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Bharti triggered controversy and accusations of serious human rights violations after he led a mob which allegedly harassed and illegally detained a group of African women
Chief Justice Sathasivam says there is no policy or guideline to regulate the content of government advertisements
Most of the bodies found in the last two days had broken fingers, presumably from the children frantically trying to climb the vertical floors or ceilings to escape in their last moments
Netanyahu\'s statements come amid reports that the West Bank\'s ruling Fatah faction and the Gaza-governing Hamas faction were preparing to implement a historic deal after seven years of strife
Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit says his country is ‘very keenly looking forward to a government with which Pakistan can quickly, comprehensively and meaningfully engage’
Each year, Time publishes an editor-curated list of the 100 most influential people in the world
Around 75 academics from universities across Britain expressed concern over the upcoming government in India, through a letter, titled ‘The idea of Modi in power fills us with dread’
Australian police have secured the material, found 10 km east of the town of Augusta at the southern tip of Western Australia state
Revelation is result of investigation by a news portal to expose complicity of Delhi Police officers in anti-Sikh riots
U.N. peacekeepers rescued more than 500 civilians from Bentiu hospital and say they are currently protecting more than 12,000 civilians at its base
Australia may scale back MH370 search  (21 April 02:45 am) 
Search coordinators may reassess mathematical calculations used to pinpoint source of signals believed to be from flight recorders, as well as electronic signals plane sent to communications satellite
South Korean ferry toll rises to 64  (21 April 02:30 am) 
64 people confirmed dead with 238 still missing but number of rescued remained unchanged at 174
South Korean ferry toll rises to 104  (21 April 02:30 am) 
South Korean coastguard officials say 104 people confirmed dead with 198 still missing, as rescue operations enter second week
South Korean ferry toll rises to 108  (21 April 02:30 am) 
South Korean coastguard officials say 108 people confirmed dead with 194 still missing, as rescue operations enter second week
Another cluster of cases has been detected in United Arab Emirates, and a Malaysian who was recently in the Gulf has been confirmed as infected
South Sudan on brink of war  (20 April 06:45 am) 
Over one million have fled their homes, with violence worsening amid renewed offensive by rebel forces, as well as revenge attacks by multiple militia sections
In contrast, even during the industrial revolution, countries like the US, Britain or Germany could not double their GDP in 10 years, says the Union Commerce Minister
The air, surface and underwater search is now focused on footage taken by a U.S. Navy deep sea drone, which has narrowed its target range to a tight 10-km circle of sea floor
Divers retrieved 10 more bodies from the ship and the official death figure now is 46
Divers gained access to the passenger quarters for the first time and by midday on Sunday the total confirmed deaths had risen to 50 with 252 still missing
Joint Agency Coordination Centre says search area narrowed to circular zone of radius 10km
BJP says Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and there is no room for deliberations on the issue
The present army chief Gen Bikram Singh retires on July 31
The criticism of the PM has become more vocal after the recent release of a couple of books which showed the PM being a mute spectator in the government’s decision-making process
Pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine say they will not quit occupied public buildings while pro-Western activists in the capital insist they will not dismantle their Maidan camp