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CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago authorities are trying to solve a mystery over a box of human bones that were sent to the Japanese consulate, along with a letter saying they were the remains of soldiers
PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) - A dog that went missing in Philadelphia five months ago has turned up 3,000 miles away - in a Portland-area animal shelter and officials say they have no idea how the Jack
Riding a bike "side-saddle"  (19 September 02:47 am) 
Irish inventor debuts a new bicycle in Paris – one that travels sideways. Sasha Salama reports.
NASHVILLE Tenn. (Reuters) - A Tennessee man charged with drunken driving on Thursday told the police officer who arrested him that he would join the Islamic State militant group and seek revenge,
Chinese villagers make life-size “Tranformers” action figures from scrap metal. Sasha Salama reports.
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A man armed with a banana robbed a convenience store in Philadelphia and rode away on a bicycle with cash and cigarettes, a security surveillance tape showed.
(This version of the story has been corrected to make clear gift was a model jet)
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - San Francisco drag queens and a city lawmaker met with Facebook on Wednesday demanding the site change its policy banning users from using aliases online, but said they were
Prankster's caper led to Idaho car crash  (18 September 12:51 pm) 
(Reuters) - A sport utility vehicle carrying five Idaho teens crashed after one of the passengers burned the driver\'s armpit hair with a lighter in a prank that went horribly awry, police said on
Japanese keep ancient archery tradition alive  (18 September 04:47 am) 
Based on rituals of warrior samurai, Japanese horseback archery continues to draw crowds. Sharon Reich reports.
Food lovers are able to experience some of France\'s finest restaurants at half the price during a week-long festival. Sharon Reich reports.
ORLANDO Fla. (Reuters) - Saggy pants are a fashion choice and not a police concern, a Florida city has decided, rescinding a two-month-old ban that threatened jail time for styles intentionally
Black pudding, a mix of congealed pigs\' blood, fat and rusk encased in lengths of intestines, takes centre stage in the annual throwing championships in Northern England. Elly Park reports.
With Scotland\'s independence referendum imminent the debate has drawn a range of opinions from celebrities, including \"Harry Potter\" author J.K. Rowling, Sean Connery and David Bowie. Elly Park
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, was presented with an unlikely gift for a religious leader this week as he toured a factory in Russia\'s far-east - a
Flying a plane using power of the mind  (16 September 11:48 pm) 
German scientists develop a technology which they think could allow planes to be steered using only signals from the brain. Jim Drury has more.
Philippines breeds its first baby penguin  (16 September 11:48 pm) 
Marine park in the Philippines breeds a baby Humboldt penguin in the country\'s first hatching program for the species. Elly Park reports.
PARIS (Reuters) - Four French chefs are requesting a waiver to serve a long-banned delicacy - a small songbird called the ortolan that fans including late President Francois Mitterrand used to devour,
HOUSTON (Reuters) - A breast cancer physician charged with spiking her lover\'s coffee with a compound used in antifreeze was obsessed with the man and even had a private investigator follow him,
Nowhere to hide for this horror film  (16 September 04:49 am) 
As part of its 8th edition of the Month of Independent Culture, Sao Paulo showcases horror films in a cemetery. Tara Cleary reports.
The world\'s hairiest men chin-stroke and pose at the UK Beard and Mustache Championships. Tara Cleary reports.
Mexico dishes up creepy crawly fare  (14 September 08:46 am) 
A Mexico City restaurant serves a dish with whole spiders, saying the mild flavor offers quite the enjoyable bug-filled dish you won’t want to send back to the chef. Gavino Garay reports.
Lion cubs the pride of San Diego Zoo  (14 September 03:47 am) 
Roars of excitement as a proud lioness shows off her four cubs at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Jillian Kitchener reports.
(Reuters) - A northern California man was in police custody on Friday after allegedly stealing his ex-girlfriend\'s pet dog, cooking it and feeding it to her, police said.
(Reuters) - A northern California man was in police custody on Friday after allegedly stealing his ex-girlfriend\'s pet dog, cooking it and feeding it to her, police said.