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The Ramesh Sippy-directed action film, considered an all-time blockbuster of Indian cinema, was released across the country with a grand premiere in Karachi
"Conclude your argument by April 20 and no further time would be given either to the defence or prosecution to make more submissions," the judge said after Mr Khan's lawyer Shrikant Shivade told the
'Tell me, do you bleed?,' Ben Affleck's Batman spookily asks the Man of Steel
The singer is said to have died when he fell and hit his head in the restroom
SRK, who clicked a selfie with Zayn, wrote on Twitter: This kid is so cool. May Allah bless him. Dinner time at the Asian Awards
Anushka's Rosie Noronha looks every bit the Sixties siren as she delivers a sizzling, seductive performance at the marquee club, Bombay Velvet, where, the swashbuckling Ranbir's gun-toting Johnny
"There are circumstances to suggest that the car dropped on the persons who were underneath when it was being lifted with the help of a crane brought by police after the mishap," Salmans counsel told
"The examination of the four prosecution witnesses, which had started on April 13 was completed today and now Salman Khan will have to appear in the court on April 23 for recording of his
"We don't think much when it's about men, but we question women. The initiative is very good," Kalki said
Dressed in a white tee and short, AbRam made an adorable beach bum
Sajid debuted with the tweet: If laughter is the best medicine, then this is your local chemist, will strive to put a smile on your face
"You are just starting off and if you come across as choosy, it does not go down well with many," said Taapsee Pannu
What Farhan Akhtar is Doing in Muscat  (17 April 04:15 pm) 
"Greeted by a smiling beach in Muscat. Time now for some calm before this evenings madness," Farhan posted on Twitter
Stana Katic, who plays the role of Detective Kate Beckett in the series is negotiating her contract with the producers
"7 years of constant and daily writing and the revelation of the formation of a family so devoted and dedicated to us all. Extraordinary!!," the megastar wrote on his blog
While Ash and Sonam are regulars at Cannes, this will be Katrinas debut appearance at the French Riviera
Yash Raj Films confirmed that the film will release in UAE in a statement
"When Kalki did Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, we had to move on and we started auditioning other actors," said director Shonali Bose
"I think production was a natural progression for me after acting in film for 20 years," said Manoj Bajpayee
The trailer begins with a commentator's voice asking, "Is it really surprising that the most powerful man in the world should be a figure of controversy?"
"First schedule wrap in Goa. Thank you Rohit sir and the entire team for making it so awesome," Varun Dhawan posted on Twitter
Cate Blanchett's Carol is up against Rachel Weisz's La Giovinezza and The Lobster
Cate Blanchett's Carol and Rachel Weisz's The Lobster are listed in the film for competition
"Chewie, we're home," says an elderly Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, in the trailer
The Bollywood grapevine suggests that the two actresses have the script in hand, but are yet to give their nod of approval