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People with an infected or abscessed tooth are at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease. They are at particular risk for developing a serious infection during surgery, including endocarditis, a
\"Sports Illustrated published a startling expose five years ago on the financial health of retired athletes. The magazine found that 78% of former NFL players were in financial distress within two
Ukraine\'s new pro-austerity Prime Minister wants to imitate Greece, Bretton Woods Research economist says.
How to Fix Dave Camp's Tax Plan  (28 February 03:49 am) 
Official Washington was hit with a mega-tsunami on Wednesday of this week when House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) released his comprehensive tax reform plan.  Analyses
One of the worst winters in recent memory is still in progress, and plenty of people around the country are wondering whether their insurance covers the damage from that giant pothole they just hit.
In some small cities, the share of workers who are based out of their homes now tops 10%. All signs point to their numbers growing in the years to come.
The Allen, Texas, school district has planned a news conference for late afternoon Feb. 27 (it\'ll be live-streamed here) to talk about its 18,000-seat, $60 million high school football stadium, which
The Army tried to fix a big problem this week by disqualifying 588 soldiers from their jobs as sexual assault counselors, recruiters and drill sergeants, according to USA Today.
When Management Goes Wrong  (28 February 02:49 am) 
It is not every day that commuters get a letter of apology from a train conductor. And what seemed like a great customer relations move actually brought a reprimand from management.
On February 7, the Chinese government reported a 10.6% increase in January exports, with robust demand from Europe and the US surpassing expectations. Imports rose 10% from a year ago as
Elon Musk  (28 February 02:49 am) 
Here\'s hoping McClendon can stay out of jail, pay off his debts, and even make it back onto the Forbes 400 list one of these days.
On Wednesday, Elon Musk and Tesla Motors rocked the markets, announcing the company’s investment of $2 billion in a factory that aims to produce about 500,000 lithium-ion batteries annually by
World Debut: The New MINI Clubman Concept  (28 February 02:49 am) 
MINI debuts its new Clubman Concept at the Geneva Motor Show.
Here\'s of five Indiegogo\'s most successful campaigns led by women.
To celebrate International Women’s Day, Indiegogo the world’s largest crowdfunding platform is running a week-long campaign to support female empowerment. The site says it will contribute
Roger Staubach worked as a real estate broker in the offseason during the 1970s while leading the Cowboys to five Super Bowl appearances. It was a good fit, as he eventually sold his eponymous firm
Forced to simultaneously address Arizona’s controversial ‘religious rights’ law, SB 1062; Jason Collins’ appearance as the NBA’s first openly gay player, marijuana usage and the NFL’s
Troops hailing from the UK appear to be more resilient than their American counterparts, according to a study released Wednesday.
Everyone likes a good horror story. Well, during my thirty years working in disaster recovery (DR), I have heard many. What is odd is that the stories repeat themselves over and over again. It seems
Ask executives at Major League Baseball what their #1 customer service complaint is, and without hesitation they’ll say it’s their television and streaming video blackout policy. Arcane, and under
\"Mobile-first\" has been the battle cry in the last couple of years for every company online, from startups to Facebook, as more and more people flock to apps and the mobile Web from smartphones
Despite some lingering concerns over privacy and logistics, indoor GPS is here to stay, and its reach is only going to deepen in the year ahead. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia . . . all the big
Workday, which provides cloud-based ERP services, posted a blow-out quarter. And on the news, the stock price is up 13% and the market cap is nearly $20 billion. The company continues to show that