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IRWINDALE, California (Reuters) - A Southern California city council put off voting on Wednesday on whether to declare a popular hot sauce maker\'s factory a public nuisance, as the two sides sought a
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The wreckage of a passenger steamship that sank in the 19th century after a collision in the San Francisco Bay has been found near the Golden Gate Bridge, officials said on
DENVER (Reuters) - Two 10-year-old boys in Colorado were caught selling and swapping marijuana that they pilfered from their grandparents\' supplies of legally purchased pot in separate incidents at
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Southern California makers of the popular Sriracha brand of hot sauce faced another potential showdown on Wednesday with the city of Irwindale over a peppery smell emitted
Man hit by train escapes barely scathed  (24 April 02:52 am) 
April 23 - A Czech pensioner gets a new lease on life after being hit by a train. Sharon Reich reports.
April 23 - Daredevil Alain Robert scales the 33-storey Galaxy Macau hotel in the rain using rope and suction cups. Sharon Reich reports.
(Reuters) - A Tennessee man looking for a place to sleep found a bed at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, where the Rev. Martin Luther King was shot and killed in 1968.
Saving seals in St. Petersburg  (24 April 02:12 am) 
April 23 - Rehabilitation centre in St.Petersburg rescues, treats and releases into the wild baby seals. Sharon Reich reports.
(Reuters) - A teenage stowaway who survived a flight to Hawaii in the wheel well of a passenger plane told investigators he spent the night sleeping in the jet\'s cramped compartment at a California
(Reuters) - A teenage stowaway spent up to six hours undetected at a San Jose airport before climbing into the wheel well of a jetliner that took him to Hawaii, the Los Angeles Times reported on
OLYMPIA, Washington (Reuters) - Washington state authorities have euthanized scores of steroid-filled roosters after raiding a farm and arresting a man on suspicion of raising the birds for
CLEVELAND (Reuters) - An Ohio man whose hoax distress call triggered a massive U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue mission on Lake Erie must pay $489,000 in restitution, a U.S. appeals court said
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former New York police officer accused of performing on tour with his heavy metal band \"Cousin Sleaze\" during the two years he claimed disability benefits pleaded guilty on
OLYMPIA, Washington (Reuters) - A woman visiting her mother in Oregon is suing her neighbor, seeking $275,000 for pain, suffering and other damages she says were inflicted when a pet duck ambushed her
Apr. 22 - In Germany\'s watery nature reserve Spreewald the mail is delivered in a very environmentally-friendly way: by boat. Elly Park reports.
(Reuters) - A teenage boy who stowed away on a flight from California to Hawaii in the frozen, oxygen-deprived wheel well of a passenger jet remained hospitalized on Tuesday, two days after his
OLYMPIA, Washington (Reuters) - A woman from Washington state has sued her mother\'s neighbor in Oregon seeking $275,000 for pain, suffering and other damages she claims were inflicted when a pet duck
Apr. 22 - Eccentric German designer Didi Senft shows off his specially crafted World Cup 2014 bike, complete with a Christ the Redeemer statue, à la Rio de Janeiro. Elly Park reports.
Apr. 22 - Brits haul sacks of coal at the 51st annual World Coal Carrying Championships in Gawthorpe, England. Elly Park reports.
Mad about marbles in England  (22 April 02:03 am) 
Apr. 21 - Germany beats England in the final of the 2014 World Marbles Championships. Elly Park reports.
Hipster bunnies hype up Easter  (21 April 10:19 pm) 
Apr. 21 - Belgian chocolate company Wittamer puts a cool spin on Easter, creating a \"hipster bunny\" for 2014. Elly Park reports.
LONDON (Reuters) - UK police are hunting a gang of thieves who are thought to have tapped into an underground oil pipeline, stealing thousands of liters of fuel, a newspaper reported on Monday.
(Reuters) - A teenage boy who ran away from home survived a five-hour flight in the freezing wheel well of a jetliner that reached 38,000 feet as it traveled from California to Hawaii, the FBI said.
(Reuters) - A teenage boy has survived a flight from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of a jetliner, an airline said on Sunday.
(Reuters) - An Ohio couple who met as teenagers and were married for 70 years, almost never sleeping apart, died from natural causes within a span of 15 hours, according to their daughter.