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Meteor or UFO? Fireball lights up sky  (19 April 09:28 pm) 
Russia Today says officials have not yet identified this mysterious object seen in the sky over Murmansk, Russia.
The Political Reality of Obamacare  (19 April 09:05 pm) 
Now that eight million people have enrolled in Obamacare, will Democrats run on the law in the midterm elections?
Headlines Redefined  (19 April 09:01 pm) 
Smerconish rewrites the week\'s headlines about the Nevada rancher and the man who urinated in Portland\'s water supply.
One Last Thing...  (19 April 08:56 pm) 
Smerconish says that the hate crime designation signals that some victims\' lives are more valuable than others.
Duke Rape Case Revisited  (19 April 08:54 pm) 
Smerconish talks with The Price of Silence author about the Duke lacrosse rape case and the Jameis Winston investigation.
Al Qaeda Targeted In Drone Strike  (19 April 08:49 pm) 
Smerconish asks whether a recent drone strike is in response to a video released by Al Qaeda.
Yasiel Puig's Journey to the U.S.  (19 April 08:46 pm) 
Smerconish discusses Yasiel Puig\'s road from Cuba to the U.S. that was lined with hit men, smugglers, and drug cartels.
Yemen: Drone strike kills 12 militants  (19 April 06:56 pm) 
The U.S. has not yet commented on a reported drone strike in central Yemen that killed 12 suspected al Qaeda militants.
The FBI questioned passengers from a Delta Airlines flight from Detroit to Denver after a potential security threat.
Life and works of Gabo  (19 April 04:49 pm) 
CNN\'s Isa Soares looks at the life and works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Nine years a captive  (19 April 03:34 pm) 
Authorities arrest a couple who held a girl captive for nine years in Argentina. CNN\'s Rafael Romo reports.
Undersea drone to complete search soon  (19 April 12:48 pm) 
Malaysian acting transport minister says undersea drone\'s search should be done within a week
Oil slick spotted near sunken ferry  (19 April 10:48 am) 
CNN\'s Paula Hancocks reports on the oil slick spotted in the Yellow Sea near the sunken ferry.
Former Navy Seal Cade Courtley offers his guidance as to the ways in which cranes could be used to stabilize the ferry.
Veteran climber on Everest avalanche  (19 April 07:48 am) 
Outside Magazine Senior Editor Grayson Schaffer talks about the avalanche that killed at least 12 Sherpas on Mt. Everest.
Divers see bodies in sunken ferry  (19 April 07:43 am) 
CNN\'s Pauline Chiou reports that divers have spotted three bodies inside the sunken ferry off the coast of South Korea.
Cooper and Bourdain talk Las Vegas  (19 April 07:43 am) 
American Journey: Anderson Cooper sits down with Anthony Bourdain to talk about food finds in Las Vegas.
Two senators face off over rancher  (19 April 07:41 am) 
Nevada Senators Harry Reid and Dean Heller debate comments Reid made about rancher Cliven Bundy.
NYPD\'s Bill Bratton & John Miller discuss new challenges facing counter-terrorism efforts since the Boston bombing.
David Mattingly is inside a submarine that could cut through undersea debris and wreckage.
Harris self-medicated, cocaine, ecstasy  (19 April 07:33 am) 
Dan Harris details a journey through an on-air meltdown and recreational drug use to meditation and a healthier mindset
Tractor trailer slams into home  (19 April 07:22 am) 
A car collides into an 18-wheeler, causing the truck to crash into a Pennsylvania home.
Strategies for getting inside the ferry  (19 April 07:12 am) 
Retired Navy SEAL Cade Courtely shows Anderson the best strategies for finding possible ferry survivors.
Take a look at a few interesting facts about the highest mountain in the world.
U.S. Navy Capt. Tynch updates the American effort to reach survivors of the South Korean ferry disaster.