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Tamil Actor SS Rajendran Dies at 85  (24 October 02:19 pm) 
Having acted in over 50 Tamil films, Mr Rajendran was treated on par with legends such as MG Ramachandran and Sivaji Ganeshan
\"The audience are paying money and coming to watch the film, so they should not get disturbed. Either put out a message before or after the film, that\'s fine. I don\'t think this is the correct way of
\"We are planning to have a special screening for Sanjay but depending on the permission. We will try our best,\" revealed Aamir
10 names that have been used and re-used by multiple actors, assumed and then discarded role by role, film by film
The film has been passed with a \'U\' certificate, ensuring a festive family weekend
A laughter riot in the Bigg Boss house on Diwali
Aamir says he ate 50 to 60 paans in a day due to his character in PK
Anushka Sharma reveals the defining traits of her weird friend PK
Bollywood Stars' Diwali Plans  (23 October 03:46 pm) 
Bollywood celebrities share their wishes and plans for Diwali
Singer Kanye West expressed his love for wife Kim Kardashian on Twitter on her birthday
Parineeti says she is single and ready to mingle
Parineeti and Ranveer soar the temperature as they romance each other in rain in Sajde
Bigg Boss' Diwali Surprise For Contestants  (22 October 09:47 pm) 
Bigg Boss surprised the contestants by offering them to shop designer wear clothes for Diwali
Parineeti says she was contemplating joining the photo sharing site for a while and her birthday seemed to be the best day for an Instagram debut
Fierce Ajay performs power-packed action sequences in Action Jackson
Diwali has often meant fireworks at the box office in the form of a Shah Rukh Khan movie. Successive Diwalis have brought him rich dividends, just as Eid has proved lucky for Salman Khan
Actor Frank Sivero says the character Louie from The Simpsons is based on his character Frankie Carbone from 1990 film Goodfellas
Actor Frank Sivero says the character Louie from The Simpsons is based on his character Frankie Carbone from 1990 film Goodfellas
Renee shoots down plastic surgery rumours saying her happy and fulfilling life is the reason behind her new look
Selena and Orlando were spotted at the LAX Airport. Selena looked down and hid her face while Orlando trailed a few feet behind her
If you thought Singham Returns was actor Ajay Devgns idea of action, think again
Actress Deepika wants some breathing time for her relationship until she is ready to talk about it in public
First, shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali\'s Bajirao Mastani kept her busy and now she has suffering from conjunctivitis, grounding her.
\"What I really want for my birthday is good health for my loved ones. We are what we are because of the people in our lives. What would I be without my family and close friends,\" says Parineeti
Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth cheered home team Chennayin FC, which is co-owned by Mr Bachchan\'s actor-son Abhishek