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Is a Montana Senator a plagiarist?  (26 July 07:47 am) 
Anderson Cooper speaks with New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin on his investigation of Senator John Walsh (D-MT).
What is Putin up to?  (26 July 07:47 am) 
Anderson Cooper speaks with America\'s Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt about the Kremlin\'s latest moves.
Fareed on Hillary: 'Very disciplined'  (26 July 07:47 am) 
Fareed Zakaria shares insights from his upcoming interview with former Secy of State Hillary Clinton on crisis in Israel.
Dana Bash reports that the Army War College will investigate whether Senator John Walsh plagiarized his master\'s thesis.
La crisis de los niños inmigrantes  (26 July 07:47 am) 
La viceministra de Comercio e Industria, Merlin Barrera, habla de las acciones que están tomando El Salvador
Has Israel-Gaza coverage been fair?  (26 July 07:47 am) 
Correspondents respond to criticism levied by Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer about CNN\'s Middle East coverage.
Fatima Dyczynski\'s parents believe she is alive and traveled to Ukraine to find her near the MH17 crash site.
Watch armed police storm plane  (26 July 06:48 am) 
A Canadian citizen was charged after making \"a direct threat against the aircraft\" on a flight from Toronto to Panama.
10-month-old dies in foster's hot car  (26 July 06:48 am) 
A 10-month-old baby girl was found dead inside the hot car of a couple who was trying to adopt her. KWCH reports.
Challenges of flying in storms  (26 July 06:48 am) 
Miguel Marquez reports on how common storms are this time of year in the region where the Air Algerie flight went down.
Fareed's Take: How to punish Putin  (26 July 06:48 am) 
The EU must take steps to send a clear signal to Russia on its stance. But will the EU have the resolve to take action?
Clinton says America must better convey its identity to the world as \"a major force for peace, prosperity and progress.\"
Clinton: Israel\'s expansion of settlements is a \"terrible signal\" to send when claiming to support a two-state solution.
More weapons for rebels in Ukraine  (26 July 06:48 am) 
U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt says Putin can end conflict with one phone call.
OSU band director fired amid scandal  (26 July 06:48 am) 
Ohio State University fires marching band chief for failing to end what the university says was a \'sexualized\' culture.
Both sides of the Gaza-Israel conflict have accepted a 12-hour pause but Israel rejects 7-day cease-fire.
Group hug! Kids swarm Hillary Clinton  (26 July 06:48 am) 
Thanks to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Hillary Clinton got quite the surprise at the Bronx Children\'s Museum.
Lara Baldesarra speaks to English football legend Frank Lampard about why he chose to play for New York City FC in MLS.
Lara Baldesarra speaks to English football legend Frank Lampard about what he hopes to accomplish in Major League Soccer.
Palestinian Parliament member Mustafa Barghouti and Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz talk about cease-fires.
Who's running the MH17 investigation?  (26 July 03:48 am) 
With so many different nations affected by the MH17 downing, who is actually in charge of the investigation?
An 80-year-old man shot and killed a pregnant burglar in his house.
Challenge of identifying MH17 victims  (26 July 03:48 am) 
Identifying remains is not a perfect science. CNN\'s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.
U.S. and NATO officials say Russia is sending more weapons and troops into Ukraine. CNN\'s Christiane Amanpour has more.
Standing up to Russia  (26 July 03:48 am) 
Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean talks to Maggie Lake about whether new E.U. sanctions go far enough.