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The income tax department has begun prosecution proceedings against some of the 600 entities of Indian origin who have allegedly laundered money.
Eight mutual fund schemes, including SBI Magnum Contra, HDFC Equity and Reliance Growth, are among the 25 best-performing open-ended equity funds in the world, according to investment research firm
Govt may raise the income tax exemption limit in upcoming Budget to provide some relief to the taxpayer from inflation, Goldman Sachs said.
It is typical for each of us to wonder what the Union budget will bring. But have we paid a thought to the taxes, both direct and indirect, that we are paying?
Salaried taxpayers who claim HRA exemption will now have to report their landlord’s PAN if the total rent in a year exceeds Rs 1 lakh.
Hybrid funds which have a mix of both equity and debt portfolios are thus best placed to unleash a sustained rally in 2012.
Out of the many tax-saving tools available, we are going to help you identify some beneficial instruments you must consider investing in.
Our expert Vaibhav Sankla, executive Director, Adroit, guides you in matters related to taxation.
Our expert (Vaibhav Sankla, Executive Director, Adroit) guides you in matters relating to taxation. Email to etquerytax@indiatimes.com
The way to long-term wealth creation is to invest regularly in equity as an asset class through mutual funds.
\"It\'s a little surprising. Despite the hurdles faced by fund houses, India continues to be one of the hottest emerging markets,\" said a fund manager.
The maximum amount not chargeable to tax for individuals should be revised at least to Rs 3 lakhs & should be linked to the inflation index.
Those individuals having income from sources other than salary or having refund claims will not be covered under the scheme.
Private IndusInd Bank said on Wednesday it will sell HDFC Ltd\'s home loans across more than 300 branches of its barnches.
After the formation of a charitable trust, first and foremost, it needs to obtain registration from the income tax commissioner.
For women, Mukherjee has not given any benefit by retaining the exemption limit at Rs 1.90 lakh per annum.
\"It\'s a little surprising. Despite the hurdles faced by fund houses, India continues to be one of the hottest emerging markets,\" said a fund manager.
A first-time investor should invest regularly through systematic investment plans. So, split the Rs 50,000 to say Rs 4,000 every month to invest.
The state assembly adopted the Bihar Profession, Trade, Livelihood and Employment Tax Bill, 201, paving the way for the imposition of the tax.
Farmers will not have to cough up any tax upfront on the compensation money they receive for their land acquired by the government.
Equity linked savings schemes investors too have joined the party pulling out Rs 1083 cr in August-October alone, 127.4% higher than same period the previous year.
PineBridge Investments has launched \'PineBridge India-US equity fund, which will invest in PineBridge US Large Cap Research Enhanced Fund.
A change in ownership of a fund scheme shouldn\'t worry investors. However, they should keep an eye on its performance for at least six months.
Bollywood superstars Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar figure in the list of India\'s 15 top advance taxpayers in March.
Many of us invest in mutual funds without mentioning our old folio number. This results in creation of multiple folios.
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