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An ending for "Downton Abbey"  (27 March 05:46 am) 
Mar. 26 - The latest celebrity news including an ending for the popular British period drama \"Downton Abbey.\" John Russell reports.
Day four of stock drops  (27 March 04:47 am) 
Stocks lost ground for the 4th day in a row this week, in a choppy session. Bobbi Rebell reports.
Twitter has unveiled Periscope, its live-streaming app to rival Meerkat and other emerging apps that have captured the attention of the social media industry. Bobbi Rebell reports.
A Brooklyn company uses kickstarter to fund an action figure to promote their preferred presidential candidate: Hillary Clinton. Sasha Salama reports.
Families grieving the loss of their loved ones in Tuesday\'s Germanwings plane crash are now facing suggestions that the plane\'s co-pilot intentionally crashed the jet into the French Alps. Gavino
The father of an American man killed in Tuesday\'s French Alps plane crash speaks in Barcelona about the loss of his son, Robert Oliver Calvo. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)
Asian film stars celebrated  (27 March 01:47 am) 
China takes home awards for best director, best film and best actor at the 9th annual Asian Film Awards. Alicia Powell reports.
Airlines review procedures after crash  (27 March 03:47 am) 
It\'s certainly not the first time in the last year that the safety of air travel has been brought into question. But as it\'s revealed the Germanwings plane was brought down on purpose by the co-pilot,
A beer company in Ukraine uses leaders of Russia, U.S. and Germany to boost sales. Sasha Salama reports.
Premier League back in the black  (27 March 12:45 am) 
For the first time in 15 years English Premier League\'s clubs have recorded its first combined pre-tax profit. How have they done it? Grace Pascoe reports.
Actor Ben Affleck, the founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates appeal to Congress for continued diplomatic and financial assistance in impoverished nations. Rough Cut
Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia will not give into Western pressure over the Ukraine conflict and that \"such tricks do not work with Russia, have never worked before and will not work in
Saudi-led strikes hit oil markets  (26 March 11:45 pm) 
Crude oil soared towards $59 a barrel after Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies began a military operation in Yemen. As Kirsty Basset reports, Yemen sits on a key shipping passage between Europe
Euro zone lending dips but don't panic  (26 March 11:45 pm) 
France eyes a smaller public deficit and stronger economic recovery and morale among German consumers is at its brightest in 13-1/2 years. As Sonia Legg reports, it\'s all adding to a growing feeling
Antony Currie and Kevin Allison discuss what makes the investment team such a powerful force – and what deals might be next on their radar after their $80 bln Kraft-Heinz merger.
Apple takes on Spotify  (26 March 10:47 pm) 
Apple is reportedly developing a subscription-based streaming music service. Its move reflects listeners\' shift toward streaming from downloads. Fred Katayama reports.
"Mad Men" celebrates final premiere  (27 March 03:46 am) 
Iconic series \"Mad Men\" celebrates kick off to the show\'s final seven episodes with an elegant black tie event in Los Angeles. Holly Rubenstein reports.
Kenya sugar farming takes sour turn  (26 March 11:45 pm) 
There\'s growing calls to overhaul Kenya\'s struggling sugar industry - as it suffers further blows from falling prices and escalating competition. As Katie Gregory reports, it seems a government scheme
A Marseille prosecutor says the co-pilot of a Germanwings jet that went down in the French Alps, killing 150 people, appears to have crashed the plane deliberately. Rough Cut (No reporter narration)
Using motion tracking technology, researchers from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) are trying to establish an optimum horse riding style to train junior jockeys, as well as enhance safety, health
Star of action thriller \'John Wick\' Keanu Reeves talks action, \'The Matrix\' and \'gun fu\' at the movie\'s London screening. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)
Oil prices soar with Saudi air strikes  (26 March 03:55 pm) 
Oil prices surged in Asia on Thursday adding to gains in the U.S. trade as worries over Saudi Arabia\'s military operation in Yemen stoked fears over future supplies from the Middle East
A growing trend of doggy day care brings calm to pets and owners in Brazil\'s busy metropolis Sao Paulo. Gavino Garay reports.
Mar. 25 - Lauren Bacall\'s estate prepares to sell her prized possessions at auction. John Russell reports.
The Saudi envoy to Washington says Saudi Arabia and allies have launched air strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).