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New Delhi, July 24 (PTI): The Central Information Commission has asked a health research institute to disclose details a former RAW official had sought, saying patients have a right to get their
Train rams into school bus, 18 dead  (25 July 04:50 am) 
Hyderabad, July 24: Sixteen children, some only five years old, were killed when their school bus collided with a train at an unmanned crossing near Hyderabad with police probing divergent versions,
Model files rape case against cop  (25 July 04:50 am) 
Mumbai, July 24: A case of rape and molestation has been registered against a senior IPS officer in Mumbai police\'s civil rights cell on the complaint of a model.
New Delhi, July 24: The Supreme Court today agreed to examine a plea by Sahara chief Subrata Roy to shift him to an \"outhouse\" in Tihar jail for property sale talks to raise Rs 10,000 crore for bail.
Chapatti MPs spring caterer  (25 July 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 24: When it comes to \"force-feeding\", trust the chapatti brigade to go the whole hog.
Country climbs ladder ' by one rung  (25 July 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 24: India continues to lag on human development indicators in spite of a slew of welfare programmes, with a UNDP report released today ranking it 135th among 187 countries that were
Modi serves, RSS relishes  (25 July 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 24: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted RSS chief Mohanrao Bhagwat and his colleagues for dinner this evening at his Race Course Road residence.
Maneka push to lower adult age to 16  (25 July 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 24: The women and child development ministry is set to press ahead with its proposal to try as adults heinous-crime suspects aged above 16, setting aside concerns of child rights
Boy loses 232 extra teeth  (25 July 04:50 am) 
Mumbai, July 24: Don Quixote believed every tooth in a man\'s head to be more valuable than a diamond.
PM walks China-Japan tightrope  (25 July 04:50 am) 
New Delhi, July 24: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lined up back-to-back summit meetings with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping in a tightrope walk between two
Gaza/Jerusalem, July 24 (Reuters): Gazan authorities said Israeli forces shelled a shelter at a UN-run school today, killing at least 15 people as the Palestinian death toll in the conflict climbed
Photobomber  (25 July 04:48 am) 
July 24: Jayde Taylor, a member of the Australia Commonwealth Games hockey team, got more than she bargained for when she took a selfie photo of herself and one of her team-mates.
Darwin was right, dogs do get jealous  (25 July 04:48 am) 
July 24: In The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin noted that \"everyone has seen how jealous a dog is of his master\'s affection, if lavished on any other creature\".
Angry Ukraine PM quits  (25 July 04:48 am) 
Kiev, July 24 (Reuters): Ukraine\'s Prime Minister tendered his resignation today, berating parliament for failing to pass legislation to take control over an increasingly precarious energy situation
Jet with 116 on board crashes  (25 July 04:48 am) 
Algiers, July 24 (Reuters): An Air Algerie flight crashed today en route from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso to Algiers with 110 passengers and six crew on board, an Algerian aviation official said.
July 24: In another unexpectedly prolonged execution using disputed lethal injection drugs, a condemned Arizona prisoner yesterday repeatedly gasped for one hour and 40 minutes, according to
In the Footsteps of Afanasii Nikitin: Travels through Eurasia and India in the Twenty First Century By Hari Vasudevan, Manohar, Rs 1,195
Pay for every mistake  (25 July 04:47 am) 
Clouds gather, they titillate the senses and fill us with expectation, and then scatter. The monsoon is playing havoc with us, and when the skies occasionally open up, the downpour is devastating. We
new weapon  (25 July 04:47 am) 
What does a can of pepper spray have in common with a chapati being stuffed into an unwilling mouth? Both objects are functioning as weapons, each in the hands of an Indian member of parliament, the
Rescue mission  (25 July 04:47 am) 
The Last King in India Wajid \'Ali Shah, 1822-1887 By Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, Random House, Rs 599
Rotten company  (25 July 04:47 am) 
The political responses to Rajan Vichare, a Shiv Sena MP, stuffing a
Weight gain  (25 July 04:47 am) 
Having recently abstained from voting on the United Nations human rights council resolution asking for an international probe into Sri Lanka\'s alleged war crimes, India will find it difficult to
Winning formula  (25 July 04:47 am) 
Some 40 actors and film technicians won awards named after Uttam Kumar on Thursday at Nazrul Mancha. \"There must be many… who are waiting for an award… . That\'s why we started the Bangabhushan…
A cultural centre named after Tagore and boasting a state-of-the-art \"thrust\" auditorium will come up at Jadavpur University, one of the eight venues selected by the Centre from among 70-odd
Teacher tell-tale signs for parents  (25 July 04:47 am) 
Parents should under no circumstances allow a private tutor to lock a door when alone with a child, say veteran teachers and psychologists.