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Why would anyone hack into 'the cloud'?  (03 September 10:48 am) 
CNN\'s Jean Casarez takes a look at why the recently leaked nude photos of celebrities matters to you.
Shaikh: 'It does help with recruitment'  (03 September 10:48 am) 
Our panel of experts discuss strategy ISIS uses via social media to gain recruits and terrorize public.
Joan Rivers still on life support  (03 September 10:48 am) 
According to her daughter, Joan Rivers remains in a medically-induced coma after suffering respiratory and cardiac arrest.
Remembering Steven Sotloff  (03 September 10:48 am) 
Randi Kaye looks back at the life and work of journalist Steven Sotloff.
ISIS recruits young children in video  (03 September 10:48 am) 
In an ISIS propaganda video, children are shown firing large weapons, raising questions about how to combat recruitment.
Why is Matthew Miller in N. Korean prison?  (03 September 10:48 am) 
Kyung Lah visits the hometown of the 24-year-old American being held in North Korea.
Kids at the gun range  (03 September 10:48 am) 
CNN\'s Gary Tuchman meets with parents who encourage their children to shoot at gun ranges.
Mayor removes man for pledge protest  (03 September 10:48 am) 
A man is kicked out of a local city meeting after he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance.
Bill Richardson: North Korea wants to deal  (03 September 10:48 am) 
Former Ambassador Bill Richardson says the interviews with American prisoners is a likely sign North Korea wants to negotiate.
Who is ISIS hostage David Haines?  (03 September 10:48 am) 
ISIS is threatening to kill British aid worker David Haines. Brian Todd has the latest on what is known about him.
Sister: Bae doesn't look like himself  (03 September 10:48 am) 
The sister of American Kenneth Bae tells Anderson that he is being forced to work in a labor camp despite his poor health.
Inside CNN's N. Korean prisoner interviews  (03 September 10:48 am) 
Will Ripley describes the moment he found out he was going to interview three Americans held prisoner in North Korea.
911 calls released in child Uzi incident  (03 September 08:47 am) 
911 calls have been released in the death of a nine-year-old\'s shooting instructor. CNN\'s Anderson Cooper reports.
Does the Sotloff video hold clues on ISIS?  (03 September 08:47 am) 
Karl Penhaul breaks down ISIS\' videos for clues about the identity and whereabouts of Steven Sotloff\'s captors.
Berrin: 'Steven was my hero'  (03 September 08:47 am) 
Journalist Danielle Berrin remembers childhood friend Steven Sotloff, who is the latest alleged victim of ISIS.
Former hostage: ISIS video will backfire  (03 September 08:47 am) 
Former Taliban hostage David Rohde, speaks about a video allegedly showing the execution of an American by an ISIS member.
CDC: 'Window is closing' to stop Ebola  (03 September 07:47 am) 
The CDC issued a dire warning about Ebola, and CNN\'s Sanjay Gupta explains the challenge of containing the outbreak.
McCain: ISIS is a direct threat to U.S.  (03 September 06:49 am) 
Senator John McCain discusses Obama\'s policy towards ISIS after the group purportedly executed a second American.
Is the iCloud safe to use?  (03 September 06:49 am) 
Apple confirms that accounts were breached after some nude photos were leaked of famous celebrities. Dan Simon reports.
Land Rover hits the reset button  (03 September 06:49 am) 
Land Rover\'s newest model is a reset for the luxury SUV maker as it goes for compact premium models. Jim Boulden reports.
Smallest linebacker EVER?!  (03 September 06:49 am) 
Honey, they shrunk the linebacker-from 6\'2\" to 14 inches! Jeanne Moos speaks to the 6-footer turned \"adorably tiny.\"
Mood Killer? Let's Talk About Sex  (03 September 06:49 am) 
A new California bill requires verbal consent before sex
Who is journalist Steven Sotloff?  (03 September 06:49 am) 
A video apparently shows the beheading of journalist Steven Sotloff. CNN\'s Alina Machado hears from those who knew him.
Pro-Russian rebels take Ukrainian town  (03 September 06:49 am) 
Pro-Russian rebels are now in control of Ilovaisk, Ukraine, after a 3 week siege. CNN\'s Diana Magnay reports.
CNN Student News - 09/03/14  (03 September 04:48 am) 
Today, we report on Russia\'s military, NATO\'s mission, terrorism in Africa and the Middle East, and the advent of license plate readers.