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Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani warns Iraq PM to step aside and not cling to his post
The seat was vacated by legislator Harish Dhami to facilitate election of the chief minister as a legislator
The apex court bench made it clear that facilities extended to Roy will only be for facilitating the negotiations for the sale of properties
Peace brokered between JD(U), BJP  (25 July 05:47 pm) 
Former Bihar CM Nitish Kumar returns to Upper House of state Assembly after being cleared of allegations that he started the physical scuffle
Truce has been declared in the vicinity of the vast crash site in rebel-held Grabove, where experts say some remains of the victims still lay decomposing
Agreements in the field of economic cooperation, infrastructure and energy sector are expected to be signed during Modi\'s visit
10-year-old French girl was returning home from a trip to Bukrina Faso
Indian tennis ace hits back at criticism of her appointment as Telangana brand ambassador, says she is an Indian national and will remain one
Defence Minister says India is a democratic republic and the constitution does not provide for compulsory military training
Small group of Norway-based militants with combat experience have become the biggest threat to the Nordic nation
An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed rocket fire from Gaza, though she declined to specify how close it had come to Ben Gurion airport
The IMF warned that only some of the factors leading to the reduction were temporary, and richer nations in particular faced the risk of economic stagnation unless they took steps to foster
Cleric in Mosul says gunmen ordered him to read their warning on loudspeakers when worshipers gather
Indian officials stress importance nation attaches to trial of those responsible for Mumbai terror attack of 2008
Experts say UN statement is ‘quite clearly faked’; UN claims as many as four million women and girls will be affected
Francis D\'Souza , one of the senior most minority members of the BJP in Goa, says he that he considers himself a ‘Christian Hindu’
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley rules out retrospective tax and promises swift action on black money stashed abroad
Initial reports do not confirm sexual assault but police say a detailed report is still pending
French officials say aircraft crash was ‘most likely’ linked to weather conditions but say they cannot rule out any other theory at this point
Four journalists detained in Iran  (25 July 01:47 pm) 
Iran had detained four Iranian-American academics in 2007 for four months for alleged spying accusations
Pakistani daily claims meet between two govt representatives is sign of New Delhi and Islamabad’s determination to establish ‘good, neighbourly relations’
Ruckus in Parliament over UPSC issue  (25 July 01:47 pm) 
Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha faced disruption over the issue of regional language aspirants facing difficulty in UPSC exams
Announcement made on Thursday throws the crash site of downed Malaysian Airlines jet into further jeopardy, even as investigators look to understand what happened
Every year July 26 the Indian Army observes Vijay Divas to commemorate the sacrifices of its soldiers and also celebrate the victory during the 60-day long Kargil War
Republicans say the initiative is aimed at holding the president accountable for circumventing Congress on a major policy change related to the implementation of Obama\'s healthcare reform bill