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Photos: Sanjay Gupta's bash  (19 April 12:49 am) 
Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Gupta throws a party for screenwriter Milap Zaveri
Review: 'Transcendence'  (18 April 02:23 pm) 
Review: '2 States'  (18 April 02:23 pm) 
Review: 'Dekh Tamasha Dekh'  (18 April 02:23 pm) 
Narendra Modi meets Vijay  (18 April 01:18 am) 
First Look: ‘Romeo Juliet’  (18 April 01:18 am) 
A glimpse into ‘Romeo Juliet’, a modern rom-com starring Hansika Motwani and Jayam Ravi
Channing to play Gambit?  (18 April 01:18 am) 
Ranbir on 'Bombay Velvet'  (18 April 01:18 am) 
Star Talk: Rajkummar Rao  (18 April 01:18 am) 
Alia-Arjun & other hot jodis  (17 April 01:05 am) 
Here is a look at the hottest Bollywood jodis of recent times...Click on!
61st National Film Awards  (16 April 06:39 pm) 
Bollywood on voting  (16 April 09:29 am) 
Photos: 'The Buddy Project'  (16 April 09:29 am) 
Emraan in 'Raja Natwarlal'  (16 April 09:29 am) 
'PK' on December 19  (16 April 09:29 am) 
Star Talk: Amitabh Bachchan  (16 April 09:29 am) 
Southern stars: Off the sets  (15 April 11:15 pm) 
Click on to see what your favourite South Indian stars have been up to this week
Sarath Babu on 'Ramanujan'  (15 April 10:33 am) 
Celeb Talk: Varun Dhawan  (15 April 10:33 am) 
Cumberbatch on 'Star Wars'  (15 April 10:33 am) 
'Kaththi' set for Diwali release  (15 April 10:33 am) 
Photos: 'Ek Ghar Banaunga'  (15 April 10:33 am) 
Photos: Modi meets Rajnikanth  (14 April 11:58 pm) 
BJP\'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi calls on \'Superstar\' Rajnikanth
2014 MTV Movie Awards  (14 April 09:58 am) 
Star Talk: Deepika Padukone  (14 April 08:58 am)