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Iraq's future and the ISIS fight  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
Janine di Giovanni on the Iraq\'s preparedness to combat ISIS and the hypocrisy of the West\'s alliance with Saudi Arabia.
IBM getting out of the chip business  (20 October 08:46 pm) 
IBM reports lower-than-expected profit and revenue, and announces Globalfoundaries will take over its chip unit.
Meet Kate Bolduan's baby girl  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
CNN\'s Kate Bolduan introduces the world to her new baby girl as she talks about her roots journey.
Bodies of 7 women found in Indiana  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
The Mayor of Gary, Indiana, says a sex offender is in custody in connection with the discovery of seven female bodies.
Namibia leads way in anti-poaching  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
CNN\'s Soni Methu looks at efforts taken by the country to support well-managed legal hunting.
Namibia embraces conservation  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
CNN\'s Soni Methu explores how local communities are taking the lead in preserving the country\'s wildlife.
West Africa food shortage causes concern  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
The World Food Program says that it needs additional aid to help with the food shortages in West Africa.
Queen Rania of Jordan speaks to CNN\'s Becky Anderson about the Syrian refugee crisis & the rise of extremism in the region.
Man held after bodies of 7 women found  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
A man\'s confession lead police to the bodies of seven women in Indiana. WGN reports.
Mobile ambulance transforms healthcare  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
Businessman Stanley Kamau on bringing medical services into hard-to-reach areas in Kenya.
Businessman fights disease  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
Kenyan businessman Stanley Kamau on helping those who suffer the same affliction he battled as a child.
Quarantine ends for patient contacts  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
The quarantine period for people who came into contact with Thomas Eric Duncan has ended. CNN\'s Carol Costello reports.
Snapchat scares up its first ad  (20 October 07:46 pm) 
Snapchat ads are here, but they aren\'t in your personal feed. The company, valued at $10 billion, calls a move like that \"totally rude,\" and will instead put ads in users\' public updates feed.
CDC to release new protection guidelines  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
Former Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona says he thinks the CDC needs to be more aggressive with their Ebola response.
Giving a voice to the voiceless  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
African Voices meets businessman Stanley Kamau who wants to help rural communities in his home country of Kenya.
Ebola infects the Senate races  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
John King, Maeve Reston and Ed O\'Keefe discuss the effect the Ebola scare is having on the midterm elections.
Cruz sets sights on a GOP-led Congress  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
John King, Maeve Reston and Ed O\'Keefe weigh in on a USA Today op-ed by the Texas Republican senator.
Polls open for many voters  (20 October 08:50 pm) 
John King, Maeve Reston and Ed O\'Keefe discuss the early voting states and how it may affect the Midterm elections.
All eyes on S. Dakota, Kansas, Georgia  (20 October 08:50 pm) 
John King, Maeve Reston and Ed O\'Keefe weigh in on the wild cards of the Midterm election.
Ready for Hillary's safety message  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
John King showcases an Instagram snapshot he took during his election travels last week.
If you haven\'t been using your smartphone to bank already, Citi\'s Jane Fraser points out how the new technology will change consumer banking: by making it \'less boring.\'
Could pants solve missing student case?  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
Police found unidentified remains eight miles from where a University of Virginia student disappeared five weeks ago.
Sorokin: Racism in Russia not 'a trend'  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
The CEO of Russia 2018 says that racist incidents in Russian football are \'undesired tendencies,\' but not a trend.\'
Sorokin slates Sochi preparations  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
Russia 2018 will \'walk that extra mile\' to ensure that it does not repeat the mistakes of Sochi.
At least 21 dead in suicide bombing  (20 October 08:49 pm) 
A suicide bomber targeted a Shia mosque in northeast Baghdad. CNN\'s Ben Wedeman reports.