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Scarlett Johansson's best moments  (02 August 12:49 am) 
A look at the life and career of Scarlett Johansson, whose \'Lucy\' has hit the screens
H'wood news of the week  (01 August 04:49 pm) 
Justin Bieber's controversies  (01 August 04:49 pm) 
Celeb couples round-up  (01 August 04:49 pm) 
Review: 'Hercules'  (01 August 04:49 pm) 
Celebrity quotes of July  (01 August 04:49 pm) 
In Pics: Ten top cop movies  (01 August 08:35 am) 
To mark the release of \'22 Jump Street\', here\'s a reminder of the best cop movies around
Anup Jalota's birthday bash  (31 July 12:49 am) 
Exclusive snaps of Bollywood celebrities at Anup Jalota\'s birthday bash
Preview: 'Hercules'  (31 July 12:49 am) 
Priyanka's birthday bash  (30 July 11:48 am) 
Celebs @ 'Kick' show  (30 July 11:48 am) 
Hollywood pin-ups  (30 July 11:48 am) 
Karan Johar's bash  (30 July 11:48 am) 
Huma Qureshi's b'day bash  (30 July 11:48 am) 
Release This Week: 'Hercules'  (29 July 09:49 pm) 
A pictorial intro to the Brett Ratner film, starring Dwayne Johnson and John Hurt
Kareena on 'Bajrangi...'  (29 July 11:51 am) 
Miller reboots 'Mad Max'  (29 July 11:51 am) 
Star Talk: Emraan Hashmi  (29 July 11:51 am) 
Vivek Oberoi in ‘Bank Chor’  (29 July 11:51 am) 
Cosplay @ Comic-Con 2014  (29 July 09:48 am) 
How celeb couples got together  (28 July 08:49 pm) 
Take a look at how some of your favourite Hollywood couples hooked up
Preview: 'Lucy'  (28 July 08:49 pm) 
Benedict eyes Batman role  (28 July 12:42 pm) 
Nagarjuna enjoys Telugu 'KBC'  (28 July 12:42 pm) 
Star Talk: Alia Bhatt  (28 July 12:42 pm)