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Hong Kong tycoon guilty of corruption  (19 December 04:49 pm) 
A verdict has been reached in the biggest corruption case ever in Hong Kong.
Many Cubans welcome closer ties with U.S.  (19 December 04:49 pm) 
Patrick Oppman demonstrates the disparity between upscale Cuba and the neighborhoods that have been neglected.
Human remains found in storage locker  (19 December 04:49 pm) 
A woman who won an auctioned storage locker made a grizzly discovery after opening the unit.
Girls charged in stabbing deemed competent  (19 December 11:49 am) 
Girls accused of stabbing a friend for the fantasy character Slenderman are competent to stand trial, judge says.
Boston bombing suspect in court  (19 December 11:49 am) 
Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev makes his first court appearance in months. CNN\'s Deborah Feyerick reports.
Eight children found dead in Cairns home  (19 December 11:49 am) 
The bodies of 8 children, aged between 18 months and 15 years, were found in a suburban Queensland home Friday.
SONY 'had really sloppy security'  (19 December 11:49 am) 
Guests Juliette Kayyem and Kevin Mitnick share their reactions and insights in the wake of the SONY hack
Adorable dog gets 3-D printed legs  (19 December 11:49 am) 
Check out adorable pup\'s new 3-D printed legs! CNN\'s Jeanne Moos reports on the Blade Runner of dogs.
School becomes 'Whoville' for a day  (19 December 11:49 am) 
A Canadian school transformed into \"Whoville\" to celebrate the book \"How the Grinch Stole Christmas.\"
School becomes Whoville for a day  (19 December 07:47 am) 
A Canadian school transformed into Whoville to celebrate the book \"How the Grinch Stole Christmas.\"
Report shows deep Secret Service problems  (19 December 07:47 am) 
John Berman speaks with former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino about a new report on problems at the agency.
Sony slammed for pulling 'The Interview'  (19 December 07:47 am) 
Hala Gorani talks with Hollywood journalist Jeanne Wolf about backlash from Hollywood after Sony pulls \"The Interview.\"
Yum? Spa lets you bathe in beer  (19 December 07:47 am) 
A Florida spa owner says she has found the \'Fountain of Youth\' in beer bath treatments. WPBF has the story.
Uber driver charged with raping passenger  (19 December 07:47 am) 
CNN\'s Dan Simon reports on the money and power of Uber, in light of the company\'s latest troubles.
Mystery Cuban spy released to U.S.  (19 December 07:47 am) 
CNN\'s Joe Johns reports on the mysterious spy who was released by Cuba after nearly 20 years in prison.
Was Lennon Lacy victim of a lynching?  (19 December 06:48 am) 
Claudia Lacy, whose son authorities say committed suicide, tells Don Lemon the details surrounding his death don\'t add up.
Hacking: Did world underestimate N. Korea?  (19 December 06:48 am) 
Brooke Baldwin speaks with Jim Walsh, a research associate with MIT\'s Security Studies Program about the secret \"Bureau 121\"
Critic: 'Hollywood's always running scared'  (19 December 06:48 am) 
New York Magazine\'s film critic, David Edelstein, about whether Sony hacking is going to affect future films.
CNN Student News - 12/19/14  (19 December 06:48 am) 
CNN Student News wraps up 2014 with a report on ten international stories that captured the world\'s attention. Our daily show will resume on January 5, 2015.
Iran suspected in cyberattacks on casinos  (19 December 06:48 am) 
Sony was not the first victim in a hack by a foreign government. CNN\'s Brian Todd reports on a cyberattack on U.S. casinos.
Will UPS' weathermen save Christmas?  (19 December 05:46 am) 
After failing to deliver thousands of Christmas packages on time in 2013, UPS has bolstered this year\'s operations to ensure a successful holiday season. And they\'re paying special attention to the
Carell N.Korean movie canceled  (19 December 06:48 am) 
Steve Carell North Korean thriller canceled/\"Team America\" screening canceled; John Schneider divorces
Royce: Sanction banks to hurt North Korea  (19 December 06:48 am) 
Rep. Ed Royce discusses options to respond to North Korea\'s attack on Sony, including attacking the way they transfer money.
Mark Cuban, whose emails were included in the Sony hack leak, says the studio was right to greenlight \'The Interview.\' But he decided to cancel the New York premiere at the theater he owns.
Jail's camera rolls while clients ...  (19 December 06:48 am) 
A county jail is under fire for security cameras recording private moments of clients using the toilet and dressing.