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On the drawing board, with fresh ideas  (07 August 01:36 am) 
On the drawing board, with fresh ideas
World’s tallest tower in Dubai  (09 January 01:36 am) 
The tower is 818 metres high. It will have 1,044 apartments.
In support of legal hawking  (09 January 01:36 am) 
The National Policy on Urban Street Vendors recognises street vendors as an important segment of the unorganised sector in the country.
The green wave catches on  (09 January 01:36 am) 
A movement in Kochi, called Green I, is trying to create awareness of green building concepts among architects and the public. SHYAMA RAJAGOPAL shares the enthusiasm.
Goel re-elected NAREDCO chief  (09 January 01:36 am) 
Rohtas Goel, CMD, Omaxe Ltd., has been once again unanimously elected as the President of National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) at the annual general meeting of the body held in New Delhi. This is his second consecutive ...
The American experience  (09 January 01:36 am) 
According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, green buildings will make up about half of the non-residential building stock in the U.S. by 2015, up from about 15 per cent currently. This projected growth, it said, is a ...
People across the country need to adopt self-reliant measures for water use.
Assessing market value of land  (09 January 01:36 am) 
It may be safe to add approximate escalation over a previously known proved market value, provided the time difference is only a few years.
Make green building code mandatory  (19 December 01:36 am) 
ECBC needs better integration to check emission levels.
Housing plot goes for Rs.4 crore  (19 December 01:36 am) 
Chandigarh’s residential property market seems unaffected by the global financial slump. A 10-cent (420-sq-m) plot was on Wednesday auctioned for Rs.4.06 crore, more than double the reserve price of Rs.2 crore. A 2.5-cent plot went for ...
Catering to post-construction needs  (19 December 01:36 am) 
Many prefer to seek the services of the builder who built the house.
While contracts of the regular variety are generally commercial in nature, family arrangements would not normally have a commercial undercurrent.
On income from lease  (12 December 01:24 am) 
A company running a hosital for seven years suffered a loss. It then leased out the premises to a large chain of hospitals for Rs.3,00,000 a month. This amount was claimed as business income against which losses were set off. However, the ...
The KSUDP will launch sewerage and sanitation and urban drainage projects in 2010.
On good neighbourly relations  (12 December 01:24 am) 
There are many things in life where we do not have a choice. Today, neighbours may fall in this category. Present day life is fast. We do not have time for many things. Neighbours can be strangers to each other. So long as we have no issues with ...
Mobile towers – concerns to be addressed  (12 December 01:24 am) 
Issues of safety, noise pollution and privacy are compelling authorities to regulate the erection of cellphone towers.
Safety of multi-storey buildings  (12 December 01:24 am) 
In the backdrop of the 1997 Uphaar cinema tragedy which claimed 59 lives in Delhi, the Supreme Court said it would like to examine the safety of multi-storey buildings, which may include multiplex theatres. A Bench of Justices R.V. Raveendran and ...
Changing income and investment options  (05 December 01:58 am) 
In the last decade, the property investment for many has not stopped at one. Gone are the days when an investor picked up a property after crossing the age of 40 and paid the loan till retirement. In fact, some ended up paying their EMIs ...
Bamboo, it’s full of steel  (05 December 01:58 am) 
Bamboo piling makes strong foundations. A wonder home in Thiruvananthapuram stands on this sustainable material.
Simple step to improve flow of sewage  (05 December 03:24 am) 
Sewer gratings have become mandatory in Chennai.
Business as usual for developers  (05 December 01:58 am) 
Dubai World’s problems do not worry realtors here. K.A. MARTIN says they have been riding on the back of the economic recovery under way.
Business as usual for developers  (05 December 03:24 am) 
Dubai World’s problems do not worry realtors here. K.A. MARTIN says they have been riding on the back of the economic recovery under way.
The nostalgic old opens out to the new  (17 November 11:06 am) 
A Baker-model extension lends charm and utility to a Kerala style home.
With hopes of continuity  (17 November 11:06 am) 
Market sentiments have been up since the election results came out. K.A. MARTIN checks out the scene.