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The opening of an Indian theme park marks a first in a 1.2bn-strong market where the likes of Disney and Universal Studios have feared to tread
Shares in companies owned by Indian billionaire Anil Ambani were expected to come under pressure after the Bombay Stock Exchange knocked Reliance Communications, the flagship of the tycoon\'s business
The Indian conglomerate run by industrialist Subrata Roy has been tipped as a leading bidder to buy the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane from Royal Bank of Scotland for about £500m
Sixteen people are injured on Wednesday in a blast in the Indian city of Bangalore apparently caused by an improvised explosive device, police say
The Olympic Village has been sold to a Qatari-backed consortium for £557m, in a deal that sets out the long-term development of one of the key assets of the Olympic Park in east London.
India’s most celebrated star is debuting in a Hollywood feature this year – ‘The Great Gatsby’ – as the US industry makes a broader push into emerging markets
The raid that resulted in Osama bin Laden’s death in a gun battle about 50km from Islamabad lasted just 40 minutes, but followed years of frustrating near-misses, dead ends and grinding intelligence
New Delhi has waded into an international dispute over a new map in Beijing travel documents, condemning the inclusion of disputed territory
23-year-old medical student, severely beaten, raped for almost an hour and thrown out of a bus in New Delhi, had been airlifted to Singapore for specialist treatment
The knighting of Hector Sants - a banker-turned regulator-turned banker again - marks a bold departure from the policy of recent years of not ennobling anyone with a connection to the financial
The two countries simultaneously withdrew troops after an agreement between border commanders, defusing a three-week face off
From Mr Douglas Krauze.    
Five suspects deny charges over gang rape and murder that provoked public outcry about violence against women in India
The US warned China and Japan not to manipulate their exchange rates in a report that could raise tension in global currency politics.    
While the zippy three-hour version of cricket has won big sponsorship packages and built a $2.9bn brand many of the leading teams are lossmaking
India’s National Stock Exchange – Asia’s fourth largest bourse – falls 16 per cent in a matter of minutes after the input of 59 erroneous orders
At last some good news for the UK. Moody\'s has stripped the country of its triple A rating. Similar moves by the bond raters in the past have actually turned out to be somewhere between non-events to
Bank of America Merrill Lynch said it had launched an investigation into its working practices after the death of a young intern in London last week.    
In its first such deal in India, the oil and gas company will sign a contract to supply liquefied natural gas to the state of Gujarat for 20 years
The shortfall at the pension scheme of Coats, the threads and zips manufacturer, may be £400m or higher.    
India\'s microfinance industry has warned it is being pushed to the brink of collapse, as a result of a bank freeze on credit to microlenders triggered by a political crackdown.
BHP Billiton\'s decision to pick as it new chief executive a geologist with a history in the oil industry highlights not only the challenges facing the world\'s biggest resources group by market value,
Interview on national television likely to reinforce widespread perception that India’s police, especially those assigned to street patrols, are indifferent and unprofessional
The rise and rise of Apple is creating problems in the arcane world of index tracking, with changes now being considered to the venerable Dow Jones Industrial Average, the world\'s most famous stock
From Prof Cornelius Hurley.    
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