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Third eye blind  (24 April 04:46 am) 
While granting legal and social recognition to the transgender community, an apex court bench made the following observation: \"Historically, Hijras/ transgender persons had played a prominent role,
How many bathrooms would one need?  (24 April 04:46 am) 
How many of us have paruresis and don\'t like to acknowledge it? That is not really a terrible disease, but quite a common condition, also called \'pee-shyness\'. It is the anxiety, ranging from mild to
Paper Chase  (24 April 04:46 am) 
It was the rise of a liberal media in Pakistan that proved the nemesis of the military dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf. Ever since, the media have become an inseparable part of the country\'s fight
Belonging at a distance  (24 April 04:46 am) 
At a time when the news headlines are hostage to N. Modi’s feral minions and cricketing conversations centre on N. Srinivasan’s creatures,
His mother's voice  (24 April 04:46 am) 
I\'ve never wanted to be anything other than a man. Being a man who likes men has sufficed. But what has begun to fascinate me as I approach middle age, and sexuality gets placed in a larger map of
The Dirty Picture  (24 April 04:46 am) 
India is a hot topic on the internet these days, and what\'s being written is not flattering. A Chinese girl has posted pictures of her wedding to an Indian, with her dressed in Indian bridal wear, and
stem the rot  (24 April 04:46 am) 
A civilized contest between ideas of governance is at the heart of democratic politics. When contestants in a democratic election speak and act as though they belong, not to a sane society, but to a
Statue mirrors Congress fate  (24 April 03:50 am) 
In a country obsessed with statues, this one speaks volumes. All the more so in election season.
Two Ms key for 'runaway' Azhar  (24 April 03:50 am) 
Age and a fixing scandal may have snuffed out Mohammed Azharuddin\'s chances of playing cricket\'s newest format, but the former India captain has now imported the T20 spirit into politics.
Stage set for Modi vs Lady vs Daddy  (24 April 03:50 am) 
In this southern stage it has come down to Modi versus the Lady versus Daddy. Sample these statements:
Mahdipur is a spectacular border-crossing. The drive to it from the Indian side is on a narrow but smooth road that winds through Malda\'s famous mango orchards and the ruins of Gour, the capital said
In Malda, it all seems to depend on how much sun one is taking. The big guns can come and go. Mithun Chakraborty, for example, led to a new saying when he visited Disco Mor on April 16, accompanying
'Unholy' plea to holy city  (24 April 03:50 am) 
Arun Jaitley, the suave and witty lawyer and top BJP leader, is asking for votes in the name of piety.
Pressure shows on Mulayam  (24 April 03:50 am) 
Under pressure, Mulayam Singh Yadav is known to crack up or fight back. In the 12 seats that vote on Thursday in Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party chief is doing a bit of both.
Monsoon test stares at new govt  (24 April 03:50 am) 
New Delhi, April 23: A poor-performing summer monsoon may be among the earliest challenges for the new government that takes over in May this year, a joint analysis of multiple forecasts by Indian and
Mumbai, April 23: The BJP has complained to the poll panel against the principal of St Xavier\'s College, Mumbai, accusing him of trying to influence young voters by critiquing the Gujarat model of
iPhone and a wink, 2G Raja sells 3G  (24 April 03:50 am) 
Andimuthu Raja loves 3G. Far away from Delhi, where he is facing trial in the 2G scandal, the former telecom minister is seeking \"justice\" from the \"people\'s court\" in the picturesque blue mountains
Just what doctor ordered  (24 April 03:50 am) 
Lucknow, April 23: A Priyanka dose a day is fortifying the Congress as it battles Narendra Modi in a tough election.
Cauliflower Hema haunts lotus Hema  (24 April 03:50 am) 
The young schoolteacher\'s parents had paid Hema Malini a tribute by naming their daughter after her. Their favourite film star would sure be wishing they hadn\'t.
'Pauper' vs chopper in Varanasi  (24 April 03:50 am) 
Varanasi, April 23: Arvind Kejriwal filed his nomination papers today, Narendra Modi will do so tomorrow. Varanasi votes in the last phase on May 12 but this pilgrim city has already been hurled in
Russia in new Ukraine attack threat  (24 April 03:48 am) 
Moscow, April 23: Russia continued today to ratchet up pressure on the government in Kiev, warning that events in eastern Ukraine could prompt a military response and again accusing the US of
Bard flies high on birthday  (24 April 03:48 am) 
London, April 23: The Bard was flying high today \' literally \' on his 450th birthday. A 10-foot image of William Shakespeare\'s face was painted on to the fuselage of an easyJet flight flying from
Obama begins Japan trip with sushi  (24 April 03:48 am) 
Tokyo, April 23 (Agencies): President Barack Obama today opened a four-country Asia tour aimed at reassuring allies in the region that the US remains a committed economic, military and political
Sherpas 'leave' Everest camp  (24 April 03:48 am) 
Kathmandu, April 23 (AP): Sherpas packed up their tents and left Mount Everest\'s base camp today in an unprecedented walkout to honour 16 of their colleagues who were killed last week in the deadliest
Led Zep unveils unheard recordings  (24 April 03:48 am) 
April 23: Ahead of the reissue of the first three Led Zeppelin albums in June, the band have unveiled two unheard recordings. An early version of Whole Lotta Love and an unreleased version of blues