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Sorry, not real sorry  (21 September 03:48 am) 
Calcutta, Sept. 20: A bubble with the vice-chancellor\'s picture on Jadavpur University\'s website said \"I am sorry\" this morning but before the students could pinch themselves to make sure it was true,
Leash on cheque cases  (21 September 03:48 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 20: The Supreme Court has ruled that cheque bounce complaints cannot be filed in courts before the completion of a 15-day notice period available for the issuer.
Heard in Lutyens': Let there be noise  (21 September 03:48 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 20: A whiff of Jadavpur rolled down Lutyens\' Delhi this afternoon, carrying with it the protest that shook Calcutta today.
Gujarat race-bias row over Xi visit 'whip'  (21 September 03:48 am) 
Sept. 20: Media reports that Northeast workers at an Ahmedabad hotel were asked to make themselves scarce while it hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday have prompted public concern from a
Sena dispute heads to PM's court  (21 September 03:48 am) 
Sept. 20: The seat-sharing dispute between the BJP and the Shiv Sena has reached the doorstep of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with negotiations failing to break the deadlock till late tonight.
Cong, NCP grapple with distrust  (21 September 03:48 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 20: Uncertainty looms over the 15-year-old Congress-NCP alliance in Maharashtra, although this has been overshadowed by the BJP-Shiv Sena wrangling.
Sushma sister bags ticket  (21 September 03:48 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 20: Sushma Swaraj\'s younger sister has got a BJP ticket to contest the Assembly election in Haryana.
Teesta and land-swap delay signal to Dhaka  (21 September 03:48 am) 
New Delhi, Sept. 20: India has signalled to Bangladesh its inability to deliver on the Land Boundary Agreement and Teesta waters pact anytime soon, the message coming ahead of the first meeting
Labour slams Cameron plans as truce fails  (21 September 03:47 am) 
Sept. 20: The political truce that saved the Union collapsed yesterday as David Cameron\'s plans for English \"home rule\" were condemned by Labour.
join the club  (21 September 03:47 am) 
Think of the word, club. Think of it \' or visualize it \' as both noun and verb. Imagine someone wanting to join a club, wielding a club, or being the club bore. What, in one\'s imagination, would this
Speaking Scots  (21 September 03:47 am) 
Of all the manglings of spoken English the people of these islands produce, I love the Scots accent the most, actually all the various Scots accents. I can\'t mimic any of them properly (proe-purruleh)
I WALKED BECAUSE...  (21 September 03:46 am) 
I started protesting what had happened in JU with my remarks on Facebook but what followed soon after was a lot of messages from people who felt I was a Left sympathiser. I should start by saying that
Bose story revisited  (21 September 03:46 am) 
Two brothers of the Bose family came together to speak at the launch of a book on their grandfather written by their father Sisir Kumar Bose.
Macaulay's vision in present context  (21 September 03:46 am) 
A talk on teaching English and making traditions in the light of Thomas Macaulay\'s Minute on Indian Education is of special significance at a time when the role of English has been in focus in a more
Loss of innocence in labour  (21 September 03:46 am) 
How does one measure the age of a child? Depends entirely on the service he renders. A recent survey by volunteers with CRY, the child rights organisation, addresses this question as it explores
Write couple  (21 September 03:46 am) 
An editor-turned-author and her illustrator-writer husband were in town to talk about their books. Chitra Viraraghavan\'s short story collection, The Americans, is about Indians settled in America \' 11
Step up revolution  (21 September 03:46 am) 
Robert Moses conducts a workshop, Dancing to Connect, for artistes and dance enthusiasts at American Center. \"The focus of the workshop was skill-building and nurturing a sense of empowerment and
Portrait of a director  (21 September 03:46 am) 
When actress Durga Khote asked for glycerin while shooting a scene that required her to cry, filmmaker Debaki Kumar Bose refused and kept raining harsh words at her till tears flowed down her cheeks.
Sweet taste of Bengal  (21 September 03:46 am) 
The relentless rain couldn\'t keep sweet-loving Calcuttans away from the Bengal Mishti Festival, held as part of Fun City 2, presented by The Telegraph and City Centre New Town, in the atrium of the
Baton in hand, fight goes on  (21 September 03:46 am) 
Five women IPS officers are in charge of five of the state\'s 30 districts as police superintendents. This is the first time that Odisha has so many women superintendents of police (SP). Duty comes
APW head quizzed by CBI  (21 September 03:46 am) 
Guwahati, Sept. 20: The CBI has questioned Abhijeet Sharma, who heads Assam Public Works (APW), in the multi-crore Saradha scam, according to a Facebook post by him this evening.
Twin centres to curb trafficking  (21 September 03:46 am) 
Ranchi, Sept. 20: Senior inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy\'s brave journey into the sleazy corridors of human trafficking to rescue Pyari, a girl she is fond of, and busting a gang led by a young
OUTPOURING  (21 September 03:46 am) 
They all found their third year in power jinxed \' Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Mamata Banerjee now seems to have joined their company. Politicians are no exception to the
NE staff 'kept away' from Xi  (21 September 03:46 am) 
Guwahati/Ahmedabad/Imphal, Sept. 20: Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi today expressed deep concern over reports of northeastern workers of the Hyatt Hotel in Ahmedabad being asked to stay away from
Ghadei expelled over outburst  (21 September 03:46 am) 
Bhubaneswar, Sept. 20: Former finance minister and BJD veteran Prafulla Chandra Ghadei was today expelled for \"anti-party\" activities.