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Domestic airlines today put on hold their services to the Nepal capital Kathmandu, following the closure of runway due to a powerful earthquake...
Jazz on Churchgate Street  (25 April 02:45 pm) 
Bow ties, Lobster Thermidor, tipple in a teacup and Chris Perry—the look of Anurag Kashyap's forthcoming film reminds us of Bombay's gilded age
Nehru snooped on Netaji's family?  (24 April 11:30 pm) 
The declassified document from National Archives shows the India's Intelligence Bureau (IB) under the Nehru government not only snooped on Netaji Subhas Bose's family but also shared
Where is India’s first Maruti 800?  (24 April 11:30 pm) 

A little white car covered with garlands came out from a factory in Gurgaon on December 14, 1983, and at the wheel of India’s first Maruti 800 was Indian Airline employee Harpal

The Nanda Devi mystery  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
Fifty years after deadly plutonium was lost on India's second highest mountain, the enigma continues
Why sign Net neutrality petitions  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
It's the future. Not years and decades into the future, just a few months ahead. You log onto your Gmail account and download two big attachments. Your 'Internet Pay What You Use' (IPWU)
What's with politicians' privacy!  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
Do you know what Narendra Modi's kitchen in his Race Course Road residence looks like? 
Wanna-be author? Here's the help  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
Few things can uphold a presumption of your intelligence better than writing a book. Very few may actually read that book, but if you've been published - hell, even self-published - you'll
Modi's Pak policy a giant mess?  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
Narendra Modi's Kashmir policy is in tatters, characterized by U-turns and chronic indecisiveness in tackling the Hurriyat and its sponsors like America and Pakistan.
Cows say cheese  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
The Maharashtra town that became the first to see arrests under the state’s new anti-slaughter cattle law.
Clarity on Kashmir  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
Nobody seriously believes that there will be another redrawing of India’s borders.
Can Sunny be an A-lister?  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
Can Sunny Leone become an A-list Bollywood leading lady Or will she be forever consigned to show-skin?
Why doesn't Modi answer RTIs?  (23 April 11:30 pm) 
The Gujarat govt has ducked an RTI query on Modi's attendance in the CMO, his Cabinet meetings and other meetings. If the Gujarat CM thinks RTI activists will slow down for a new government,
Young Punjab is checking into rehabilitation centres to treat drug and alcohol addiction. The bad news is that many are getting stuck there. A story of unequal cure, unlicensed centres and a few good
Thousands of farmers, who came from different states to be a part of the Kisaan Rally, waited patiently for more than three hours till the arrival of Rahul Gandhi.
AIIMS saga: He is gay, she was in love  (22 April 09:30 am) 
A court sent the husband, also a doctor at AIIMS and described in his wife’s suicide note as a “homosexual”, to 14 days in custody
HK set for election reform proposal  (22 April 08:01 am) 
Hong Kong's government is set to reveal a political reform proposal for choosing its next leader including, for the first time, a public vote.However, the electoral blueprint is expected to comply
An extra 600,000 pre-school places will be created by the Conservative promise to double free childcare for three and four year olds, David Cameron will say. He will point to the policy commitment as
The UN secretary-general has urged the next Israeli government to back a two-state solution with Palestinians. Ban Ki-moon has also called on the international community to get both sides back to the
Military deployed in Johannesburg and Durban as deterrent, while opposition says it is move reminiscent of apartheid regime
Those suspended include all police chiefs in Garissa County, its regional administrator and its criminal investigations officer.
Survivors of Mediterranean boat disaster say scores of children were not accompanied by adults, as Italy arrests captain and crew member
Chimps are ‘legal persons’!  (22 April 08:01 am) 
New York judge grants writ of habeas corpus to Hercules and Leo, chimpanzees used for medical experiments, to defend rights against imprisonment
Teachers, police officers and nurses should receive salary rises at least in line with the cost of living over the next two years, Nick Clegg has said. The Liberal Democrat leader called for an end to