy  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: Former poll panel chief N. Gopalaswami has been named chairman of the governing body of the Centre-run Kalakshetra Foundation, considered the top institution for Bharatanatyam
Happy Mo-Diwali @www.egreetings  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: Think not, Indians. Your Prime Minister has just made life simpler for you this Diwali.
Panel call to outlaw 'Chinki'  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: Most young men or women from the Northeast who live elsewhere in the country have sometime or the other heard themselves addressed as \"Chinki\".
'Kejriwal again' blitz  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today launched a campaign saying Delhi wants Arvind Kejriwal \"back\" as chief minister, taking an early plunge over fears the BJP would project the bigger
Sena haggling  (23 October 04:50 am) 
Mumbai, Oct. 22: The Shiv Sena today indicated it was \"ready to co-operate\" with the BJP on government-formation in Maharashtra but expected to get the deputy chief minister\'s post.
Black money dare to BJP  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: The Congress today asked the government to reveal names of all black money account holders \"right now\", instead of \"threatening\" that the party would be left red-faced if they were
Test for BJP 'high command'  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: Maharashtra has become the first test case in the BJP to assess if Narendra Modi\'s endeavour to initiate the BJP into the \"high command culture\" in the style of Indira Gandhi will
Jaya case telecast  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: The All India Bar Association has urged the Supreme Court to initiate suo motu contempt proceedings against Tamil channel Thanthi for allegedly making audio tapes of Jayalalithaa\'s
Children's Day, for govt  (23 October 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, Oct. 22: The government has risen to the challenge \' of Children\'s Day.
Protests at HK leader residence  (23 October 04:48 am) 
Hong Kong, Oct. 22 (Reuters): About 200 Hong Kong protesters marched to the home of the city\'s Beijing-backed leader today to push their case for greater democracy a day after talks between student
US boosts ebola checks  (23 October 04:48 am) 
New York, Oct. 22 (Reuters): US health officials unveiled new measures today to carry out ebola monitoring on anyone entering the country from the three nations at the centre of a West African
Tunis, Oct. 22: Nearly four years after the Arab Spring revolt, Tunisia remains its lone success as chaos engulfs much of the region. But that is not its only distinction: Tunisia has sent more
Baby dies in Jerusalem 'terror' raid  (23 October 04:48 am) 
Jerusalem, Oct. 22 (Reuters): A baby was killed and eight persons injured when a car slammed into pedestrians at a Jerusalem light railway stop today, emergency services said, in what police described
Watergate warrior Ben Bradlee dead  (23 October 04:48 am) 
Washington, Oct. 22 (Reuters): Ben Bradlee, the hard-driving editor who reigned over the Washington Post with the style of a well-dressed swashbuckler and the profane vocabulary of a dockworker as the
Road test  (23 October 04:47 am) 
If the fast-tiring student protesters of Hong Kong had been counting on the talks with the government as a possible way to end their weeks-long occupation of the streets, those hopes have been belied.
Two worlds  (23 October 04:47 am) 
Is China heading for a violent class war? A ghastly incident took place in a village here recently. Villagers near Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, burnt alive four members of a construction
Ruins make history  (23 October 04:47 am) 
You look up Monier Williams. Even he is not sure about the etymological root of the nomenclature, Dilip, and would only offer the cryptic comment, \"probably protector of Delhi\". I have sought