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Coastguard, navy and private divers scoured the site of the accident, about 20 km (12 miles) off the country\'s southwestern coast
Admiral Dhowan, who is the 22nd Navy chief, has taken over the reins of the force at a time when it is grappling with accidents involving its warships and other assets
Nearly 300 people — most of them students — are still missing after the ferry sank
The case goes back to 2009 when DoT hired CAG-empanelled auditors to look into the books of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Reliance Communications for the years 2006-07 and 2007-08
He will have a tenure of 25 months, retiring in May 2016
Nine people were confirmed dead, but with every hour that passes fear mounts for the 287 still unaccounted for
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Bluefin-21 fails to make any \"significant\" detection
Obama says countries like Germany, China and India are working every day to out-educate US kids so they can out-compete American businesses
If the missing are confirmed dead it would become one of South Korea\'s worst peacetime disasters -- all the more traumatic for the number of children involved
The leader of Yemen’s al-Qaida wing vows to attack the US saying “we have to remove the cross, (and) the bearer of the cross”
So far 179 people have been rescued and six confirmed dead in what could be the country\'s worst maritime accident in 20 years
He says in future also he would stand by ‘nari ka samman’ (women\'s honour) and will support stern punishment for anyone who attacks the dignity of women
Several armed men, who wore different types of battle fatigues and appeared to be pro-Russia activists, sat atop each of the vehicles
More than 300 still missing after a ferry sank off South Korea; it was carrying 477 people of whom 164 were confirmed rescued and two dead
The ferry was carrying 477 people of whom 164 were rescued
Of 462 passengers on board the ferry when it set sail from the port of Incheon, 179 have been rescued and six people are known to have died
Two backpacks detonated near the scene of last year’s Boston marathon bombings; a male suspect taken into custody
Six killed in Karnataka bus fire  (16 April 04:15 am) 
Six passengers killed and a dozen injured when a private bus caught fire in Chitradurga district in Karnataka; case registered against driver and bus operator
At least two people killed after a South Korean passenger ferry with 475 on board sinks; 160 passengers rescued so far, say officials
Train derails in Assam, 12 injured  (16 April 04:00 am) 
Ten coaches of the Dimapur-Kamahya Express derail in central Assam; 12 passengers injured
US Airways tweets graphic sexual image  (16 April 04:00 am) 
A US Airways official tweets graphic sexual image in response to a disgruntled customer; airlines issues apology and offers explanation after its investigation
One person found dead after a South Korean ferry with 474 people on board sinks; an official said that 161 people rescued so far
A school official says all 338 high school students and teachers onboard a South Korean passenger ferry have been rescued
Hundreds of people evacuated in Boston after two suspicious backpacks found at the scene of last year’s bombings; male suspect taken into custody in this connection
Mulayam toes line in rape remark row  (15 April 03:30 pm) 
Samajwadi Party (SP) chief says rape is a heinous crime but believes death penalties cannot be loosely awarded