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India was one of the 43 countries led by Russia that attempted to deny benefits to same sex partners of UN staff by passing a resolution
What is crowdsourcing and why does it matter to India?

Can social service not be performed without resorting to conversion and will any country allow changes to its demographic character?

It could be kids' exams or a big Bollywood release. Market dynamics is the answer to loss of US supremacy as film studios juggle release dates not only in India, but globally as well
Being the president of the Congress party used to be just a temporary job.
The fine print of Mudra Bank  (26 March 11:47 pm) 
If the bank is to be funded through non-budgetary support in the mechanism outlined by Jaitley, it is financially challenged from inception
Housing for all  (26 March 11:47 pm) 
The urban housing shortage is around 18.78 mn dwelling units for the 12th Plan period.
Fifth Column: A bunch of hypocrites  (26 March 11:47 pm) 
I understood again why India gave Narendra Modi a full mandate.
Beyond bling  (26 March 11:47 pm) 
What has Indian fashion achieved since the first Fashion Week in 2000, besides its fascination with overdesign?
Over the ages, Prem has been every susheel girl’s dream: adarsh, sanskari, and mindful of parampara.
Make no mistake: a bad Bollywood film is a lot of work.
When the bells tolled  (26 March 11:47 pm) 
On Mar 14, when a school was vandalised and an elderly nun ‘raped’, something snapped in Ranaghat, a Bengal town.
Sharing Economy: Is India ready for it?  (26 March 11:47 pm) 
The ?sharing economy? model, which allows users access to things they don?t want to buy or own, is gaining a lot of currency in recent years. But is India ready for it?
Out of Print magazine has done a special issue that focuses specifically on stories, reportage, fiction and non-fiction around the theme of sexual and gender violence
Democracies are taking a right turn  (26 March 08:15 am) 
After a long run of populism, democracies are embracing different ideas
The most stunning and bizarre thing that I sensed - repeat 'sensed' - during my brief stay in Sri Lanka last week was that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's security, during his visit to the
Polishing the railways  (25 March 11:48 pm) 
India, March 21 -- Kayakalp must not end with cosmetic changes Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu is not one to let the grass grow under his feet. Soon after he had taken charge some five months ago,
Do you take the food we eat for granted? Or do you ever wonder how it originated? 
Here is all you need to know about Shreya Singhal, the 24-year-old girl who was the first to petition against the draconian Section 66A of the IT Act
Feasibility study for high-speed trains is to report in a matter of months but it could be decades before network is up and running
Tourist massacre jolts Tunisia  (24 March 10:15 am) 
The attack on a museum in Tunisia’s capital cast a pall over one of the Arab Spring’s few success stories, raising fears that the assault would pave »
A surge in militant attacks in Jammu and Kashmir will make it tough for the PDP-BJP coalition government to begin the process for revocation of AFSPA
Will a CBI probe make any difference?  (24 March 10:15 am) 
\"Hopes, Expectations, Justice, unraveling the truth\"... are just some of the emotions behind the chorus for a CBI probe into the death of IAS officer D K Ravi
It all started when Delhi University's Paroma was handed the mike to ask a question to IMF chief Christine Lagarde during an NDTV show