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Sunless Sea Sails The Unterzee  (28 February 09:31 am) 
Explore Fallen London from the helm of your own ship.
Maybe it was those Vulcan ears. But news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing automatically triggered memories of the 83 year-old actor’s most celebrated role as Mr. Spock --- both the Starship
Hall of Famers, championship-winning athletes and coaches, award-winning authors, sport financiers who handle multi-million dollar team transactions, and Commissioners from 3 of North America’s
One Friday afternoon I learned to stop being afraid of my irrational boss. Here\'s how it went down
A 15,000-square-foot duplex condominium that overlooks the Bay Bridge is the new most expensive listing in San Francisco, with a price tag of $49 million.
Three and a half years ago, I wrote here in this blog explaining why we needed more, not fewer, superhero genre movies. I pointed out that, contrary to myopic myths about the history of cinema,
The Origin Of Cindy Crawford\'s Omega Partnership;
A mansion on South Florida\'s Manalapan peninsula that was blessed by Buddhist monks from Thailand has just come onto the market with a price tag of $25 million.
The 5 Trends Shaping The Future Of Work  (28 February 05:32 am) 
I\'ve written about the five trends shaping the future of work quite a bit and it\'s actually how I start many of the keynotes I give at conference and events. However, I haven\'t done a video about this
The Indian Motorcycle lineup just got a little darker and a more menacing with the introduction of the 2016 Chief Dark Horse.
2016 Indian Motorcycles Chief Dark Horse  (28 February 05:32 am) 
Indian Motorcycles latest addition to the Chief lineup is the menacing Dark Horse. Strip away the chrome, and you\'re left with pure, unadulterated motorcycle.
Expectations from India’s Union Budget 2015.
Every great capital is \'from\' an age, meaning not just the age of the majority of its public architecture and housing stock, but also the age of its great accomplishments on the world stage, which
Sunday Shopping and the Salvation of France  (28 February 05:32 am) 
The shops in Paris will soon be allowed to open as many as 12 Sundays during the calendar year instead of just five. That may sound like tourist news rather than then latest step by French leaders to
Land Rover is a major sponsor of Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California, and they chose to display the Launch Edition of the all-new 2016 Discovery Sport during the event.
Gerry McGovern, Land Rover\'s Director of Design, sat down to speak with us about the new Discovery Sport, Palm Springs Modernism Week and the three directions of Land Rover design.
It was only a few short hours since Netflix dumped all 13 episodes of the third season of House of Cards, but you couldn\'t tell it from looking at Twitter\'s trending list. Russell Westbrook, Jihadi
With the FCC voting 3-2 to enact net neutrality regulations under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act, the focus now shifts to Comcast\'s next move regarding its planned Time Warner Cable
In another step towards energy recovery, Egypt have announced plans to be free from costly LNG imports by 2020.
Faster than a speeding bullet America’s love affair with the train may be on the verge of a revival. Should you have any doubt how deep that love once ran, drop by this Wikipedia page and scroll
(Kitco News) - An early morning rally following a drop in fourth-quarter GDP growth, and disappointing manufacturing data from the Chicago region, helped gold prices end the week in positive
Shares of Herbalife plunged by nearly 11% on Friday as investors digested the company’s dimmer outlook for 2015.
It’s been all smiles and cheers at Rupp Arena this season. At a flawless 28-0, the Kentucky Wildcats have surpassed the program’s single-season record of 27 consecutive wins set in 1995-96