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Maha Kumbh: the great urn of faith  (15 February 05:47 pm) 
In the light of the recent mishap at the Maha Kumbh mela, this possibly seems like a piece going against the current, but this is the story of faith, of the millions of people who come to the Kumbh
HAIRDO! Show off your best side  (15 February 02:47 am) 
The side swept hairstyle trend is sweeping the fashion world. If you want to rock some true blue old Hollywood glamour without much fussing over your hair, go for the side sweep.
Revealed! Tricks women use to look thinner  (14 February 05:47 pm) 
When it comes to looking thin, it seems that some women will just go to any extent to shift a few kilograms – except go on a diet. According to a study, two-thirds of women feel they could do with
Colours that suit your skin  (14 February 05:47 pm) 
Fair women generally have peachy-pink undertones, which at times make their complexion look pale. Keep your look radiant and fresh with bright colours like pink, green and peach. You could go for the
A dirty affair  (14 February 05:47 pm) 
Watching the promotional video that The Mud Rush organisers had uploaded on their Facebook page, our first reaction was that of self-doubt. The 7-km ‘mud race’ through slush and marsh in a scenic
Love potions for V-Day  (14 February 05:47 pm) 
Forget chocolates, roses or teddies. Instead, enter the kitchen, don the apron and stir up a storm… not just in the wok but in your hearts too, says the Hottest Chef in the World — Vikas Khanna.
Valentine's Day: are we being conned?  (14 February 03:46 am) 
With Valentine’s Day today returns the most rampant, relevant debate — is it just a gimmick to hardsell chocolates and softies and romantic restaurant deals or does it really help keep good ol’
It’s sex over love this Valentine’s  (13 February 04:47 pm) 
Mush was yesterday. This year, Valentine’s Day is hot, raunchy, sexed up. Sample the gift list — barely-there lingerie, baby doll dresses, cakes with explicit designs, and fancy condoms.
Women are 50 percent more likely to snub Valentine’s Day compared to men, a research has claimed. Figures show that more women are also more likely to mark the day with nothing more than a
Actor Vidya Balan speaks of her love for the traditional garment, why it’s her signature look and her favourite picks from her ever-expanding personal collection. The actor has played a major role
Make this Valentine unforgettable  (12 February 02:46 am) 
Imagine your life in vivid technicolour and celebrate all the shades of love. Flip through the time gone by — from framed photographs to the little secrets that only the two of you share. Rent an
Desi love for Archie  (12 February 02:46 am) 
It will be good to have an Indian girlfriend for Archie and experiment with Indian clothing. I’m going to be relaying my love for India to my editors so we can include more Indian settings and
Eating out, Dilli style  (12 February 02:46 am) 
Clichéd but true, a way to a person’s heart is through one’s stomach and Dilli Ke Pakwaan Festival is here to do just that. The week-long fest, which began on February 8, is here to treat
Bruised egos have no cure  (11 February 06:54 pm) 
Just write to uncle Cyrus...And I’ll give you some relief…. err… that is, provided, I’m not doing a headstand at the time.
How insecure are we?  (11 February 06:54 pm) 
If you thought contesting for the coveted title of teacher’s pet, or the pressure to hang out with the popular kids were concerns you had left behind in school, then think again. Our lifestyles have
Work stress does not cause cancer  (12 February 06:47 pm) 
Around 90 percent of cancers are linked to environmental exposures, and while some exposures are well recognised such as UV radiation and tobacco smoke,others are not psychological factors such as
Fashion tips from Bollywood stylists  (14 February 11:47 pm) 
From red carpet appearances that incorporate haute couture gowns to signature looks in films that fluidly bring characters on reel in the realm of the real — Bollywood actors are setting trends like
Fashion tips from Bollywood stylists  (10 February 02:46 am) 
Three stylists tell us what makes  looks of the stars click, and name the most fashionable in b-Town
Bollywood divas: shoulder skin is hot  (10 February 02:46 am) 
The vintage inspired one-shoulder trend is hotting up the red carpet like never before. It seems to be the hot favourite of Bollywood’s divas who are showing off their well toned arms in elegant
Ditch the computer, save your love  (11 February 04:46 pm) 
If your love life is feeling strained in the lead up to Valentine\'s Day, maybe it\'s time to reconsider the relationship...with the computer. Using the PC is the third biggest source of stress in a
Does a husband's salary dictate marriage?  (09 February 12:54 pm) 
Men whose wives earn more income are more likely to use erectile dysfunction medication than those who outearn their wives, even when the inequality is small, according to a new study.
Make exotic pizzas  (12 February 11:48 pm) 
Everyone loves a good pizza, and that was evident considering the turnout at HT Café’s pizza making workshop with California Pizza Kitchen. Participants who attended the event at the Bandra
How age defines happiness  (09 February 12:54 pm) 
She and colleagues at NIA predicted that people in the same birth cohort— born around the same time — may have had unique experiences that shape the way they evaluate happiness and optimism. They
Are you bored of candlelight dinners, flowers, teddy bears and chocolates? This Valentine\'s Day explore your adventurous side by heading for a daring skydiving experience with your partner.
All work and some ‘play’  (08 February 04:47 pm) 
Without any formal training in theatre, this group of working professionals is all set to take their passion to the next level. Called Curtain Call, the group will perform an adaptation of David