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In talks for a good deal during IPL season
Bobby Pawar's Creative Showcase  (17 April 10:43 pm) 
Construction and infrastructure company NCC Ltd is at advanced stage of negotiations for divestment of stakes in at least two road projects. It expects to conclude them during the current f...
High project costs, low toll-collection prospects prove dampeners
Dismal year for auto industry  (17 April 10:38 pm) 
It is a year which the Indian auto industry would rather forget. Data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers last week showed a decline of 4.65 per cent in sales (1.78 milli...
Wipro launches digital division  (17 April 10:34 pm) 
In a bid to explore newer revenue streams, Wipro has announced the launch of Wipro Digital, a new division that will target chief marketing officers (CMO), who influence outsourcing spendin...
He Said  (17 April 10:33 pm) 
“Previous Congress Chief Ministers such as Madhavsingh Solanki, Amarsinh Chaudhary and Chimanbhai Patel had done better work than Modi. He is taking credit for the hard work of ordinary
Here are some points to remember when shopping for your new car and the unnecessary upgrades that are best avoided
Tweetmeter  (17 April 10:30 pm) 
Bengaluru believes in being online. Apparently not in being in line Ashutosh Sinha @AshutoshSinha00 NDA\'s focus is job creation. We will reorient the economy in a way that job...
Rolling through a kingdom  (17 April 10:29 pm) 
A motorcycle ride through Bhutan can be an eye-opener!
No mention in manifesto and hurried addendum compound the woes
Aspire Systems, a Chennai-based mid-size technology company, has acquired Applied Development, a Belgium-based IT offshoring company that develops software for European customers in India.
Cat-a-lyst Brand Crossword Puzzle 13  (17 April 10:27 pm) 
The brightest IT star  (17 April 10:27 pm) 
HCL delivers broad-based growth across segments
Link policies with tangible outcomes  (17 April 10:25 pm) 
WHAT should be the agenda for the new government? ∙ Growth revival to 7-9 per cent to help improve overall standard of living ∙ Revive manufacturing growth for providing gai...
Pop-up storage  (17 April 10:24 pm) 
A cupboard when you want one and more space when you don’t. Bonita’s fabric wardrobe attempts to solve the problem of storage space. It will work not only for clothes but also to store
HCL Tech: Hold  (17 April 10:24 pm) 
CMP: ₹1424.20 Target: ₹1587
Syntel posts 25% rise in Q1 profit  (17 April 10:24 pm) 
Nasdaq-listed Syntel, which has majority of its employees based out of India, has posted a 25.21 per cent rise in net income for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014. The company’s...
Costly soya oil boosts mustard, oil  (17 April 10:22 pm) 
Weak arrival and strong buying support in the physical market lifted mustard oil with prices in Indore on Thursday rising to ₹646 (₹642). Similarly, it rose to ₹650 in Morena (up ₹5) and...
HCL Technologies on Thursday reported yet another quarter of growth, riding on large deals, including one client worth $100 million plus and two clients each in the $50 million and $30 mill...
Company news  (17 April 10:18 pm) 
The board of directors of Gujarat Pipavav Port on Thursday approved the revised plan to expand its container handling capacity from nearly 0.85 million TEUs to about 1.35 million TEUs at an...
Misconceptions over inflation, speculation & benefits to farmers
Results trigger for Reliance Industries  (17 April 10:16 pm) 
The delay in gas price hike notwithstanding, Reliance Industries has gained 20 per cent since February end. Expansion moves in refining and petrochemicals and hopes that a BJP-led Governme...
Wipro finds favour over HCL Tech  (17 April 10:15 pm) 
HCL Tech was the top performer in the March quarter among the big-four IT majors. However, the stock gained only one per cent with above average volumes. But Wipro rose 2.4 per cent with g...
If gold touches $1,310/oz, sell  (17 April 10:14 pm) 
Target $1,265; stop loss can be $1,332