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Bank of America's $17 bln settlement  (21 August 08:46 pm) 
Bank of America\'s settlement is by far the largest amount paid by big banks facing mortgage securities probes. Fred Katayama reports.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Walt Disney Co is ramping up its first major push to promote the \"Star Wars\" franchise it purchased from George Lucas in 2012, blitzing consumers this year with a mobile game,
PRIZREN Kosovo (Reuters) - Under a starry sky, young Kosovars take their seats alongside tourists on a platform rising from the shallow Bistrica River that cuts through Prizren, bats darting overhead
BERLIN (Reuters) - German authorities have blocked plans to excavate a 3.5 tonne granite head of Vladimir Lenin for display in a new Berlin museum due to logistical and cost concerns, the organisers
Robert Parker, senior adviser for investment, strategy & research group at Credit Suisse, says he sees lower oil prices ahead and a rangebound U.S. dollar against the rupee, factors that are likely to
Aug. 21 - Top tips and analysis in our Premier League weekend preview. Plus, a look ahead to the challengers for the U.S. Open Tennis.
Landslide death toll just below 40  (21 August 04:52 pm) 
At least 39 people have died, dozens others are still missing after a massive landslide in Hiroshima, Japan. Julie Noce reports.
Breakingviews: Infineon's $3 bln buy  (21 August 04:48 pm) 
Infineon is paying a 48 percent premium for International Rectifier. The fit is complementary; its U.S. peer\'s chips use less power than Infineon products. But top-notch execution is required.
Russia's sanctions begin to bite  (21 August 04:48 pm) 
Carlsberg\'s profits fall and Greek farmers are left with a glut of fruit thanks to a weak Russian economy and a food ban. Hayley Platt looks at the impact the Ukraine crisis is having on European
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Two central themes of Loretta Chen\'s \"Woman on Top\" - sexuality and censorship - come at a timely moment for her home country of Singapore.
Aug. 21 - A fresh survey on the strength of China\'s vast manufacturing sector pours cold water on hopes for a clear recovery in the world\'s second largest economy. Tara Joseph reports.
Aug. 21 - After a promising start, China International Capital Corporation, the nation\'s first investment bank, has failed to keep pace with competitors. A Hong Kong IPO could remedy that, says John
Israeli air strikes hit Gaza after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel\'s military campaign may be extended. Gavino Garay reports.
Seth Meyers rolls Emmy red carpet  (21 August 07:48 am) 
Aug. 20 - Host of the 66th Emmy Awards, Seth Meyers rolls out the red carpet ahead of next Monday\'s (August 25) show. John Russell reports.
ATLANTA (Reuters) - The rapper known as Gucci Mane was sentenced on Wednesday by a federal court judge in Georgia to three years and three months in prison on firearms charges.
(Reuters) - The soon-to-be-shuttered Revel Casino in Atlantic City had another bout of bad luck earlier this month when a bag of cash fell from an armored truck.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - With lavishly embroidered costumes, elaborate makeup and acrobatics, a troupe of nearly 90 singers, actors and musicians of the Peking Opera begins a special U.S. tour on
ATLANTA (Reuters) - A Georgia aquarium went to court on Wednesday seeking federal permission to bring 18 captured beluga whales to the United States from Russia.
"Spin City" stars stroll the red carpet  (21 August 06:51 am) 
Aug. 20 - The latest celebrity news including the stars of \"Sin City\" hit the red carpet for their Hollywood premiere. John Russell reports.
"Sin City" stars stroll the red carpet  (21 August 08:50 pm) 
Aug. 20 - The latest celebrity news including the stars of \"Sin City\" hit the red carpet for their Hollywood premiere. John Russell reports.
U.S. researchers implant a neurostimulator in a patient\'s cheek to provide relief from painful cluster headaches. This is the first time the device is being tested in the U.S, and hopes are high that
S&P 500 just shy of record  (21 August 04:46 am) 
Summary: Hewlett Packard\'s surprise revenue jump; Stocks mostly higher after Fed minutes release; Hertz shares get hit hard after warning; Target cuts forecast. Bobbi Rebell reports.
Opposition politicians in Pakistan lead protesters to the steps of parliament, demanding Prime Minister Sharif resign. Gavino Garay reports.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Comedian Billy Crystal will pay tribute to late actor Robin Williams at television\'s Primetime Emmy Awards on Aug. 25, the show\'s organizers said on Wednesday.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The \"Awesome Mix\" of retro 1970s songs featured in hit superhero film \"Guardians of the Galaxy\" topped the weekly U.S. Billboard 200 album chart for a second consecutive week