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Author Ben Judah reveals little known facts about Russian President Vladimir Putin.
CNN\'s Kate Bolduan speaks with a representative of the Centers for Disease Control about the Ebola outbreak in Africa.
Tornadoes touch down in Colorado  (29 July 10:49 pm) 
A pair of tornadoes touched down north of Denver causing damage and forcing airline passengers to take shelter.
Fill 100 water balloons in a minute  (29 July 11:20 pm) 
A dad invented a hose attachment that can fill and tie 37 water balloons at once. HLN\'s Jennifer Westhoven reports.
Neil Patrick Harris teams with LG Electronics\' \"Art of Pixel Campaign\" as a competition adviser for digital art students.
An infectious disease doctor advises air travelers not to panic saying the Ebola outbreak is unlikely to spread to cities.
Dog passes out from excitement  (29 July 09:49 pm) 
A dog faints from excitement after being reunited with owner. They joined Berman and Michaela to discuss the viral video
9-year-old girl hit by plane dies  (29 July 09:49 pm) 
A girl struck by a plane that crashed on a Florida beach has died. Her father was also killed in the accident.
The Palestinian representative to the U.S. casts doubt on Israeli claims of exclusively targeting Hamas militants.
U.S. officials say Ukraine is firing on pro-Russian rebels with short-range ballistic missiles. Barbara Starr reports.
Speaking on Ukraine, Secretary of State John Kerry says pro-Russian rebels have an \"appalling disregard for human decency.\"
Carol Costello and guests weigh in on ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith\'s domestic violence comment.
Rep. Luke Messer accuses John Kerry of legitimizing Hamas.
Growing fears of Ebola  (29 July 09:49 pm) 
The Ebola virus spreads as the condition of an infected American deteriorates. Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins the conversation.
Have we reached a 'messaging' bubble?  (29 July 09:46 pm) 
Mirage, developed by a backer of the \'Yo\' app, allows users to send messages with just one tap of the phone. But seriously, how many messaging apps do we need?
Ex-China official under investigation  (29 July 09:49 pm) 
CNN\'s David McKenzie reports on the significance of the investigation of former Chinese security chief Zhou Yongkang.
History of Malaysia Airlines mishaps  (29 July 08:46 pm) 
Malaysia Airlines has seen its share of disasters and mishaps. What will it take for the airline to fix its image?
Apple this close to new all-time high  (29 July 07:46 pm) 
Remember when everyone hated Tim Cook and Apple\'s stock was in the iDoldrums? Apple\'s shares have come roaring back and a new record of above $100 is in reach.
CNN anchor Carol Costello shares her experience with domestic violence after the issue takes the spotlight in the NFL.
CNN Military Analyst James \"\'Spider\'\" Marks explains Israel\'s operations to destroy Hamas\' labyrinth of tunnels in Gaza.
Peyton Manning boogies to 'Rocky Top'  (29 July 07:48 pm) 
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning took a break during training camp to show off his dance moves.
Middle East: The blame game  (29 July 07:48 pm) 
CNN\'s Fareed Zakaria breaks down all the sides of the current Israel, Gaza conflict.
Israelis oppose ceasefire with Hamas  (29 July 06:57 pm) 
Journalist Gideon Levy tells CNN that Israeli leftists have been targeted for opposing military operation in Gaza.
'I'm not a military person'  (29 July 06:57 pm) 
Palestine\'s Ambassador and Permanent Observer to the UN Riyad Mansour responds to a question about Hamas\' tunnels.
Internal campaign memo leaks  (29 July 06:49 pm) 
Jake Tapper, Jonathan Martin, and Molly Ball examine the Michelle Nunn campaign memo we weren\'t supposed to see.