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Business Line TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY  (24 April 09:44 pm) 
S. L. Kirloskar dead Mr. Shantanu Laxman Kirloskar, the grand old man of Pune’s industry and patriarch of the Kirloskar group of companies, passed away in the early hours of Sunday...
Who shares wins  (24 April 09:43 pm) 
More and more companies believe that the concept of sharing is an effective customer magnet
Laundry aid  (24 April 09:42 pm) 
GG Organics has launched a liquid detergent called Mugi Ultra. It claims that this all-in-one-formulation removes the need for using a separate detergent, fabric softener and perfume for washing c...
Is it my country or my region?  (24 April 09:40 pm) 
Regional unity has gained traction in East Africa, but Scotland is another story
Atab for kids  (24 April 09:40 pm) 
Binatone has launched Appstar, a Tablet PC customised for children. It features large icons and a touch-pen. It has a 7-inch capacitive-touch colour screen, a 512MB RAM, a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor...
Fuzz off  (24 April 09:39 pm) 
The quest for perfect grooming now yields a laser-guided beard trimmer
Veggie’s delight  (24 April 09:38 pm) 
Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) has unveiled two products: Paneer Zinger and Veg Twister. Priced at ₹105 and ₹79. ...
A voter turnout of nearly 82 per cent was recorded in six parliamentary constituencies in the second leg of the five-phase elections in West Bengal on Thursday.
Record turnout in TN, Puducherry  (24 April 09:35 pm) 
In a record turnout, 73 per cent of the 5.50 crore electorate in Tamil Nadu cast their votes in 39 Lok Sabha constituencies in the single-phase voting today which passed off by and large peacefull...
Have the munchies?  (24 April 09:33 pm) 
Parle Products has launched Parle Namkeen-Tasty Peanuts. As an introductory offer, the company is offering 25 per cent extra: 25g (20g + 5g extra) priced at ₹5....
Life is precious  (24 April 09:32 pm) 
“Corruption kills” (April 24) should serve as an eye-opener to all concerned. The statistics provided on fatal road accidents in India are rather frightening. As pointed out by the write...
Simple design is good design  (24 April 09:32 pm) 
But stripping something down to its essence is not easy
A vote for this idea  (24 April 09:32 pm) 
Addendum is a weekly column that takes a sometimes hard, sometimes casual, sometimes irreverent, yet never malicious look at some of the new or recent advertisements and comments on them. Write...
Getting the sunny side up  (24 April 09:27 pm) 
Interest in solar energy projects has been hotting up in India, with states such as Jammu and Kashmir announcing ambitious projects to set up 7,500 MW of solar power capacity.But for a count...
PETA China Anti Fur campaign  (24 April 09:26 pm) 
This one is a huge departure from the usual skimpily clad celebrity-driven PETA campaigns. This campaign caught my eye for the painstaking (no pun intended) effort that has been put in to make a vi...
The youth are watching  (24 April 09:23 pm) 
At the MTV Youth Marketing Forum in Mumbai last week, Christian Kurz was a much sought after man for his views on how the millennials think and what it means for brands
The Andhra Pradesh High Court has directed Southern Regional Load Dispatch Centre (SRLDC), Bangalore to restore the supply of 300 MW power from Jindal Power Project, Karnataka to Andhra Pra...
Beauty and the beast  (24 April 09:09 pm) 
Istanbul’s tulips conceal a changing city
Volvo Epic Split  (24 April 09:03 pm) 
One of my absolute favourites this year. The Volvo epic split is an extremely unexpected piece of work that has actually made half the world think, talk and share a conversation about trucks. Somet...
Unicef Sweden  (24 April 09:02 pm) 
This film is just brilliant! It is irreverent, but good-natured at the same time. To spoof Christ, Mother Teresa and Gandhi, and yet not annoy anybody is quite a feat. The message is simple and wel...
Consumers and the last-moment switch  (24 April 09:02 pm) 
Why do shoppers change their minds about brands, just before they buy?
Australia Post Video Stamps  (24 April 09:02 pm) 
This is a rather charming idea that changes postage stamps to Video Stamp, allowing anyone sending a package or letter to include a short video message by way of a QR code stuck on the front. I fin...
The times they are a-changin’  (24 April 09:01 pm) 
Fossil is building its presence in India as an ‘affordable luxury’ brand through robust distribution and new formats
Bentley Burial, Brazil  (24 April 09:01 pm) 
In an era where technology and formats have an edge at award shows, it was rather comforting to see pure story-telling. This work may or may not get into all award books but will certainly end up i...
Dove Real Beauty Sketches  (24 April 09:01 pm) 
To me, Dove\'s campaign to get women to be more confident about their looks makes a powerful point. It is a powerful sequel to last year’s campaign. While this piece of work has evoked mixed