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Power cuts of up to 20 hours a day in some cities cost Pakistan 3-4 per cent of GDP a year, economists say, contributing to a sharp fall in investment
Subcontractor jailed for five years on corruption charges, a ruling the US oil and gas group says will undermine the country’s investment climate
Japan overtakes S Korea in car wars  (08 May 06:29 pm) 
Toyota’s success in Korean car awards has added insult to injury as the Japanese carmaker takes advantage of the weak yen to claw back territory from Hyundai
Central bank sells local currency and announce capital rules for major banks as it faces increased risks to financial stability
Faced with a slowdown a year before an election, New Delhi has introduced reforms to revitalise business. But many disillusioned investors are not convinced
Fragrance maker would attempt to raise $700m as early as next month as it taps investor appetite for US listings as then S&P hits record highs
Lender falls into line with US-led sanctions push to restrict funding for North Korea’s nuclear programme amid rise in tensions on peninsula
Hopes of Vodafone India truce fading  (07 May 02:04 pm) 
Much-anticipated deal to settle $2.5bn tax row looks highly unlikely until after Indian elections in 2014, if at all – a further blow to investor confidence
Malaysian result masks social change  (06 May 02:19 pm) 
Nature of country’s election result could complicate efforts of Najib Razak, prime minister, to carry forward crucial economic and domestic reforms
The two countries simultaneously withdrew troops after an agreement between border commanders, defusing a three-week face off
India’s most celebrated star is debuting in a Hollywood feature this year – ‘The Great Gatsby’ – as the US industry makes a broader push into emerging markets
Groups such as Disney, Viacom and Fox are attempting to win a larger share of the booming Indian film market and boost distribution of English-language movies in the country
Malaysians, in their millions, are voting in an election expected to be the closest since independence with a resurgent opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim threatening to break the hold on power of the
The close nature of the race, and the emphasis on turnout, is in large part due to the 2.5m first-time voters entering the electorate
UK Independence party has stamped its image on British politics in a manner comparable to populist, anti-establishment movements across Europe
Changing the culture of the garment industry will be challenging, but this latest disaster and international pressure will force safety improvements
A sudden hostility to extravagance has led to a big slowdown in Swiss watch exports to a country that had been the product’s fastest growing market
State-controlled bank aims to produce a prospectus that would enable the government to start reprivatisation process next year
Fang Fenglei, of Goldman Sachs’ China subsidiaries, is raising money for a fund more than two years after winding down his last private equity venture
Indian mobile operator takes hit to quarterly and full-year net income in spite of a 12% increase in its annual revenue to Rs803bn
The Bank of Japan has revealed that some board members voiced fears over the potential side-effects of the “massive” monetary easing unleashed by central bank governor Haruhiko Kuroda in April
The move is being considered amid scepticism of the Basel III accords, which allow banks to vary capital requirements depending on the riskiness of individual assets
Anglo-Dutch consumer goods group Unilever is paying $5.4bn to extend its control over its Hindustan Unilever Indian subsidiary to 75%
Spanish economy contracts 0.5 per cent  (30 April 01:49 pm) 
The Spanish economy contracted 0.5 per cent quarter-on-quarter in the first three months of 2013, in line with official forecasts
Opposition leader calls for expulsion of Chinese troops camping in Indian-controlled territory as People’s Liberation Army erects fifth tent at Himalayan border