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The rise of leveraged loans  (19 April 03:16 am) 
Collateralized loan obligations are not inherently bad investments. But demand for yield has led to a reduction in the quality of loans behind them, and the result may be rather ugly.
BET\'s recent win in a discrimination lawsuit filed by transgender TV personality B. Scott is the latest instance in which a media company has beat a bias suit by flaunting its right to free speech and
Revenue for marketing automation software is set to triple by 2020 -- and it\'s a fight for supremacy between Marketo, Eloqua and Silverpop.
Close to 20% of China\'s arable land is contaminated by heavy metals, posing severe global economic and political consequences in the coming years.
Tucker Twitmyer leaves EnerTech Capital  (18 April 11:49 pm) 
Energy-focused venture capitalist joins Franklin Square Capital.
You may not save a huge amount on interest, but you\'ll free up cash in your budget every month.
The first female press secretary talks with Fortune about her new role as head of corporate communication for Warner Bros. and the challenging businesses of politics and entertainment.
A new book examines what happens to migration, business, and wealth when states adopt income taxes. It ain\'t a pretty picture for the taxers.
VC investment hits a 13-year high  (18 April 10:18 pm) 
Venture capitalists invested $9.5 billion last quarter, the highest total since the dotcom doom\'s waning days.
According to Gallup, Americans think real estate is the best long-term investment. Unfortunately, they\'re wrong.
The Bangalore-based mobile job posting startup started by Microsoft Research veteran Sean Blagsvedt wants to pull Indians out of poverty.
How great marketers tell stories  (18 April 09:05 pm) 
Former P&G marketing chief Jim Stengel says that the best companies tell two types of stories to build strong and enduring brands.
In brand strategy, short-term retail may not be so temporary after all.
Delaware law protects against board abuses by prescribing two-well known duties members owe to stockholders.
Zoosk, an independent online dating service that filed for IPO this week, seeks to cover all the bases with its wide array of features. For users, that may be a bit too much.
Online education, rebooted  (18 April 07:59 pm) 
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From tale to sale  (18 April 07:59 pm) 
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Let's talk about text, baby  (18 April 07:59 pm) 
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Second most important source of revenue is holding steady at roughly 20% of total sales.
Lending was up in the first quarter, but that jump has hidden the fact that individuals are still having a tough time getting loans.
Office for iPad move is a symbolic victory for Nadella\'s Microsoft, but the company is still weighed down by many of the same old issues.
The frothy fundraising market may dry up soon.
Vegan cuisine aims for the mainstream  (18 April 03:05 am) 
More companies like Chipotle are offering animal-product-free options, and it\'s not just vegetarians chowing down.
Outside Philadelphia, the digital marketing company Monetate has grown from two employees to 220 in just six years.
Pando smears ex-Carlyle pro Bob Grady  (18 April 12:42 am) 
New Jersey investment boss Bob Grady gets attacked for no good reason.