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Gucci said it would strengthen controls on its suppliers after a television programme showed Chinese employees working more than three times their official hours.
The UN chief said that the world must learn lessons from the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, which go beyond strengthening public health systems.
The UN chief said that the world must learn lessons from the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, which go beyond strengthening public health systems.
Death toll from Ebola in 3 West Africa countries hardest hit by the epidemic has risen to 7,518 out of 19,340 confirmed cases recorded, said WHO
The government has decided to celebrate former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's birthday as Good Governance Day on December 25.
Discussions are being held when right wing Hindu outfits are pushing for conversions with their top leaders terming them as "Ghar Vapsi" (homecomings).
Telefonica added 91,264 contracts in the fast-growing fibre optic business in October to reach a total of 1.16 million, according to data released.
DuPont Pioneer received "official notice today of new approval" for a Plenish soybean product, engineered to produce a healthier type of soybean oil.
The group said again that the settlement of the US investigation would not have a material financial impact on the proceeds of the 12.35 billion-euro.
CBSE today made it clear that participation in the event was "voluntary" as schools will remain closed on that day and essays would be submitted only through mobiles.
Relaxed limits on what licensed US travelers can bring home mean that Americans will be able to enjoy small quantities of the liquor at home.
US Deputy Attorney General James Cole said "Certainly, we're working with Cuba and every country to get back fugitives who we have charges against,"
CNP Assurances said it was selling to Barclays Bank its 50 per cent stake in CNP Barclays Vida Y Pensiones (CNP BVP), for $555 million.
The poll predicted rouble would stay under pressure, forcing the Russian central bank to keep punishingly high interest rates until well into 2015.
Prakash Mishra said he would make sure that successful tackling of the Maoist menace in other parts of the country would also be part of his strategy.
The watchdog unearthed a "practice of spreading misleading information about the sources of the reviews" -- a practice it said it had now banned.
The government had detained Ishaq under Maintenance of Public Order (16 MPO) after the Supreme Court granted him bail in July 2011.
The Committee would rather like that structural reforms be carried out in respect of various key processes of ITPO to enable it to discharge its mandate.
A sharp increase in social unrest in Italy is often attributed to falling living standards & record unemployment following 6 years of recession.
FAA, industry launch drone safety campaign  (22 December 11:30 pm) 
Retailers say small drones, which are indistinguishable from today's more sophisticated model aircraft, are flying off the shelves this Christmas.
Police say some people died when a garbage truck crashed into a group of pedestrians in the city center of Glasgow in Scotland.
Sebi had barred DLF and its top executives from accessing the capital markets or dealing in securities for three years for alleged disclosure-related lapses.
"I congratulate all 8 participating teams & organisers, especially Nita Ji, for making ISL an event of such huge popularity among football lovers," said Banerjee.
SpiceJet presents revival plan to government | Blog: Don't do a KFA on SpiceJetThe airline has sought credit payment facility of 15-30 days by the oil cos on the lines on the one provided to other
Bosnia's autonomous Serb Republic in its 2014 budget after the IMF suspended its funding, failed to attract enough buyers at a debt auction.