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Court stays Padma Shri axe on actor  (19 April 04:49 am) 
New Delhi, April 18: Veteran Telugu actor and former MP Mohan Babu, asked by a high court to return his Padma Shri because he had misused it as a title, has got a breather with the Supreme Court
Robbed of vote by wheelchair  (19 April 04:49 am) 
Bangalore, April 18: Santosh Menezes had been waiting for Thursday. It came and went, but the 24-year-old remained at home, sprawled across his mattress.
Bike stunt kills JNU students  (19 April 04:49 am) 
New Delhi, April 18: Three young men, all postgraduate students of Jawaharlal Nehru University, died early today after the motorcycle they were riding skidded, hurtled 100ft across the road and
Liquor and land lash at Modi image  (19 April 04:49 am) 
New Delhi, April 18: The Congress is increasingly hitting the Gujarat government with corruption charges, realising that Narendra Modi\'s appeal owes much to his success in projecting an image of
BJP saves Desam alliance  (19 April 04:49 am) 
Hyderabad, April 18: The BJP and the Telugu Desam Party today saved their alliance in Seemandhra after Chandrababu Naidu unilaterally declared a break-up yesterday.
The Aam Aadmi Party candidate in Amethi, Kumar Vishwas, has furnished a video clip that purportedly shows a Congress worker telling Priyanka Gandhi Vadra that he would \"shoot\" Vishwas.
Pawar kin in water 'warning'  (19 April 04:49 am) 
Mumbai, April 18: Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar has allegedly been caught on video threatening to stop a village\'s water supply if it didn\'t vote for uncle Sharad Pawar\'s daughter
PM adviser bats for boss  (19 April 04:49 am) 
New Delhi, April 18: Just when a former media adviser has painted him as a Prime Minister who is not master of his domain, Manmohan Singh\'s current media adviser has stepped out to bat for his boss.
Name: Somlata
Why on earth are we  (19 April 04:49 am) 
Coming back to India after my latest seven-month sojourn in London, I seem to have landed in a country I do not recognise.
Upset officer seeks VRS  (19 April 04:49 am) 
New Delhi, April 18: The navy\'s senior-most officer has applied for voluntary retirement after being superseded to the chief\'s post.
Mokpo/Jindo (South Korea), April 18 (Reuters): The vice-principal of a South Korean high school who accompanied hundreds of his pupils on what turned out to be a disastrous ferry trip has committed
A library called Osama  (19 April 04:48 am) 
Islamabad, April 18 (PTI): A seminary for women run by a hardline cleric in Islamabad has named its library after the slain al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden.
Ukraine talks call for end to violence  (19 April 04:48 am) 
Slaviansk/Donetsk (Ukraine), April 18 (Reuters): Armed pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine said today they were not bound by an international deal ordering them to disarm and were looking for
12 Sherpas die in Everest avalanche  (19 April 04:48 am) 
Kathmandu, April 18 (Reuters): An avalanche sweeping down Mount Everest killed 12 Nepali Sherpas today at the start of the main climbing season, the tourism ministry said, in what may be the deadliest
At breakneck speed  (19 April 04:47 am) 
Manoj Mitra, one of the finest Bengali dramatists of his generation, has not earned as many non-Bengali productions as his achievement warrants \' the state of intra-Indian translations being so
Temperamental cities  (19 April 04:47 am) 
The author is India\'s former ambassador to Turkey, Cambodia and Myanmar
Essential and invented needs  (19 April 04:47 am) 
Chitraniva. The poetic cadence of the name made you wonder who gave it. And sure enough, it was Rabindranath Tagore, in appreciation of the young art student who was training under Nandalal Bose in
Enthralling evenings  (19 April 04:47 am) 
The resonance of the musical streams of both north and south India was created through a string performance at the Vivekananda Hall of the Ramakrishna Mission in Golpark. The jugalbandi between the
destined daughters  (19 April 04:47 am) 
For years, Chelsea Clinton came up with a \"visceral no\" when asked if she wanted to go into politics. Well into her thirties now, her viscera seem to be mellowing. She gives a less certain answer now.
No cheers for the IPL  (19 April 04:47 am) 
When the Indian Premier League was launched in 2008, I wrote a column in these pages disparaging this newest form of the game. I compared Test cricket to single malt whisky, 50
Diplomacy, debate and delegates  (19 April 04:46 am) 
Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 to Instability in Asia\' delegates at JacoMUN 2014 were ready to take every problem to the discussion table and lay it threadbare.
Transport worry on JEE eve  (19 April 04:46 am) 
The two-day state joint entrance exam will start on Saturday with the biology exam between noon and 2pm. The physics, chemistry and mathematics tests will be held on Sunday.
Czechmate, Celsius!  (19 April 04:46 am) 
A three-year-old visitor from the Czech Republic was accorded one of the fastest transit clearances at Calcutta airport on Friday, a privilege reserved for a handful of VVIPs.
Auto bullies give bloodied nose  (19 April 04:46 am) 
A young Calcuttan was allegedly punched in the face and struck with a sharp piece of iron by some auto drivers for protesting when a speeding three-wheeler with faulty brakes threw him off his bike