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Kellogg to target younger students  (08 May 09:48 pm) 
US marketing specialists will enrol liberal arts graduates in a move that will put them in direct competition with Europe’s best business schools
Term of the day: ‘A-share’  (08 May 04:34 am) 
A-shares are shares of Chinese companies listed on either the Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchanges...
Term of the day: ‘PIIGS’  (07 May 05:10 am) 
The PIIGS grouping – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain – refers to five weaker eurozone countries...
Definitions of the term ‘social entrepreneurship’ vary depending on sector and perspective
Many business schools were founded on the principle that effective leadership and management combined with innovative business ideas could be a force for social good
Many schools offer courses designed to meet the expectations of employers rather than encouraging exploration of new ideas, writes Omid Aschari
An Oxford-led programme supported by the investment bank is helping leaders of small businesses in the UK drive growth to create revenue and jobs
An Oxford-led programme funded by the investment bank is helping leaders of small businesses in the UK drive growth to create revenue and jobs
Money will build a biomedical accelerator to bring together scientists and business students
One-year degree for senior managers becomes the Stanford MSx
New York business school receives six-figure donation from billionaire businessman Ronald Perelman
Term of the day: ‘ticker’  (02 May 05:35 am) 
A ticker is the unique symbol used to identify publicly traded securities on a stock market. It can be letters or numbers...
Mike Grandinetti, Hult  (30 April 10:44 pm) 
Entrepreneurship expert chooses the term ‘super angel’ to define for FT Lexicon
The Canadian business school appoints thoroughbred US professor as its next dean
Research from Canada’s Schulich school shows that zoo negotiations for the loan of giant pandas can have applications in the corporate world
Plans to expand access to research findings may be admirable in their intention but they are misguided in their efforts, writes Stuart Macdonald
New research shows that it pays to think long and hard before making decisions that deliver immediate gains
Test your knowledge on global business, economics and politics
Business schools need to challenge assumptions and ensure that successful family business practices are the focus of research and reflection rather than disdain
A guide on the road to business school  (01 April 03:25 am) 
Admissions consultants help candidates gain an MBA place but they are not cheap and students must be sure of the added value
Across Europe business schools are showing a renewed interest in one of the oldest types of enterprise in the world – the family business
The figures behind humanitarian aid  (29 March 05:18 pm) 
This week’s research round-up finds that applying a mathematical model to humanitarian aid can lead to a different approach to relief distribution
Term of the day: ‘income tax’  (22 March 05:30 am) 
The £10,000 UK income tax threshold, originally a Liberal Democrat dream, will become a reality next April...
Both the US and European accreditation bodies are promoting changes in the way business is taught
US business school is the latest non-profit to look to a profit-making company to fund expansion