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School shooting victims related  (25 October 04:48 pm) 
A grandparent of one of the wounded students reports that two of the victims who were shot are related to each other.
ISIS accused of chemical attacks  (25 October 03:48 pm) 
ISIS forces located 50 miles north of Baghdad allegedly unleashed a chemical attack on Iraqi forces in September.
Reviewing New York's Ebola scare  (25 October 03:48 pm) 
Jean Casarez tells you all you need to know about this week\'s Ebola scare in New York.
NYPD: Hatchet attack an act of terror  (25 October 09:48 am) 
An officer is in critical condition after suffering a hatchet wound to the head in what the NYPD call a terrorist attack.
Long-term care by the numbers  (25 October 08:46 am) 
Seven out of ten people will need long-term care sometime after 65. Christine Romans looks at the numbers behind long-term care.
School shooter "well-liked, respected"  (25 October 08:47 am) 
Following a day which left two dead, and four injured, on Friday evening Anderson interviewed student Nate Heckendorf
Remembering Canada's fallen soldier  (25 October 08:47 am) 
Anderson Cooper remembers Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the Canadian soldier shot and killed by a gunman in Ottawa.
Nurse beats Ebola, gets hug from Obama  (25 October 07:47 am) 
Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola is going home. CNN\'s Erin Burnett has more.
She tried to save soldier after shooting  (25 October 07:47 am) 
Margaret Lerhe performed CPR on Nathan Cirillo after he was shot standing guard at the National War Memorial in Canada.
The Ottawa shooting, step by step  (25 October 07:20 am) 
Alongside videojournalist Josh Wingrove, Anderson Cooper takes viewers on a step by step tour of the shooting in Ottawa
Woman loses over 200 pounds doing what?  (25 October 07:20 am) 
A woman walked around her workplace, the airport, to take control of her health and weight.
Retracing steps of N.Y. Ebola patient  (25 October 06:48 am) 
A doctor, who recently traveled to Guinea to treat Ebola patients, is the first Ebola case in New York City.
The last words she said to Nathan Cirillo  (25 October 06:48 am) 
Witness Barbara Winters shares what she experienced when she comforted Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in his last moments.
Florida hunters catch massive alligator  (25 October 06:48 am) 
Two hunters caught a 13-foot, 765-pound alligator in Florida\'s St. Johns River that they had been tracking for months.
Last Look: Understanding accents  (25 October 06:48 am) 
What does your accent say about you? Fareed takes a look at a new book on accents and identity.
On GPS: Marshmallow test 50 years later  (25 October 06:48 am) 
Famed psychologist Walter Mischel discusses how self-control in childhood can predict where a person will end up in life.
On GPS: Obama's presidency & his legacy  (25 October 06:48 am) 
An expert panel debates whether Obama lived up to the high expectations for his presidency. What will his legacy be?
What in the World: Snowden on trial?  (25 October 06:48 am) 
Fareed says Edward Snowden should stand trial in the U.S to transform his actions from theft to civil disobedience.
Did Ebola doctor do the right thing?  (25 October 06:48 am) 
Social is media casting harsh judgment on doctor who returned to New York after treating Ebola patients in Guinea.
Tweets give insight into school shooter  (25 October 05:48 am) 
CNN\'s Kyung Lah looks at the social media profile of Jaylen Fryberg, a student who was involved in a school shooting.
Remains identified as Hannah Graham's  (25 October 05:48 am) 
Brian Todd reports from Charlottesville, Va., where authorities confirm remains found in a creek are Hannah Graham\'s.
Suspect wanted in Calif. police shooting  (25 October 05:48 am) 
Police say a California sheriff\'s deputy was fatally shot when he and a partner approached a suspicious vehicle.
Father: It's 'worst feeling in the world'  (25 October 05:48 am) 
Jery Holston, the father of two school children describes the chaos at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, following Friday\'s shooting.
North Korea goes on intl. charm offensive  (25 October 04:48 am) 
CNN\'s Elise Labott looks into the latest tactic North Korea is using on the international community.
NY & NJ begin mandatory Ebola quarantine  (25 October 04:48 am) 
The governors of New York and New Jersey have issued a mandatory quarantine for some travelers. Elizabeth Cohen reports.