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Meet the children of Ferguson  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Poppy Harlow reports how the children of Ferguson are coping with the protests and violence there.
Don Lemon visits "School of Peace"  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Don Lemon visits \"School of Peace,\" a program for learning in the public library while schools remain closed in Ferguson.
Lessons learned from Little Leaguers  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Andy Scholes profiles Chicago\'s inspiring all African-American Little League team.
Mukasey: Inhofe 'overstates things'  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Michael Mukasey responds to Jim Inhofe\'s comments on a serious ISIS threat, saying he \'substantially overstates things\'
'ISIL is not going to wait for Ferguson'  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Montel Williams offers his insights on the challenges facing youth in America, specifically young men of color.
Watch officer's controversial comments  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Nick Valencia highlights video of a St. Louis County police officer\'s controversial comments that got him suspended.
Capt. Johnson: We will take swift action  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Don Lemon talks Police Chief Jon Belmar and Captain Ron Johnson about controversial remarks made by a local officer.
Anderson speaks with former Navy SEAL about the possibility of rescuing the other Americans being held by ISIS.
Michael Foley talks to Anderson Cooper about his brother\'s death and how he wants to see his legacy carried on.
Burgers and solace in Ferguson  (23 August 11:03 am) 
CNN\'s Ed Lavandera reports on a spot that\'s been the source of food and safety amid the violence and unrest in Ferguson.
Violencia entre Israel y Hamas  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Karl Penhaul nos habla sobre el impacto que tiene el continuo lanzamiento de cohetes desde Gaza en la vida diaria de los israelĂ­es
AC360 looks into the ugly rant by St. Louis County Police Officer Dan Page and the fallout for his police department.
Officer suspended after ugly rant  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Don Lemon reports on St. Louis County Police Officer Dan page who was relived of duty over a speech from several months ago.
Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly: After Cancer  (23 August 11:03 am) 
In this excerpt, Kelly talks of the joy of hearing his cancer appears to be gone. Full interview airs on CNN\'s Unguarded.
His mother survived Ebola  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Jeremy Writebol talks about his mother Nancy\'s miraculous recovery after being diagnosed with Ebola in Liberia.
How are cops trained for deadly force?  (23 August 11:03 am) 
How are police officers trained in when to use deadly force? CNN\'s Kyung Lah reports.
Trust between community and police  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Brooke Baldwin talks with Chairman of the National Black Police Association Malik Aziz about rebuilding trust in Ferguson.
Officer in Ferguson relieved for remarks  (23 August 11:03 am) 
An officer assigned to crowd control in Ferguson is relieved of duty after video of controversial remarks surfaces.
ISIS wanted trade for 'Lady al Qaeda'  (23 August 11:03 am) 
CNN\'s Jean Casarez reports on the woman, known as \"Lady al Qaeda,\" who ISIS wanted to exchange for James Foley.
Revealed: Grand jury racial breakdown  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Brooke Baldwin talks to CNN Legal Analysts Mel Robbins and Mark Geragos about the racial breakdown of the Brown jury.
Ferguson police report missing details  (23 August 11:03 am) 
Police released an incident report of the Michael Brown shooting, but critics say it is missing key details.
Malky Mackay apologizes for racist texts  (23 August 11:03 am) 
English football manager Malky Mackay is in hot water over racist and homophobic texts. CNN\'s Patrick Snell explains.
Chief: I apologize for officer's remarks  (23 August 11:03 am) 
An officer, assigned to crowd control in Ferguson, is relieved of duty after video of controversial remarks surfaced.
Fmr. Navy SEAL on failed rescue mission  (23 August 11:03 am) 
A 10-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, John McGuire shares his insight on the failed U.S. hostage rescue mission in Syria.
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