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Budget has clearly spelt out the roadmap to enable the revival of manufacturing, create jobs and promote inclusive growth. Ease of doing business requires a predictable and stable framework of
Even as consumer spending in the short term might be impacted due to the hike in taxes, India’s consumer goods...
Be reassured that govt is steadily laying the foundation of a higher economic growth trajectory sustainable for decades, rather than just a year or two
Aggregate transfer to states up just a tad, but greater say in various schemes means they can shape their financial destiny
The finance minister, in his speech, reiterated his resolve to “embrace the states as equal partners in the process of growth...
Finance minister Arun Jaitley has announced special financial assistance for poll-bound Bihar and West Bengal...
with total transfer to states at 62% of gross tax receipts and a road map for GST, the budget has ushered in financial autonomy for states. now the states need to get their act together
Corporate tax rate to be reduced to 25% over 4 years, general anti-tax evasion rules deferred by 2 years, REIT taxation eased
There is nothing so important in a Budget that after being tabled in Parliament, money will start pouring in the economy...
Finance minister Arun Jaitley brought relief to multinational companies by easing the rigours...
An announcement for reducing basic rate of corporate tax from 30% to 25% over the next four years to make it competitive vis-à-vis other major Asian economies was made
Proposal to levy Swachh Bharat cess of 2% on value of the services would effectively take the service tax rate to 16%
IF one looks at the Budget, beyond the statement of accounts, it had two clear elements — firstly, it gave specific...
Finance minister Arun Jaitley’s proposal to double the clean-energy cess on coal could lead to increase...
The increase in the rate of service tax is to prepare assessees for a higher rate under the GST regime where both the Central and the state governments would tax the services
Editorial: Not yet the slog overs  (01 March 03:31 am) 
Lots of smart initiatives to boost investments, even talk of privatisation, but little on subsidies
Column: One Giant Step for India  (01 March 03:31 am) 
This Budget will be judged as the second-most important Budget in Indian history
Column: Losing the Victor Hugo moment  (01 March 03:31 am) 
Arun Jaitley had 282 on his side. He has lost the opportunity
Column: Going for growth  (01 March 03:31 am) 
The finance minister has delivered a mildly expansionary, business-friendly Budget that prioritises a return to 8-8.5% GDP growth in FY16 via a mix of tax reform and accelerated capital spending,
The gold monetisation scheme could be a game-changer, too
Union Budget: No acche din in sight  (01 March 03:16 am) 
The Budget disappoints on both increase in public investment and fiscal consolidation. A more calibrated approach to reforms is needed
Budget prompts lower rates  (01 March 03:16 am) 
With the government set on the path of fiscal consolidation, RBI may cut rates
The tax collection projections display realism—10% in corporate tax, 12% in individual income and robust 19% and 24% increases in excise and service tax collections, respectively
New road map puts fiscal deficit targets at 3.9% for 2015-16, 3.5% for 2016-17 & 3% for 2017-18
Measures to curb black money are key to widening the tax base and generating legitimate investment. The govt needs to be complimented for addressing this issue