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Reporter Justin Fenton describes what it's like to be amid the riots in Baltimore to CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
Amid riots in Baltimore, Maryland Representative Keith Haynes joins Erin Burnett with his reaction and perspective
Rioters in Baltimore cut a hose that firefighters were using to put out a fire. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.
Wolf and Obama exchange  (28 April 05:01 am) 
Wolf Blitzer and President Obama share an exchange.
La golpiza habría ocurrido en un avión durante la deportación del connacional desde España.
Rioters set fire to looted drug store  (28 April 05:01 am) 
Rep. Elijah Cummings talks about the rioting and looting in Baltimore. He talks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
CNN Student News - 04/28/15  (28 April 04:45 am) 
The extent of the damage in Nepal, riots in a Maryland city, the issue of same-sex marriage, and potential uses for "nanobots" are all featured on today's show.
Fearful survivors camp outside in Kathmandu, Nepal, where some are receiving aid and many fear returning home. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.
Avalanche survivors stranded at Everest  (28 April 04:16 am) 
CNN's Phil Black speaks to a survivor stranded at the Mount Everest base camp after the avalanche that killed at least 17 people.
Dubai's International Humanitarian City is serving as a logistics hub to get aid into Nepal after an earthquake killed nearly 4,000. CNN's John Defterios reports.
New drone footage shows catastrophic damage throughout Kathmandu, Nepal, after 7.8 magnitude earthquake. CNN's Michael Holmes reports.
Fearful survivors camp outside in Kathmandu where some are receiving aid and many fear returning home. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.
CNN Law Enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes weighs in on the Baltimore Mayor's statement to allow "space to destroy" for rioters in Baltimore.
Riots erupt in Baltimore  (28 April 03:45 am) 
Protests over the death of Freddie Gray escalate to dangerous levels with reports indicating rocks and bricks are being thrown at police.
La emergencia en Nepal  (28 April 03:45 am) 
Se complica la llegada de ayuda para Katmandú y las áreas rurales, se necesitan más médicos y varias estructuras históricas quedaron destruidas.
Rev. Jamal Bryant speaks out against the violent protests and rioting on the streets of Baltimore that occurred shortly after a funeral for Freddie Gray.
CNN's Athena Jones reports from the streets of Baltimore as police and rioters standoff.
Rioters loot pharmacy in Baltimore  (28 April 03:45 am) 
Rioters are looting a CVS pharmacy in Baltimore during protests stemming from the death of Freddie Gray.
Rioters attack police car  (28 April 03:45 am) 
Rioters kicked and smashed a Baltimore police car during violent protests stemming from the death of Freddie Gray.
Baltimore police car up in flames  (28 April 03:30 am) 
As Baltimore protests escalate, rioters are vandalizing police cars and throwing projectiles at police.
Kathmandu residents defy search and rescue teams scaling unsecured buildings in a frantic effort to find loved ones who are buried beneath rubble.
Mike Rowe gets behind the wheel of a monster truck and it's a good thing he's wearing a seat belt! A new episode of Somebody's Gotta Do It Thur Night at 9.
President George W. Bush spoke at a closed-door meeting of wealthy donors and offered up how he would handle top foreign policy issues from Iran to ISIS.
Incertidumbre en Nepal  (28 April 03:30 am) 
El camarógrafo Orlando Ruiz reporta sobre la difícil situación que se vive en Katmandú en medio de los escombros tras el terremoto
La tragedia de Nepal  (28 April 03:16 am) 
Victoria Pérez, de UNICEF, habla sobre los afectados tras el terremoto de Nepal