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Pet Shop Boys premiere at BBC Proms  (24 April 06:40 pm) 
An orchestral work by the Pet Shop Boys about the life of wartime codebreaker Alan Turing is to have its world premiere at this year\'s BBC Proms.
Cost of recalls hits GM profits  (24 April 06:39 pm) 
General Motors sees first quarter profits hit by a $1.3bn charge to cover the cost of a huge recall of cars over defective ignition switches
Concerns raised earlier this month about a lack of long-term vision for education in Wales were highlighted over six years ago according to a confidential document.
Unison to ballot over 1% pay offer  (24 April 06:24 pm) 
Unison is to ballot local government workers and school staff in England for strikes after members rejected a 1% pay offer, the public sector union says.
Standard Life votes against Barclays  (24 April 06:17 pm) 
Standard Life Investments, a key institutional shareholder, votes against Barclays\' plan to award higher bonuses to bankers despite a 30% fall in profits.
Treats in moderation make kids happy  (24 April 06:14 pm) 
Seven-year-olds are happier when they are allowed sweets, snacks and television in moderation, suggests a study of children\'s well-being.
Seven injured in silo explosion  (24 April 06:08 pm) 
Seven people - including firefighters - are injured after a fire and explosion at an industrial estate in Moray.
Coulson 'regrets' exposing Blunkett  (24 April 05:38 pm) 
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson tells the phone-hacking trial he regrets his decision to expose David Blunkett\'s affair in the paper.
Caption Challenge: Flower power  (24 April 05:27 pm) 
It\'s the Caption Challenge. Oh yes it is.
Ukraine attack draws Putin threat  (24 April 05:24 pm) 
Ukrainian commandos advance on the separatist stronghold of Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine as Russia\'s President Putin warns of \"consequences\".
Kelly Fletcher explains the serious genetic condition Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
Seven injured in 'silo incident'  (24 April 05:02 pm) 
Seven people are taken to hospital - one believed to be with serious injuries - after a fire at an industrial estate in Forres, Moray.
Teen makes 'largest' cancer donation  (24 April 04:50 pm) 
A cancer charity says it has received its largest ever individual donation after a teenager with terminal cancer raises more than £1.6m.
Ukraine troops move on eastern town  (24 April 04:20 pm) 
Ukrainian commandos advance on the separatist stronghold of Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin warns of \"consequences\".
Rio police 'to probe' dancer's death  (24 April 03:38 pm) 
Police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro say they will conduct a thorough investigation into the death of a dancer which sparked riots.
Dog bites highest in deprived areas  (24 April 03:17 pm) 
Hospital admissions for dog bites are three times as high in the most deprived areas of England as in the least, official figures show.
UK team to shoot for fusion record  (24 April 03:08 pm) 
The director of a UK science facility says it could set a new world record in nuclear fusion by the end of the decade.
Alstom shares jump on GE bid report  (24 April 02:36 pm) 
Shares in French engineering company Alstom jump after a report that US multinational General Electric is in talks to buy Alstom for $13bn.
Crime falls 15% in England and Wales  (24 April 02:33 pm) 
Overall crime in England and Wales fell by 15% in 2013, according to official figures - but there are signs of rises in some categories.
how one promoter is fighting curfews in Bangalore
Cancer teen 'making huge difference'  (24 April 01:57 pm) 
A teenager with terminal cancer will make a \"transformational difference\" after raising more than £1.5m, the Teenage Cancer Trust says.
Campaigns have started for Europe\'s elections in just over a month but is the European electorate engaged?
Ukrainian forces 'regain city hall'  (24 April 12:57 pm) 
The Ukrainian government says it has won back control of the city hall in the eastern port of Mariupol from pro-Russian separatists.
Woman held over children's deaths  (24 April 11:59 am) 
Police continue to question a 42-year-old woman suspected of murdering three of her children in south-west London.
Labour to cut ties with Co-op Bank  (24 April 11:30 am) 
The Labour Party is looking to sever its links with the troubled Co-op Bank, bringing to an end one of the oldest political partnerships in UK.