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Protesters scuffle at N Korea border  (25 October 09:48 pm) 
Scuffles break out as South Korean residents try to prevent activists sending balloons into the North carrying anti-government leaflets.
Cream bassist Jack Bruce dies, aged 71  (25 October 08:48 pm) 
Jack Bruce, bassist from 1960s band Cream, has died aged 71, his publicist confirms
VIDEO: Dangers of doping in rugby union  (25 October 07:47 pm) 
A year ago, rugby player Sam Chalmers\' world collapsed after he admitted using prohibited substances.
Attacks 'threaten Egypt's existence'  (25 October 05:47 pm) 
Egypt faces an existential threat from jihadists, the president says, after at least 31 soldiers are killed in two attacks in the Sinai peninsula.
Fourth Portsmouth man killed in Syria  (25 October 05:47 pm) 
A fourth man from Portsmouth who went to fight in Syria for Islamic State is believed to have been killed.
Plan to clamp down on nuisance calls  (25 October 04:47 pm) 
Companies which cause \"annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety\" with marketing calls and text messages could be fined up to £500,000, ministers say.
Ebola outbreak cases pass 10,000  (25 October 03:47 pm) 
The number of cases in the Ebola outbreak passes 10,000, with 4,922 deaths, the World Health Organization\'s latest report says.
Dr Geraldine O\'Hara, an infectious diseases specialist from Huddersfield, has recorded a series of audio diaries while she is in Sierra Leone.
Students punished over sexist chants  (25 October 02:47 pm) 
A number of students are punished following an investigation after footage emerged of a group chanting about violence and necrophilia.
Britain must pay EU bill, says MEP  (25 October 01:47 pm) 
The rest of Europe expects the UK to settle a £1.7bn EU budget demand \"and that\'s that\", a vice president of the European Parliament has said.
Iran hangs woman despite campaign  (25 October 12:47 pm) 
Iran defies an international campaign and hangs a woman who killed a man she said was trying to sexually abuse her.
Who will prevail in Brazil\'s battleground state?
Scottish Labour leader stands down  (25 October 12:47 pm) 
Johann Lamont stands down as leader of the Scottish Labour Party, accusing the party\'s UK leadership of treating Scotland as a \"branch office\".
New York axe attack 'terrorist act'  (25 October 03:47 pm) 
Police in New York say an axe attack on two officers was a terrorist act carried out by a radicalised Muslim convert.
'Edging toward the EU exit?'  (25 October 10:47 am) 
Saturday\'s newspapers focus mainly on the row over the European Union\'s demand for an additional £1.7bn from the UK. There is also the tale of the woman who is allergic to Simon Cowell.
New HS2 station proposed for Crewe  (25 October 09:47 am) 
A report into the route of the second phase of the controversial fast train project HS2 is expected to recommend a new station be built in Crewe.
State of emergency imposed in Sinai  (25 October 06:47 am) 
Egypt declares a three-month state of emergency in parts of the Sinai Peninsula after two attacks there killed at least 31 soldiers.
Scottish Labour leader standing down  (25 October 06:47 am) 
Johann Lamont is standing down as leader of the Scottish Labour Party with immediate effect after criticising her Westminster colleagues.
Card firms 'fail' on rights advice  (25 October 06:47 am) 
Many financial providers are failing to properly explain the protection shoppers have when something goes wrong with a credit card purchase, consumer group Which? suggests.
Anger over ancient woods quarry plan  (25 October 06:47 am) 
Plans to turn an area of ancient Staffordshire woodland mentioned in the Domesday Book into a quarry anger conservationists.
Cancer-killing cells made in the lab  (25 October 05:47 am) 
Scientists from Harvard Medical School have discovered a way of turning stem cells into killing machines to fight brain cancer.
Saturday\'s newspapers focus mainly on the row over the European Union\'s demand for an additional £1.7bn from the UK. There is also the tale of the woman who is allergic to Simon Cowell.
VIDEO: Using Facebook to get a pay rise  (25 October 06:47 am) 
BBC News speaks to the creators of Smarpshare, who want employees to become brand ambassadors for their firms.
Have Jedis created a new 'religion'?  (25 October 04:48 am) 
Have Jedis created a new \'religion\'?
Used car buyers 'need more support'  (25 October 04:47 am) 
Better protection is needed for consumers buying used cars, says a commission studying the high level of complaints against the sector.