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Attorneys for Darren Wilson talk about the personal aftermath and public perception of the grand jury decision on their client.
Tracy Martin has some idea of what Michael Brown Sr. is going through. He discusses the difficulty of grieving in public.
Michael Brown autopsy assistant a fraud?  (27 November 08:48 am) 
Shawn Parcells, who assisted in the autopsy of Michael Brown, is under fire for possible fraud. Elizabeth Cohen reports.
Group protests through song  (27 November 09:48 am) 
Co-founders of the group The Sangers Room talk to CNN\'s Brooke Baldwin about using song as a form of peaceful protest.
Clergy: Good happening in Ferguson  (27 November 08:48 am) 
Evangelist Vivian Dudley and Pastor Robert White talk about how Ferguson moves forward in the wake of the violence.
'We have a fundamental problem with race'  (27 November 08:48 am) 
Nick Kristof talks about the implicit biases that affect the way different races have viewed events in Ferguson.
Brown's parents: Michael is not violent  (27 November 08:48 am) 
Michael Brown\'s parents say their son wasn\'t violent and dispute that Michael ever went for Darren Wilson\'s gun.
Michael Brown's parents speak out to CNN  (27 November 08:48 am) 
Michael Brown\'s parents talks to Sunny Hostin about their son and the pain they went through when they found he was dead.
'Fresh Prince' star crowned 'DWTS' champ  (27 November 08:48 am) 
Alfonso Ribeiro, known for playing \"Carlton Banks\" on \"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,\" won ABC\'s \"Dancing With the Stars\".
Attorney: Darren Wilson's career is over  (27 November 07:48 am) 
Attorney Neil Bruntrager tells Erin Burnett he doesn\'t see any way his client, Darren Wilson, can remain a police officer.
Mike Brown Sr.: Darren Wilson 'a murderer'  (27 November 07:48 am) 
Michael Brown\'s father says Officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot his son Michael, is a murderer.
Fearless bikers swarm LA police  (27 November 07:48 am) 
Bikers go wild while police give chase. CNN\'s Jeanne Moos reports on recklessness that will give you road rage.
Brown family: Wilson shows no remorse  (27 November 07:48 am) 
Sara Sidner reports the Brown family\'s reaction to Officer Darren Wilson\'s account on the shooting of their son.
Innovation in action: Casper mattresses  (27 November 06:49 am) 
Fareed visits Casper, a new company trying to disrupt the mattress industry. But will it work?
Attorney: Cop's 'demon' term revealing  (27 November 06:49 am) 
Attorney Daryl Parks discusses what he thinks is revealed by Officer Darren Wilson\'s description of Michael Brown.
Ferguson reaction: Why the violence?  (27 November 06:49 am) 
The lack of an indictment in the killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson caused chaos in Ferguson.
Video shows police shooting of a boy  (27 November 06:49 am) 
CNN\'s George Howell reports on what a security video shows in the police shooting of a 12-year-old boy with a fake gun.
911 caller: Gun might be fake  (27 November 06:49 am) 
Cleveland police release 911 and dispatch calls from the shooting where 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot dead.
Does anti-rape video blame victims?  (27 November 06:49 am) 
Critics say a Hungarian anti-rape video created by police places blame on the victims.
Ferguson outrage spreads to London  (27 November 06:49 am) 
Nic Robertson reports from London where what started as a small Ferguson protest grew to include several thousand people.
Don't expect #AlexFromTarget in Target ads  (27 November 05:46 am) 
Target\'s Chief Marketing Officer explains why the company didn\'t totally take advantage of its most viral moment.?
BIRDMAN tops the Indie Spirit Award noms  (27 November 06:49 am) 
\"Birdman\" leads the Indie Spirit Award nominations, Aziz Ansari gets a comedy award, and \"Frozen\" beats out Barbie!
What is it like to write for AC360?  (27 November 06:49 am) 
Marshall Arbitman discusses his job writing for Anderson Cooper.
Ferguson businesses destroyed  (27 November 06:49 am) 
One store owner fled to the United States from Kuwait He tells CNN\'s Jake Tapper: \"I\'m back in a war zone.\"
Brown family attorney: Wilson is lying  (27 November 06:49 am) 
An attorney for Michael Brown\'s family said he has \"no doubt\" that Wilson is lying.