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April 19 - The current underwater search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, focused on a tight circle of the sea floor, could be completed within a week. Mana Rabiee reports.
April 19 - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Royal Australian Air Force Base Amberley. Rough cut (no reporter narration)
French journalists free  (19 April 04:48 pm) 
April 19 - Four French journalists held hostage in Syria found on border with Turkey. Rough cut (no reporter narration)
Sherpas die in Everest avalanche  (19 April 02:56 pm) 
Apr. 19 - An avalanche on Everest kills at least 12 Sherpa guides. Paul Chapman reports
Ferry families vent rage  (19 April 12:36 pm) 
Apr. 19 - Grief spills over into anger as South Korean coastguard officials meet families of those still missing after Wednesday\'s ferry capsize. Paul Chapman reports.
Capsize ferry captain arrested  (19 April 10:57 am) 
Apr. 19 - The captain of the South Korean ferry which capsized is arrested as search continues for more than 200 people still missing. Paul Chapman reports.
Anger erupts at ferry families meeting  (19 April 09:44 am) 
Apr. 19 - Grief boils over into anger at a meeting between South Korean officials and relatives of some of those still missing. Rough cut (no reporter narration)
April 18 - The rocket, built and operated by Space Exploration Technologies, carries a Dragon cargo ship loaded with supplies and equipment destined for the International Space Station. Rough Cut (no
April 18 - Distraught family members of ferry passengers urge authorities to find their loved ones, as the search continues for 268 people still missing. Mana Rabiee reports.
Apr. 18 - A Dutch designer plans to suck smog from Beijing\'s polluted air with his \'electronic vacuum cleaner\' next year and produce sparkling jewellery from the smog particles he collects. It may be
Inquiry focuses on ferry crew  (18 April 04:47 pm) 
April 18 - Investigators say captain of capsized ferry may not have been at the helm when it happened. Paul Chapman reports
British royals soak up Sydney  (18 April 02:47 pm) 
Apr. 18 - Britain\'s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit an agricultural show and a beach in Sydney as part of their ongoing tour of Australia. Rough cut (no reporter narration)
Ukraine diplomacy raises hope  (18 April 02:09 pm) 
Apr. 18 - Russia and Western Powers reach agreement on de-escalation in Ukraine but U.S. warns of new sanctions if Russia fails to act. Paul Chapman reports
Amateur video captures ferry chaos  (18 April 11:37 am) 
Apr. 18 - Amateur video shows life-jacketed passengers aboard capsizing South Korean ferry being told not to move. Paul Chapman reports.
The stars turn out for Sting  (18 April 11:17 am) 
Apr 18 - Music, movie and political stars help raise money for the Sting and Trudie Style\'s Rainforest Fund. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)
Ferry tragedy captured on video  (18 April 09:44 am) 
Apr. 18 - Mobile phone footage shows passengers aboard capsizing South Korean ferry sitting in life jackets being told to stay put. Rough cut (no reporter narration)
Weibo withstands weakness in tech  (18 April 04:37 am) 
April 17 - The Chinese online messaging company, Weibo, had a strong start in its Nasdaq debut, showing that investor appetite for Chinese tech IPOs remains strong, setting the stage for Alibaba’s
Wall Street snaps back to life  (18 April 03:42 am) 
April 17 - Summary: The S&P 500 roars back with its best weekly gain since July, while the Nasdaq snaps a three-week slump aided by upbeat earnings from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and General
April 17 - Abu Hamza al-Masri faces various terrorism-related charges in a New York federal court. Nathan Frandino reports.
Apr. 17 - A Slovenian artist makes decorative, lace-like Easter eggs by drilling thousands of holes in eggs shells. Elly Park reports.
Apr. 17 - Researchers at Vanderbilt University are developing an artificial liver as part of a larger system of synthetic organs being built to test drugs. If successful, the technology will not only
April 17 - Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden calls Russian Vladimir Putin during his televised question and answer session with the nation to ask about mass surveillance. Nathan Frandino reports.
Apr. 17 - Three-month old white Bengal tiger triplets make their public debut at Buenos Aires Zoo . Elly Park reports.
Breakingviews: Wall Street relief  (17 April 09:46 pm) 
April 17 - Breakingviews editors explain why Morgan Stanley\'s CEO can breathe easier and discuss first-quarter highlights now that Goldman and other banking peers have reported.
April 17 - As an emergency meeting is held to find peace between Ukraine and Russia, protesters demonstrate against Russia. Nathan Frandino reports.