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Hundreds of Batmen secure world record  (21 September 09:48 am) 
No bat-signal is necessary after a group of 542 people dressed as Batman set a Guinness World Record in Alberta, Canada. Jillian Kitchener reports.
Woman held hostage by Islamic State describes the confusion inside the Turkish consulate in Mosul as militants began taking prisoners. Jillian Kitchener reports.
The building collapse that killed dozens of members of a popular Christian preacher’s congregation in Lagos last week, triggers a government investigation and a wide array of theories. Vanessa
Ecuador installs 2,400 cameras across the country and high tech control room to monitor street and foot traffic --- as Ecuador strives to become among the safest countries in the region. Nathan
Thai police investigating the killing of two British tourists in Thailand\'s Koh Tao island say the suspects are of Asian origin. Vanessa Johnston reports.
Saudi Arabia introduces a new Ebola screening program ahead of the annual Haj, expected to receive up to three million pilgrims. Vanessa Johnston reports.
Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown assures Scots that pledge to grant Scotland further powers will be honored. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
Fire bursts from Yemen\'s state-run television building as a three-day mortar attack by Shi\'ite rebels intensifies. Vanessa Johnston reports.
Turkish hostages in Iraq released  (20 September 05:51 pm) 
Dozens of Turkish hostages seized by militants in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in June are back in Turkey. Sarah Toms reports.
Alex Salmond will step down as Scottish first minister and leader of the National Party after voters rejected independence. Sarah Toms reports.
Indonesian police say American Tommy Shaefer admitted to killing his girlfriend\'s mother and stuffing her bloody body into a suitcase while the three were on vacation in Bali. Deborah Gembara reports.
Summary: Shares of Alibaba gained 38 percent on opening day but other techs like Yahoo finished lower; Apple shares fall as faithful line up for iPhone 6; Home Depot admits to record breach. Conway
Alibaba makes market history  (20 September 04:46 am) 
China\'s e-commerce giant Alibaba ranks as the biggest IPO ever in its debut on the NYSE. Jeanne Yurman reports.
Hungarian engineers have created Aurora, a prototype device to help blind people detect obstacles as they walk, via an ultrasonic distance sensor and vibration motor. Elly Park reports.
Apple fans line up to buy up new iPhones  (20 September 02:46 am) 
There were long lines, and lot\'s of enthusiastic Apple fans waiting to buy the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when it made its debut on Friday. Bobbi Rebell reports.
Arnab Das, MD-macro strategy at Trusted Sources, says the chance of UK exiting EU would have increased had the Scots chosen a \'yes\' vote. In an interview with ET NOW, he says UK\'s GDP would have
Buyer beware on Alibaba IPO: Garnick  (20 September 01:46 am) 
Reuters Markets Editor David Gaffen discusses the Alibaba IPO with Clear Alternatives CEO Diane Garnick, who says investors should be cautious about buying the stock.
A vibrant flowing collection showing the use of print-on-print and inspired by \"freedom and love\" is seen at the Just Cavalli fashion show in Milan. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
Robert Kuenzel, economist at Daiwa Capital Markets, says US Fed\'s statement was more dovish than expected. In an interview with ET NOW he says the Fed realised that growth estimates have been
Overweight on India: Mark Mobius  (19 September 11:46 pm) 
Mark Mobius, executive chairman at Templeton Emerging Markets Group, says India remains the second-largest holdings in their Asia funds. In an interview with ET NOW, Mobius says that the new
Analysts question Oracle succession  (19 September 11:46 pm) 
Two Oracle co-presidents will succeed founder Larry Ellison as co-CEOs. But CEO job sharing at US companies has historically been unsuccessful. Fred Katayama reports.
Apple's iPhone 6 rings up record orders  (19 September 10:46 pm) 
Apple fans around the world queue for the iPhone 6. After revealing its Apple Watch - its first truly new product in four years - Apple\'s hoping to maintain stellar growth with the new launch.
The eternally-young Italian actress Sophia Loren celebrates her 80th birthday with a biographical exhibit at the museum of Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim. Kathi Urban reports.
Scots say No, but Europe still on alert  (19 September 10:46 pm) 
A \'No\' in Scotland, but Catalonia appears to be inexorably heading for its own breakaway bid in a Europe gradually beginning to change shape. Should investors be concerned? David Pollard reports.
President Francois Hollande says French fighter jets destroyed a logistical depot used by Islamic State militants in northeastern Iraq. Deborah Gembara reports.