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A final year engineering student of the premiere Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K), Wednesday committed suicide in her hostel room on the campus, police said.
Filmmaker Kamal Hassan’s stance on his film Vishwaroopam has changed to enable its commercial release this week in Tamil Nadu. But the thought of Citizen Kamal Hassan – of wanting to leave
New York: The lawyer of 18-year-old Dharun Ravi has denied that the Indian American student streamed live feed of his gay roommate having sex, which is believed to be the cause of his suicide. The
New Delhi: A Delhi University student was raped allegedly by five men, including an auto-driver, in east Delhi, police said on Wednesday. The incident took place on November 3 when the 19-year-old
Washington: Helicopters descended out of darkness on the most important counter-terrorism mission in US history. It was an operation so secret, only a select few US officials knew what was about to
There has been a tremendous amount of euphoria generated by US President Barack Obama\'s recent presence in India. But people expecting a sea change in Indo-US ties due to the state visit are likely to
Islamabad: Osama bin Laden\'s fifth wife has claimed that the killed al-Qaeda leader was not on kidney dialysis, but used to take Viagra during his stay in his Pakistani compound. Insisting that bin
Sindhuja Rajaraman, a 14-year old girl has become the world\'s youngest Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
With more than 1,011 transfers in 24 days, the once powerful bureaucracy in Uttar Pradesh is running for cover these days.
Washington: A sizeable stash of pornography was among the items seized when U.S. Navy SEALs raided the Pakistani hideout of Osama bin Laden, almost two weeks ago, U.S. officials say.The officials said
Melbourne: A set of pedestrian traffic lights in Holland, which show a couple having sex whenever they turned to green, has turned the street into chaos. Motorists crashed into each other when the
A woman who married a Meerut businessman confessed before him that she loved another man and pleaded him to treat her like a sister, which he agreed. The newly-wed woman has now sought police
Amitabh Bachchan believes that if he watches a cricket match, India will lose. But he not only sat in front of the TV to see the India-Sri Lanka World Cup final here Saturday, also hit the road in
Mohali (Punjab): It was a promise delivered floor by floor. In just 48 hours, an entrepreneur has constructed a 10-floor building in this suburban town in Punjab. The red and grey facade building,
New Delhi: With ongoing controversy over filmmaker Prakash Jha\'s movie \'Aarakshan\' showing no signs of abating, the Congress party on Friday appealed to people for restraint and not to get excited
London: Two walkers have claimed to have found a dead body of an alien in frozen wastes of Siberia and posted the video on the Internet. On its side with its mouth slightly agape, the slender,
\"Have a Boy, Have a Girl Guaranteed!\" read a three-column advertisement in an old edition of the newsweekly IndiaWest, I came across recently. I\'d heard about these ads. Similar ones often turn
Washington: While \'working very hard\' on its strategic partnership with India, the US faces a problem with Pakistan, which looks at itself through the prism of India, according to US Secretary of
Bhagalpur: In a grim reminder of the horrific Delhi rape case, a woman who got down from a Delhi-bound train in Bhagalpur district was allegedly gang-raped, killed and her body hung from a tree in a
New Delhi: Accusing the party of not taking up seriously enough the issue of corruption, three BJP leaders including Yashwant Sinha today offered to quit as Members of Parliament. Besides Yashwant
Cape Town: British-Indian millionaire Shrien Dewani has been accused of hiring assassins to bump off his wife Anni during their honeymoon in South Africa, in the high profile case which has hogged
San Francisco: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has praised Google\'s smartphone operating system Android and predicted that it will soon surpass the iPhone operating system in both quantity and
New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi is in the US for an undisclosed medical treatment, the party said on Thursday amid intense speculation that she is getting treatment for cancer. Gandhi
Puttaparthi: More treasures were found today as an inventory being made of articles inside the Poornachandra Chamber, one of the personal chambers of the late Sathya Sai Baba in Yajur Mandir,
London: Amidst sever public funding cuts and job losses in the UK, public criticism is growing against the David Cameron government\'s decision to continue aid to an increasingly economically
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