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Rocky Horror sequel set for London  (27 November 09:48 pm) 
Shock Treatment, the sequel to cult hit Rocky Horror Picture Show, is to be adapted for the stage in London.
Opec leaves oil output unchanged  (27 November 09:48 pm) 
Crude oil prices fall further after the Opec oil producers\' cartel decides not to cut output.
French trial over Tel Aviv car death  (27 November 09:48 pm) 
Two Frenchmen go on trial in Paris over a hit-and-run accident in which a young Israeli woman was killed by a speeding car in Tel Aviv in 2011.
The sensitive aircraft carrier issue  (27 November 07:47 pm) 
The first fighters to operate from the Royal Navy\'s new aircraft carrier could be American, BBC Newsnight has learned. Mark Urban explores the sensitive nature of the aircraft carrier issue for the
Phillip Hughes: How brain is injured  (27 November 07:47 pm) 
How is the brain injured and how is it protected from injury?
Phillip Hughes: How is the brain injured?  (27 November 08:49 pm) 
How is the brain injured and how is it protected from injury?
Food bug affects 70% of shop chickens  (27 November 07:47 pm) 
More than 70% of fresh chickens being sold in the UK are contaminated with the Campylobacter bug, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) reveals.
Spain is not corrupt, says PM Rajoy  (27 November 06:49 pm) 
Spanish leader Mariano Rajoy tells MPs that most politicians are not corrupt, a day after his health minister stepped down over a kick-back scandal.
European MPs want Google break-up  (27 November 06:49 pm) 
A landmark vote at the European Parliament has called for Google\'s search business to be separated from its other businesses.
Sex abuse gangs jailed for grooming  (27 November 05:48 pm) 
Two gangs of men are convicted of running an inner city sex ring that involved the abuse, rape and prostitution of teenage girls in Bristol.
Possibly the most important economic decisions relating to Scotland\'s new powers, on the size of the grant Scotland will receive in future and how much it can borrow, are yet to be taken.
VIDEO: Why are Thais raising three fingers?  (27 November 06:49 pm) 
A Thai protester says the military government has reacted aggressively to their use of the salute featured in the Hunger Games films.
VIDEO: Sanctions hitting Russian oil firms  (27 November 09:48 pm) 
Opec\'s meeting in Vienna is being closely watched in Russia, which depends heavily on oil exports but is being hit by Western sanctions over Ukraine.
Propaganda warning over Ukraine conflict  (27 November 06:49 pm) 
The Ukraine conflict is having a severe impact on the freedom of the media, the European security body the OSCE tells Bethany Bell.
UK net migration rises to 260,000  (27 November 04:48 pm) 
The government is set to miss its immigration targets as net migration to the UK reaches its highest level since the 2010 general election.
Poundland reports 12% rise in profits  (27 November 04:49 pm) 
Budget retailer Poundland reports a 12% rise in half-year profits to £9.3m.
Indian girls 'killed themselves'  (27 November 04:48 pm) 
Two Indian teenagers found hanged in May took their own lives, federal investigators say, contradicting reports they were gang-raped and murdered.
Scotland 'should set income tax'  (27 November 03:48 pm) 
Scotland\'s income tax rates and bands should be set by its parliament, commission on devolving power recommends.
Net migration rises to 260,000  (27 November 03:48 pm) 
Net migration to the UK rose to 260,000 in the year to June - up from 182,000 on previous year, official figures show.
What Scotland deal would mean for UK  (27 November 03:48 pm) 
A report saying Scotland should set its own income tax rates will bring demands for change across the UK, says James Landale.
Israeli Arab 'second class' protest  (27 November 03:50 pm) 
Hundreds of Israeli Arabs stamp their Facebook pictures with \"second class citizen\" to protest at a proposed law.
Scotland 'should set own income tax'  (27 November 02:49 pm) 
Scotland\'s income tax rates and bands should be set by its parliament, commission on devolving power recommends
Manhunt after pair stabbed to death  (27 November 01:47 pm) 
A manhunt is under way across two counties after a man and a woman were found stabbed to death in Surrey.
VIDEO: Life in the UK as a Romanian migrant  (27 November 01:47 pm) 
It has been almost a year since restrictions were lifted on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants, leaving them free to come and work in the UK.
Climate change and population growth will hugely increase the risk to people from extreme weather, a report says.